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Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Eagles

On what caused the game to change for the Browns: 

"Momentum. All of a sudden we had a ball snapped over the quarterback's head [which turned into a safety].  I thought that's when it kind of tilted and started going the other way. I thought momentum was kind of coming our way. It would have been nice to finish that drive with a touchdown. We had our opportunities and didn't get it done, so I take total responsibility for all that on offense. This team, we have to get better and we will."

On the fake punt:

"Totally my responsibility. It doesn't matter what the circumstances were, we didn't get it done right. It put the defense in a tough spot and I thought the defense responded by holding them to a field goal."

On QB Robert Griffin III wanting to come back to the field at the end of the game:

"He wanted to be back out there. So I don't know if he argued, I didn't see that part, but I thought it was important for him to be back out there with the guys and finish the game the right way. He did."

On Griffin's injury:

"Something with his arm or shoulder. He'll be fine." 

On Eagles QB Carson Wentz's performance:

"I thought he did a good job.  I thought they did a good job for the most part protecting him and he made some plays. And again, he won. So I thought he did some good things and it looked like he had some poise and was able to lead them to victory. But again, I thought we had our chances.  In the scoring zone, we can't just kick field goals. We have to score. We have to score the ball. We had some opportunities there and we didn't make them.  You can make it a little harder on the quarterback if you can score touchdowns and get ahead by a little bit, but we weren't able unfortunately to do that today, unfortunately."  

On what the defense was able to do against Wentz:

"I thought our guys tried to pressure him for the most part. I thought there were some things. I mean he had some dropped balls and [bad] snaps himself. I'm sure it was difficult for him, but again he was able to manage it and get it done. I thought our defense, for the most part, fought hard. It was kind of like bend but don't break a little bit, but we'll get better. We need to keep working, but I saw signs of things getting better. I did, I really did.  So we have to take the good and grow from it and eliminate the bad."    

On the overthrown pass to WR Andrew Hawkins in the third quarter:

"Just missed it. That's going to happen.  He won't be the first quarterback to miss a throw. That's what I'm saying, those third downs, they are opportunities, they'll come back to bite you. There's a chance for a huge play and you don't make it, so you have to kick field goals. So the game's different there. I think we all understand that. So again, we have to get better in those areas. I get it and I see it and we will." 

On the inefficiency in the passing game:

"Again, that's my responsibility. I don't think we're playing as well as we can on offense. So I will fix that. I feel very comfortable in getting that squared away. But we can play better than we played on offense. We had some drops early – that was very uncharacteristic of us a little bit.  Those things bleed into other things, so we just have to play better." 

On what QB Robert Griffin III needs to do better:

"Just manage the team. We had the one interception; can't turn the ball over in the scoring zone. We all know that. So that reared its ugly head again. So again we have to take care of the ball. And we get opportunities, because again when the momentum switches like it did for the team, it ended up being almost a nine point swing after we had the safety. And we had a play that we felt very good about. So those things happen and it seems like after, like you said, the wind kind of came out of the offense's sails. I thought the defense kept battling. I think we just need to go back and re-grab that momentum. And that's what we have to do as a team."

On whether the bad snaps from C Cameron Erving on shotgun plays are a concern:

"No. Obviously, that is a concern if it goes over the quarterback's head. We can't do that, obviously. We have to get better at that… You can't have one. I think we all know that. But Cam will get better, we will get better, and there is no question about that. So no you can't have that happen in the game."

On WR Corey Coleman's performance:

"I thought he was a little inconsistent early. But I thought he got his confidence as he went.  And made a play, made a great play on the ball later on. There were other opportunities where he had a chance to get the ball and we just didn't get it there.  So we will continue to get better, as a team we need to get better."

On his attempt to call timeout at the end of the first half and whether he thought he had time to call timeout:

"Oh yeah, I thought we were close, yes I did. I did try. He said the clock ran out. And our guy said the clock ran out."

On if he thought RB Isaiah Crowell was out of bounds on that play:

"I was standing right there and I thought he was out of bounds.  I thought his momentum was forward and going out of bounds.  So the official said the clock was rolling and it was out of bounds.  Obviously I can't challenge it, there was nothing I can do about it. So that's what they called."

On if the fake punt was supposed to be called off if he saw something:

"No, the fake punt, like I said I mean, it doesn't matter.  I mean that's on me. So whether it's called off or not, I take full responsibility for."

On the 4th & 4 where the Eagles converted and whether there was a thought to challenge the spot:

"Yeah, I did. Upstairs, we knew he was across.  He made it; there was no question. So I trust the guys upstairs; he made it. And I thought he made it too after the catch."

On the thinking behind the fake punt:

"It was something that we saw in their protection unit that we thought we could exploit. And again, I take responsibility for that. It's not on those guys, it's on me."

On if he gets a better feel of his team after game one:

"Yeah I do. Like I said, I saw a team that started a little sporadically early. And then I saw a team that started to fight and play. And then all of a sudden, just like I told them last night, momentum in games change. And when the momentum changes you have to fight like heck to get it back. And I have to help the group get the momentum back faster. So we can finish. And I thought we had some drives where we had opportunity. I think we have to get better running the ball on offense so we can take care of our defense a little bit better. There are things to improve as a football team, obviously. I never said we were going to go 16 and 0. So we have given up one; one that I felt that our guys had a chance until things went kind of awry. So we have to grow from this and get better. And we will. So I am looking forward to next week."

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