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Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Buccaneers

(On if the game was left on practice field)

"No. We didn't play as well, that's for sure, but I'm not going to say we left it on the practice field. I know we didn't play like I think we can play. We've got a lot of work to do still. We'll continue to get better."

(On if Tuesday night or tonight was more realistic)

"Somewhere in between. Right now I don't think tonight was how good we can play everywhere. We were weak in a lot of different places. We've got to get better."

(On defense against returns)

"It's disappointing. That part is disappointing and I think it's disappointing for all involved. Ball comes out of there and a guy returns a touchdown and another has a big return. We've got to go back and fix these things. That's what the preseason is for. We've got to find out where the holes are and fix them. We've got to fix them quick."

(On if wide receiver Josh Gordon added a spark in his return)

"He did. He made a tremendous play. It was good just to get him back out there in a game and play him. He did some good things and there's thing we'll continue to improve on but I thought it was a good start for him."

(On if he thought about playing starters longer)

"No. No. It's not about that. I think our players are understanding of how hard this is. We'll fight our tails off to get better. It's got to start on the practice field and we have to bring the practice field to the game field. We understand that and we understand what's ahead of us."

(On if sacks are due to holding the ball too long)

"No. Oh, no. That's not it at all. We're not holding the ball too long. We're not doing some things physically that we need to do in my opinion. We've got to go back and fix that. One of our goals is for our quarterback not to get hit like that. I didn't think Robert [Griffin III] was back there holding the ball too long or looking for more than what was there. I think sometimes things weren't there and all of a sudden somebody fell off of somebody. We didn't do a good enough job."

(On if being 'fired up' was due to Andy Lee's punt or his pursuit)

"His pursuit. Let's be honest, we're out there to play and if another guy has the ball, you're out there to go get it. The second time he did that, so that was improvement. That's something to build on. The first time, he understood his conversation with me. That's not how we pursue it, and he made amends for that. On we go."

(On if wide receiver Corey Coleman had 'mental rustiness')

"Corey finally played in a game and saw what it's like. He's got to get himself back to where he was and some of that is going to be that way; I think we know that. I'm glad that he's out there playing because he needs to play in a game to really get a feel for it. We're a work in progress and I think we all know that. We'll continue to work but by no means are we going to put our head in the sand and say these are the things that need to be fixed. We're going to fix this; I promise you we will."

(On if it seemed like Winston was passing easily)

"Oh absolutely. I thought there were some better things done in the run defense early in the game. Those things were improvement. I think we have to get our hands on the ball in the secondary. Our backend, our back seven guys have got to do a better job than what we did tonight. We're just going to keep working. We'll put our heads down and work. This is not an easy thing and I think we all know that. My message to them was is this a grind and it's hard. We got to harden our knuckles. We got to strain a little bit more across our whole football team in order to play better. We can and we will. We're not going to accept this. We're going to go back to work and fix this. I'm talking about our team and our team notices that."

(On if team is further away then desired)

"No. This is just one game. This was a game tonight, a preseason game and just another opportunity for us to evaluate our team. There's some things that I was hoping that would be better, that I think we can do better, but I don't think it says that we put it away, what it says is that we got work to do. We've still got one more of these preseason games and then it's for good. The wins [and] losses go in the ledger for good. We've got to get better."

(On Robert Griffin III completing deep passes)

"We can't just live by the long ball. It's good, we're scoring, but at the same time we've got to have other elements of our offense show up. I thought Crowell [Isaiah Crowell] had some good runs tonight. I really do. I think he's what I think he is. I think Duke [Duke Johnson Jr.] did some good things. I just think the overall – I'm talking offensively – just our roughness and how we go at it and go by it just needs to improve a little bit as we go forward."

(On if tonight erases this past week's positivity)

"No, because that's still in the bank. That experience is still in the bank, but I think we all understand that playing a game is what's important. We've got to make sure that the practice part of it was that and the game, we've got to get that part of it right. The game is still about winning and losing and playing and performing in the game. We've got to get this better and we will."

(On if starters will play at all next game)

"I haven't made that choice. I haven't made that decision. I want to look at this tape and see it for what it is. If we need to play, we'll play. And if I don't think we do, we won't. I think what's important is that we keep building and getting better. What I wanted to see is a football team that grew over a week being here and spending time at practice with this team. I thank them for having us come down. It's a great opportunity for them to get better in the game. We didn't see it the way I wanted to see it, so I want to watch the tape and then make the decision."

(On cornerback Jamar Taylor getting to start)

"I've got to watch the tape. I think there were some things he did really good. We had some miscommunication one time on a touchdown, that had nothing to do with him. I know that for sure, so we'll grow. I've just got to see how he did overall and I'll watch the tape and we'll go over that."

(On cornerback Justin Gilbert making plays before injury)

"Yes he did. He broke up a pass and made a couple tackles. I saw some improvement and obviously he's got to stay on top of the long ball. We've got to get better in a hurry. I'm not discouraged. I think a lot of people get discouraged in these situations, I'm not. Because I truly know what's in the locker room. We've got to work. We've got to understand how hard it is and how accountable you have to be to each other on every play and what you've got to do to play winning football. That's my job and I feel very comfortable and confident that we'll get that done and get that across."




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