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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference - 9/27

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Another good day. Another work day. Guys are working hard. Just good to stay on the grass and keep getting better every day. We just have to keep focusing on trying to get better. Obviously, keep working the plan for this week. As I said yesterday, we are playing against a good team. The more that I watch the Raiders, the more I realize that they are so close to doing what they need to do, but we need to get better ourselves. That is our challenge. We accept that, and we will keep working at it."

On if QB Tyrod Taylor will be the backup QB on Sunday:

"We will see. We will see exactly where that is. He did not do a lot so I will make sure that if we do put him out there, that he is ready to go. Obviously, (QB) Drew (Stanton) has been there since the situation with Tyrod had happened. We will see where that is. I will know more about that tomorrow."

On what Taylor and Stanton can do to help QB Baker Mayfield during a game:

"It is an experienced voice. It is a voice that has seen a lot of football in Drew and Tyrod. Obviously, both have started games, played games and been through the first time starting experience. I think those voices are important, and those are people that he has bonded with in the quarterback room. Those things are good to have."

On why Taylor did not do a lot in practice after clearing the concussion protocol:

"I just think that he was taking it all in, understanding the process and understanding the gameplan. I do not think that is was about what he did today – I think the fact that he was back out there is a positive sign."

On if Taylor officially cleared the concussion protocol:

"Yes, that is the only way that he could get back out there."

On if a Taylor's back injury plays a role in his practice and game availability:

"Yeah, I think it is. We will see where it is. I think that we will know more tomorrow."

On if the same hit that caused Taylor's concussion caused the back injury:

"He got hit more than once in that game. Not sure exactly which one, but I know that it was one of those, I am sure, that led to the back issues."

On how Mayfield has carried himself this week:

"Baker has been the same since the day that he has walked in, other than that he walks into the huddle with the first team offense. I do not see any difference in that way. I think that he is excited to play and excited to walk out there first. As far as his work ethic, I see him being a little bit more vocal with his teammates. Outside of that, I think that he has been the same Baker that he has been, which is good."

On Browns players having confidence in Mayfield:

"Any time that you come in a game as a young player and do what he did last week, it builds confidence. I think there is a confidence form his teammates with him. When you go in and have not had a lot of reps and you can go in and command the offense the way that he did and, help lead the team to victory, I think that says that, 'Hey, this guy can help.' I think players to a man, all that they want is guys that can help them win, when it is all said and done and a guy that is going to lead him. I think that he demonstrated those things last week."

On Mayfield's and Stanton's relationship:

"I think that it has been like big brother, little brother. Obviously, Baker had to be open to that, and I think he was. Drew on the other side of it had to be willing to do it, too. He has taken Baker under his wing and said, 'Hey, I am going to try to impart to you all that I have seen, all that I know from a preparation standpoint and from a National Football League standpoint.' It takes two people that have a relationship. I think everybody has been very open and embraced Baker in that room, including Tyrod. It has also been the other way. I think that Baker has embraced his role when it first started that, 'Hey, I am going to try to be a sponge and learn everything from you guys. Whatever you guys tell me, I will take the good that I feel helps me, and the other part, I will move on from.' I think that is how you build relationships."

On Raiders WR Jordy Nelson:

"Obviously, he made some huge plays last week. He made some big, explosive pass plays last week. He is a veteran player who knows how to play. They are going to put him in situations where he can get open and have success because he has done that his whole career. I think that he allows them – with (WR) Amari Cooper, the tight end that they have and the running back that they have and the other receives that they have – to play at a different pace and in a different way. They are an explosive offensive football team that we have to slow down."

On backup QB decision will be made before the team travels on Friday:

"I am sure that I will make it before we go because I want to know. I think what is important for our team is for our team to know exactly where we are at backup quarterback."

On Taylor being cleared from a recent concussion and if the team's long flight to Oakland will be taken into consideration:

"I think that all of those things will be discussed."

