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Hue Jackson press conference: Browns vs. Titans

Opening statement:"Obviously, we are an 0-7 team that fought hard. We had a chance to win in the end and couldn't pull it off. We had our chances. I am sure our players will tell you that. We have continued to do the things that stop us from having chances to secure victories, which are turnovers and being able to convert on third down better on offense and being able to make plays when we are there. We just have to make them, and we didn't. This will continue to be who we are until we change it. Our guys, I have a lot of respect for them as I asked them today, let's be the best version of yourself that you can be. They walked in here and they tried to do that. They gave it everything they had. Our defense fought hard. There was a play or two here or there they made, but overall, our defense did a good job. Offensively, we have to find a way to score more points. At the end of the day, that is what it is. As I said earlier, we can't turn the ball over. 

"We have a big trip going into London to play the Vikings. We are just going to keep fighting and keep getting better. There is no quit in this football team. None like that, nothing I suspect in that locker room. These guys are ready to fight. They wish they can keep playing, but that is not the way the game goes, especially when the other team has one more point than you the game is over so they won.

"(OL) Joe Thomas, we will see where he is. Obviously, there is an elbow/triceps thing that we have to work through. That one is really personal to me. He is a huge part of what we do, a huge part of this organization. We will see where that is, but that was a big blow because obviously those things with him over there change the game on how you have to call the game, try to protect and those type of things and they took advantage of that as we went. That is just what good teams do. We will continue to rally back and get better and get ready for this week."

On QB DeShone Kizer not playing the second half and what that does to his confidence:"Today, I can't worry about confidence. You guys keep talking about confidence. We are in the business of winning games. This is a performance based business. If you turn the football over in the National Football League, you cannot play. It is just that simple. Everybody keeps talking about confidence. I am not worried about confidence. I have 52 other guys in there to worry about their confidence and trying to win. DeShone was playing really well up until we turned the ball over in the scoring zone. I left DeShone in the game, and here we come second half, we turn the ball over again. I am looking at this game, and this is a close game. We can manage and get the ball down the field, and we have a chance to win. I owe it to the other guys in that room. I am not just worried about the quarterback. I know you guys are, but I am not. However you take that, you take it, but my job is to put us and put people out there that give us the best chance to win. That is it." 

On how Kizer not playing the second half affects his development as a QB:"I am sure it is disappointing. I am sure he doesn't want the yoyo, but it goes both ways. Developing quarterbacks, they still have to do what you asked them to do. In that process of developing a quarterback, I want them to not turn the ball over. That is the name of the game. I am going to say it again, it is still about the football team. It is not just about one individual. It is about the team." 

On the Browns QB situation going forward:"I am going to go watch the tape. We will go from there. Just like I normally do, I am not going to change what we do. Our guys know – you can ask them to a man – if you turn the ball over, it is not going to be good right now because of where we are. I hear what everybody is saying so if everybody feels like I am supposed to just leave a guy in there when we keep turning it over, I am not going to that. I am just saying in general, I am not going to do that. My job is again develop quarterbacks and continue to get guys better, but I am also in charge of helping this team win games so that is what I am going to keep doing." 

On if Kizer made a bad read on his second interception:"I think he didn't see the guy that was ducking back inside. It is like the age old deal, try not to throw the ball back across your body. It is a tough one. The guy kind of ducked on it, but still, that happens. It is always about team protecting because we put our defense in a tough spot, and then those guys rose up and they were able to hold them to three. Thankful for that. At the same time, we can't keep giving them the ball. I think we have a league-high with [17] interceptions. We can't do that." 

On declining a 15-yard penalty in the first half:"We honestly thought that these guys were going to kick [a field goal]. Their guy (Titans K Ryan Succop) had been sensational in that area. You can take the 15. We held them to three [points]. We can question that situation. I thought in that situation they would go kick the ball on fourth down. They went for it, they made it, they kept going and our defense rose up and held them to three. That is what the decision was about. We thought they would kick. Their guy was whatever he was – he has been spectacular in that area. Thought he would kick the ball. He didn't so they went for it." 

