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Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Buccaneers

On Quarterback DeShone Kizer's performance tonight
"I thought he did some good things. I know the numbers weren't like I would like or he would like, but I thought he moved the team and made some plays. I think our surrounding cast has got to continue to help him. We got to catch that ball down there, which I think would have led to hopefully a score. We did put points on the board. I thought it was a tremendous drive, he made a play outside the pocket with Corey (Coleman). I thought he did some really good things. I'm going to go back and watch the tape, but I feel comfortable with him. I thought he handled things really well. His eyes were good, the conversations we had was what you want with your quarterback. He tried to stick a ball in there later on. Just learning guys' body language over the middle when a guy is stopping and those things. Those are the things he has to continue to grow on, but I thought he managed the team well. He did some really good things and we'll keep coaching him up."

On if Kizer is the starting quarterback
"I'm going to watch the tape. I told you guys, the covers are on now. I'm really close. He has the right feel for me and for what I'm looking for, but I'll go back and watch the tape. I'm sure I'll let you guys know right away."

On if Kizer has to play on Thursday
"I don't know that. I think what's most important is if he ends up being our starter, there's some other things we need to do and see. Again, we'll cross that bridge as we go."

On the Browns run game
"I told our guys a second ago we need to get in better shape. I thought we kind of had them going and were doing some really good things, but I could see us starting to wear them down but also us starting to wear down. We need to get into a little bit better shape. Duke (Johnson Jr.) is going to be the first to tell you he's got to take care of the ball down there. We can't turn the ball over in the scoring zone. As I told the offense, we got to find a way to score points. That's the name of the game. Defense is doing some really good things. They give up a few plays, but they get stout and they don't let you in. That's a Gregg Williams coached defense and that's great. That's the other side of it. We can continue to keep building, keep working, keep getting better, which I know we will over the next week or so, and we got a chance to do some good things."

On field position Kizer was given to work with
"It's great. I like to see him when he's in those tough situations. He did something that I was very proud of. He's backed up back there and I call a pass play because I need to know if he'll be very team-protecting and he did; he rolled and threw the ball out of bounds. Awesome. Those are the things that I have to find out about him. If a guy will do that and protect our team, we'll have a chance to win games with him because our team understands that [not] turning the ball over, being able to score points, and stopping people from being able to score points; all those things go into the bucket when it comes to winning games. We just got to keep improving in those areas."

On the difference in how his team handled the National Anthem
"Honestly, I never look back. I kept my eyes forward and sung the National Anthem. I just know that our guys would handle everything respectfully. You're not talking about anyone kneeling so I would think that that is an improvement. I think whatever the guys did, I support them 100 percent and I'm sure they tried to handle it with class."

On if the team's conversation with Jim Brown influenced the change
"I don't know that. I was not part of that conversation. I wasn't in there for the conversation."

On if turnovers and drops affected Kizer's numbers
"No doubt. It would be a whole different game for him. That's why I feel good about the things that he accomplished tonight. I thought he came well prepared to play. Again, that was his first opportunity out there with those guys truly from start until we said, 'ok enough with the ones and I thought he showed well.' I thought he did some good things and we can build on some things as we move forward."

On if Kizer acted any differently the past two days
"No. No and that's what I like about him. I think he's doing everything I'm asking him to do. I think he's doing everything I think he needs to do to prepare himself for this opportunity. Obviously, he did some good things and he made a jump. I'm still not ready to just do it. I will here soon, but I like to watch the tape and make sure everything is correct before I make that decision."

On if he's ready to name Kizer starting quarterback
"He did not fall flat on his face. He didn't. Matter of fact, he did some things better that I thought he would to be honest with you. Again, I like to talk to our quarterbacks. I like to talk to all of these guys and kind of let them know where they are. It's just how I've done it up to this point and I don't want to change that. I think it's important that we all have a conversation after I watch the tape and see where we are, then make that decision."

On the competition for backup quarterback position
"We'll see because Kevin (Hogan) did some good things today. That was tremendous at the end. The guy made some plays with his legs, his arm, and throwing a wet ball. Again, running the offense, he did some really good things. That's why I need to see the tape to be able to talk to all of our guys and be very forthcoming and upfront with the guys about where we are."

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