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Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Cowboys

Opening statement:

"Obviously, not very good by us. Good by them. My hats off to the Cowboys. They played good. We did not play good enough. It starts with me. We have to coach better to get them to play better and put them in better situations. That is just what it is. It is unfortunate. There are some things that I know we can do better and we will do better, but there are things that keep rearing its ugly head. We just have to get it right, and I get it and we will keep fighting."

On the ejection at the beginning of the game for OL Cameron Erving:

"Oh yeah, disappointing. Obviously, you can't throw the helmet. There is a chance Cam would have probably stayed out there if he did not throw the helmet. He has to keep his poise. That is one things I talked to him about when he came over. Let us not retaliate because somebody is doing something. You have to be smart enough to hold your cool because it hurts our football team. We can't afford to lose a guy that is a starter. That is a lesson that we have to learn. Those are things we can't do."

On if an official told him Erving was ejected because he threw the helmet:

"Well, yeah, because he threw the helmet."

On what stands out to when he saying ugly things keep rearing its head:

"We just have to… It starts with me. It starts with me. I want to make sure everybody understands that. It starts with me. It starts with me getting our players and everybody involved in this organization to do things right. We have to slow the run down, obviously, and we have to make sure that we control the other teams' better players. (Cowboys TE Jason) Witten had a big game. We just have to get better in some areas, no doubt."

On how the Browns improve in those areas:

"No doubt. We just keep working at it. There is not going to be anything else. There are no other players that are going to walk in here. The first place I am going to look to is us as coaches and as leaders. Then we have to continue to keep getting our players better, make sure we put them in the best situations that we can, and hopefully, we can make some of those plays down the stretch."

On providing details on the defensive struggles:

"No, I am not because it starts with me. It is not just about the defense. It is me. It starts with the coaching. It is a top-down deal. We are not going to go there. It is not just about that. No, we are not playing well. We are not playing well right now anyplace. It is not just defense. It is offensively and special teams. I am not just going to dump on one group. We have to play better as a team. We are not playing good enough, and that is what it is."

On the Cowboys receivers being wide open on the TDs:

"Obviously, we did not cover them. We didn't cover them very well. That is what it is. We just have to do a better job all the way around."

On if communication is the reason that coverages were blown:

"It could be communication. It could be all of the sudden somebody did not get it, part of the communication you were mentioning. Bottom line, we did not cover them. We did not cover them very well. Whether it is communication, whether it is misalignment or whatever it is, it still leads to the same thing, which is them scoring. Whatever the reason is, it is not going to be good enough."

On how much of an impact LB Jamie Collins Sr. had on defense today:

"I need to watch the tape. I saw one play made behind the line of scrimmage. He is learning how we do things, and he went out there and fought and played quite a bit today. It will be some good tape to watch from Jamie."

On how QB Cody Kessler played in his return:

"He did some things good and there are some things we can do better. Obviously, as he has learned in the National Football League, the opponents change, and all of the sudden people are stronger in certain areas than others and do things a little bit differently. That is just going to be how he grows every week throughout the National Football League, understanding how people will start to attack him. There are some things he can do better and there are some good plays he made, as well. He has to go back and study this tape and get better."

On if Kessler is OK after the low hit he took:

"I think he is fine. Yes, I do."

On if WR Andrew Hawkins should have made the tough catch on Kessler's pass during the Browns first possession:

"Obviously, that was going to be a tough catch and a tough throw. We did not make the play. At the end of the day, we did not make the play. We had a couple of opportunities early. We did not put the ball where I think we could in spots where guys can make better plays. We just have to get better." On WR Corey Coleman's play in his return:

"He did some good things. Obviously, he had some catches. He didn't go without [or have] zero catches so that was good because it gets him back in it, gets his feet wet. There are big days ahead for Corey Coleman. He will get better the more he plays. He has not played football in a long time. It is different. Practice versus games are a little different, but he went out there and competed. He wanted the ball, and he is a good football player."

On the continuous support Browns fans give and how bad he feels about the team's struggles:

"I feel bad about it all. You just said it. I do because our fans, they are outstanding and I can't help but thank them for coming out and supporting a team that is not playing very well right now. I am being very honest. The Dawg Pound and our fans have been outstanding. We have to give them something to keep coming for, and I get that. We have to do that better, and we will."

On if it was unrealistic to believe that Collins could make a big impact, given he joined the Browns this week:

"I can't wait to see the tape. He made a little bit of an impact, but one guy does not win a game for you. I think we all understand that. I think that is just a piece of the puzzle for us as we continue to move forward, but one guy, he was not going to do it all by himself. Hopefully, when I watch the tape, I will see what I thought that I saw on the field, that there were some good things that he did, and I am sure there were some calls that he still has to learn as he moves forward. Overall, I think he did OK."

On how to get the Browns to bounce back and be ready for the quick turnaround on Thursday:

"It is Baltimore. We have to go to Baltimore. We will bounce back. One thing about this group, and I think you guys still see it, they are not giving up. I want you guys to know that they are fighting and they are playing their tails off as hard as they can. We just are not doing it as well as I think we can. It is not effort related at all. Our guys will come in here tomorrow, we will move on from this and we have to get ready for Baltimore."

On DL Carl Nassib's injury and if the Browns know the extent of it:

"I don't at this time. I think we will find out a little bit more about it, but I think it is an eye. It is an eye situation so that is the way I will leave it, and we will go from there."

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