On if Thomas' sustained a torn triceps:"Don't know that yet. Obviously, we have to get the MRI and check it out, but I think we all know how tough Joe is. If there is any chance he could have been out there, he would have so obviously, it is pretty serious." 

On committing 12 more penalties than Tennessee and what that says about the team:"That we are undisciplined. That is a direct reflection of me, and it disappoints me to no end. Some of them we get called and I am just going to say it, I am shocked, but we will get the reports back and maybe we didn't do this or do that. That is what it is, but I am disappointed as the head coach of the team that has had the penalties we had. The offsides, the holdings, the things on special teams, we have got to get that cleaned up. That was something we talked about all week so we are trying to emphasize it, but obviously, we aren't doing it good enough so that is what it is." 

On the report that WRs Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman were sent home early from Houston last weekend:"We have dealt with it. It was an in-house deal. I dealt with it. Moved on, moved forward and we will keep it that way. We will keep it in house." 

On if there was a discussion about suspending Britt for this game:"Our discussion, like I said, was in-house. We made a decision which we thought was best at the time. I think Kenny and Corey both understand where we are with both of them. We sent them home. We made that decision. They have been fined. We have dealt with it in-house that way. I think both of these players know that they have to continue to do the right thing. If not, we will see what the next consequence is." 

On if the Browns considered benching Britt, given he started the game, and if there was concern that Britt might be booed today when entering the game:"I'm not worried about that. When we deal with things, regardless of what they are, nobody knows the nature of them other than myself and us in-house. I'm not going to hold grudges. I think you have to move on. You have to move on. You fine somebody, you discipline them and you move forward, and that is what it was. No more, no less." 

On if the pass to Britt in overtime appeared catchable:"I don't know. I have to watch the tape to know that for sure." 

On if Britt is injured:"I don't think so. I think at that time, the wind got knocked out of him and he was able to come back." 

On QB Cody Kessler turning the ball over:"He did. He threw the ball down the middle and turned it over there. No doubt but I thought there was some rhythm to the offense. It was a heck of a drive coming off the 1-yard line to go lead to a field goal. I have to watch the tape. I'm not going to sit here and anoint Cody this or DeShone that. Look, this was today's game. I don't know, maybe this is the way it is going to go for the rest of the year. I can't tell you. I don't know that, but I am going to find a way where we can't turn the ball over because you can't win when you turn the ball over. We have proven that so we have to get the turnovers out of here." 

On what he told Thomas as he was leaving the field:"That I love him and I appreciate everything that he is. I promised him that when he is back, if he is back, that we are going to get this thing figured out because he is Cleveland Browns football. He is a guy that keeps us all going and moving forward. We owe him more than what we have given him thus far. That is for sure." 

On if it hit him that it resulted in the end of Thomas' consecutive snap streak:"Absolutely, that is why I walked out there on the field. Joe Thomas means that much to me, personally and professionally, and that is tough because I know what he is all about just like you guys do. He is one of the best of the best. Like I said to him and I will keep saying to everybody, he deserves better, and we have to get him better." 

On if everything is 'on the table' for next week prior to the Browns' game in London:"Everything right now is on the table. How can it not be? I just think I have to. I just think that is only right and only fair. That opens up all kinds of questions. I get all that. I'm not worried about that. Our football team is not as down – they are disappointed about not winning – but they are not as hurt as you guys think they are or fractured. We are not. We know what this is because I talk to them. I'm honest with them. I'm honest with them about turnovers. I'm honest with them about what we are trying to do. They get it. There is not a man in that room that does not stand behind me and support what I am trying to do just like I support what they are trying to do. We just have to put it all on the table, figure it out and keep going forward."

On a report that Kizer was out late on Friday night and what that means to him:"It means a lot to me. A guy's personal time is his personal time, but I still think that is not what our guys do. I think our guys work at what they do, and I would be surprised if that happened. I have never heard of that. I don't think DeShone has that kind of character or personality that way. That is what it is." 

On the fact there isn't a team curfew but that a young QB was out late who is also trying to learn a playbook:"It is not a curfew, but you are right. You said it. That is the first I have heard of it. I appreciate you guys sharing that with me. Thank you."

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