Press Conference

Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Jets

Opening statement:
"Obviously, disappointing. Had our chances, did not finish it and that has kind of been the story of our season. I take responsibility for that. Somehow, someway, we have to find a way in the second half to finish games and we have the opportunity. It is disappointing to have the '86 team here, who did a lot of great things here, and see those guys and not have them be able to walk away from here with a win, and our players. Our players have worked extremely hard. Like I told them, this is us. It has nothing to do with anyone else. We have to play better, finish and get better, and it is hard, but we are going to stay after it. It is halfway through the season. We are 0-8. We own the record, and we have to play better. It is just that simple."

On the biggest difference defensively in the second half:
"I need to watch the tape, but it seems like we could not get them down. I need to watch the tape to see exactly where we are as far as that is concerned. I thought we had chances to make plays and we didn't make them. The interception potential to start the second half, almost came down with that, and those things come to catch you later on because it led to a touchdown. One thing about these guys is they are a resilient group and they will keep fighting, but at some point in time, we have to win a battle. I do get that, and I think they know that. We all do. Any leader can only lead effectively, but we all know the battle decides all. At some point in time, you have to win battles. We have to do that."

On areas of improvement on offense:
"We had some chances to make plays and we did not make them, and you turn the ball over. It is no different than any game. Eventually, it is football. People are going to slow you down a little bit, then you have to wrestle the momentum back and then you have to make plays when they are there. We had some chances, and we did not make them. If you make them, then it is a different game. If you don't, then these are the games that it gets tight, and then all of the sudden, every play matters. We have to play better. It is just that simple all the way around."

On analyzing QB Josh McCown's interception:
"I have to watch the tape. He battled hard and played his tail off. Sometimes, you have to hold onto the ball. It is that thing about saying 'uncle.' Sometimes you can't throw it because those are the things that can happen. Sometimes you are hoping somebody will make a play for you, and you just can't do it. We will get it better."

On the Jets taking WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. out of the game in the second half:
"He had the chance to make some plays. He had an opportunity, and we over threw him, dropped a ball, whatever it was. Everybody thinks he disappears, but they will do everything they can to make sure he does not get it, and we have to make sure he does. There are other guys that we have to throw it to, which we do. We just have to get better. That is what it is. We have to get better."

On what the Jets defense did to stop the Browns run game:
"It was not about the run for me today. We mixed the run from here and there. There were some plays that our guys made in the run [game]. We do what we need to do to win football games. It is not about stopping the run. Our plan was different than what it has been because of their defensive football team, and I thought our guys executed for the most part. We just can't turn the ball over. It is just that simple."

On the Browns defensive struggles with missed tackles, including on TDs converted:
"Yeah, it showed up. Sure. Those are the fundamentals of football, but that is what we have to get better at. We have to continue to stress it and get our guys better, and our guys have to make that jump. It is just that simple."

On if the Browns are good enough to play for a half or more but not a full game:
"I am not going to say that. Whatever it is, Coach Jackson is not getting our guys to do it good enough. Our players are trying. We just have to keep working at it."

On beginning to have concern about losing fan support, given today's crowd:
"No, that is the last thing that is on my mind. This team has to get better. That is what I am concerned about. I'm not worried about the no-shows and people that come. I respect our fans and I appreciate the fans that did come to the game, but we have to give them something to come to the game about. I get that. I understand."

On what it will take for the Browns to finish a game:
"We have to do it. It is no magic. Our players, our staff, coaches and the team, we have to go do it. We have to finish it. We have to get this monkey off our back. It is just that simple. You said it, we have had chances. We have to finish the game. Those plays that I'm talking about in the second half that we did not make, some of the things you guys mentioned, tackling, this and that, we have to fix that because if you don't, that is what happens."

On where the Browns are showing improvement despite not having a win:
"Honestly, I think the team has shown improvement everywhere. There was good defense being played in the first half. Early in the game, we played the run pretty well, made some defenses on the ball. That is improvement from last week. The offense was able to have opportunities to score points, get ahead and have a lead again at halftime. I think that is improvement. The disappointing part is, like you said, the second half. I have not solved that. That is a problem. I have to get it solved."

On if loss is the result of the Jets making better halftime adjustments than the Browns:
"No. Oh my lord, no. We had the chance to make the plays. It would be different if I thought we had no plays to be made. You just said it – missed tackles, that is not better adjustments. It has nothing to do with adjustments. That is just you have to make those plays. That is what football is. I don't think there was any adjustments they made that were so spectacular that we didn't. They just started making plays. That is what it is."

On if there is a mental obstacle affecting Browns players from wining:
"I don't know. I will figure it out. I don't know that it is mental. I can't answer that. I am not going to say it is mental. I just think we have to play better."

On if the media giving the Browns a good chance to win this game makes the loss worse:
"I don't worry about what people give us a chance to. It is what we think. We think we have a chance to win every game we have played if we play well enough. We just have not done it so no I am not more deflated. I keep saying this: I am probably more determined. I'm being honest. This is rough, but that is part of it. We have to get better. So from a staff standpoint to our players, we have to keep sawing wood at this thing and get it better. No, I am not more deflated by it or anything. It is disappointing, no question. You guys would be tired of losing, too, but at the same time, you have to do something about it. Nobody else can do anything about this but the players and coaches in that locker room. That is it."

On the Browns plans at QB if both McCown and QB Cody Kessler are healthy next week:
"It is way too early. Today is Sunday. We just played a game. We will talk about that, I am sure, during the week."

On WR Andrew Hawkins' production today:
"Yeah, he made some plays. That is what he is. He has made some plays and he is one of the captains on this team. He will have a lot of say as we continue to move forward. He will continue to make plays."

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