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Introducing 'UNLEASHED,' the new all-access docuseries following the Browns

“UNLEASHED” builds upon the award-winning docuseries, “Building the Browns,” and will give fans a fresh look into the players, coaches and events that make up the Browns’ offseason


The award-winning behind-the-scenes docuseries about the Browns is receiving a brand-new look.

Formerly titled "Building the Browns," the in-house docuseries is now taking the new name of "UNLEASHED" — and pivoting in a direction that matches the same one from the franchise.

"We were really the first club in the NFL to create their own 'Hard Knocks'-style, full-season access show, but all good things come to an end or evolve," Executive Vice President J.W. Johnson said on ClevelandBrownsDaily. "We're excited that we're going to re-tweak and re-tool 'Building the Browns' and call a new program called 'UNLEASHED,' which will be out here soon.

"We feel like we're ready to compete and compete now, and we're excited about 'UNLEASHED.'"

Eight episodes will air throughout the offseason and be distributed across all social media. They will run 8-12 minutes — a slightly shorter time than the previous "Building the Browns" series — and will give fans an all-access look inside the Browns.

"Our vision over the past 8 seasons with 'Building the Browns' was to give our fans unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to our team, our organization, and the process of building an NFL team," said Brent Rossi, Browns Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media. "While our new docuseries 'UNLEASHED' follows a very similar approach to storytelling, we have changed our method of producing and delivering the content with a focus on shorter length, more timely features, in a quick paced and high-energy style."

With "Building the Browns" and continuing with "UNLEASHED," the content and production team has served as the team's archive of modern history, capturing some of the biggest moments of the last decade — including the retirement of Hall of Famer Joe Thomas, the moment Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett were drafted, the rise of Andrew Berry from scout to GM and the Browns' 2020 playoff win over the Steelers. The series has even been used as a recruiting tool for job-seeking personnel and coaches to get a feel for how the front office and coaching staff operated.

"UNLEASHED" will begin with eight episodes this offseason, starting with Episode 1 on Tuesday, March 21 featuring Assistant GM & VP of Football Operations Catherine Raîche at the NFL Combine. Tune into the Browns YouTube channel, or the Browns Mobile App to catch the brand-new look of the award-winning series.