On DL Larry Ogunjobi's production through three games:

"I am sure that you guys kind of know this word, but it has been his grind. He grinds. It is important to him. He works at it. He always wanted to be the best. Sometimes, Larry can over think a little bit, but he works his tail off and he has a burning desire to be really good. I am sure you guys know that he has a relationship with (Bengals DT) Geno Atkins. That is what motivates him. He wants to be one of the best at his position. I think that you combine that with his talent and a guy that is willing to work like that, then good things happen. I think (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) has done a great job and (defensive line coach) Clyde (Simmons) and (assistant defensive line coach) Kenny (Delgado) have helped put him into good situations where he can make plays."

On Ogunjobi's ability on the interior DL to help edge rushers like DL Myles Garrett:

"It is everything. I think that is how you make it go. You have to worry about him there, which I think gives Myles flexibility or you have to worry about Myles and it gives him flexibility. Hopefully, our guys can keep growing. I think having (DL) Emmanuel (Ogbah) back is going to help, too. I think that we just have to keep on pushing. I think that our guys are getting better. I still think that there is a lot more in there for that group and for that unit. Obviously, those guys are spearheading it."

On competition level between Ogunjobi and Garrett:

"I think that is what it is all about. I think that the competition in the room is great. People do not know this, but then you throw (LB) Genard Avery in there and it really ratchets up even more because it is as important to him as much. He wants to be in that conversation every day. I will catch those guys talking about it, trying to figure out a way of who is going to get there first. That is what you want."

On if he liked Mayfield's competitiveness that was displayed when planting the flag at Ohio State:

"Absolutely. I did not like what happened after it – everything that was said after it – but you want your guy to have some fire and some spark and something about him. One thing that you guys know about Mayfield, you know what side of the fence that he is on. You are never going to have to worry about that. I like that about men – men that especially play this sport – because I think that is important."

On the Browns special teams:

"Need to get better. Need to get better, no doubt about it. It has been something that I have talked to our staff about and something that I talked to our team about. I think that it is all hands on deck. We all have to do all that we can. Some guys are going to have to do more because it is so important to our football team. We have to continue to get better. We have to make our kicks. We have to protect better. We have to cover better. We have to do it all better. I think everybody understands that. Hopefully, everybody will chip in and hopefully this will be the start of a great week for us on special teams."

On what makes Oakland distinctive:

"It is the fans. We have the greatest fans in the world, but I would tell you that is the second-best group. They are unbelievable. They are going to be there early before the game. They are going to not want us to come in the stadium. They are going to try to make sure we don't come in the stadium. They are going to mess with us when we are inside the stadium, and they will mess with us when we leave the stadium. That is just what it is. That is an unbelievable venue. I know everyone talks about the stadium. I know I enjoyed being in that stadium, and I have been on both sides of it. It is a unique place, different. For us, our team, I think understanding the field as I said yesterday will be important. The crowd will be the crowd. I think that will take care of itself. We play well, the crowd will be very quiet. If we don't, then the crowd will get going so we can control that by how we play."

On if it will be hard for him to see the Raiders move to Las Vegas since he grew up in California:

"It will be. That is all I have ever known. I remember when they were in L.A., and I was one of those guys that wore the yellow jacket CSC security that used to protect them as a young guy. I remember those days, and I remember since they have been in Oakland. What they have been and what they meant even to L.A. because L.A. was disappointed that they were gone. I am sure the City of Oakland will feel the same way when they leave and go to Vegas because that is tough. That is their team, and they really root for the Raiders. They made a decision that I think they needed to make in order for them to move forward, and they have to do what they have to do."

On his message to the team about the Raiders playing well and having leads in the second half, despite not having a win:

"We have to reverse that. We have to play well. We have to play well early. We have got to take them out of their comfort zone. That is something they have known now for three weeks. We have to change that. We have to make them be in a different environment and lay in a different mindset then what they have for the last three weeks, and we do, too. We need to start faster on offense. We have to continue to play like we have played on defense. We have to continue to find ways to get turnovers and convert them on offense. We have to play better on special teams. Trust me, we have a lot of things that we have to worry about when it comes to us first and foremost, but we understand the challenge that presents itself with the Raiders."

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