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Press Conference

Jarvis Landry postgame press conference - Browns vs. Jets

On sensing that today's win meant more than an average win:
"Yeah, it definitely felt that way. I am just so happy and proud of the guys and the coaching staff. This is a good start in the right direction for us. Hopefully, this continues to build the momentum that we need to finish out this first quarter [of the season] and go from there."

On if his pass for the 2-point conversion was his first completed in a game:
"It is not the first pass ever. It was the first [2-point conversion]."

On what sparked the comeback:
"We just found a way to make plays. Early on, we were struggling a little bit on first and second down. It put us behind the chains and we got into obvious passing situations. In this league as we all talked about and I have talked about before, it is tough to convert third-and-long. We found a way on early downs, especially when Bake (QB Baker Mayfield) came in, to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible. He made great decisions. We obviously moved the ball affectively."

On Mayfield providing a spark to the team and the fans:
"Honestly, just being around both of those guys – (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) and Baker – and seeing their approach and the way that the both carry themselves around the building, and for Bake to come in right before half, it is just a testament. I promise you, it is just a testament to how he has worked since the day he stepped into this building and not having that backup mentality. He was so ready for this moment. He was prepared for this moment. He grabbed it by the horns."

On if Mayfield energized him:
"Absolutely. He did the whole stadium. I am sure you felt it."

On Mayfield overcoming adversity of penalties and dropped passes to score, including a drop by him:
"Don't do me like that (laughter). It is something that has been our Achilles heel if you really think about it if you look at the opportunities that we have had in the red zone and that we didn't take advantage of or we had penalties that knocked us out of field goal range and we lose points that way. By being in that situation before, nobody panicked. We just went back to it. We just went back to it, went back to it and went back to it. That was a 15-play drive. That is incredible."

On if there was some uncertainty with Mayfield entering the game, given he had not played in the NFL regular season before:
"Doubt who? Never doubt 6. Never doubt 6. Never doubted him."

On why he never doubted Mayfield:
"Just the mentality, the attitude that he has always approached it since he stepped into this building. Never doubted him. I don't think there is a coach or a player in this building who has doubted him or felt like we were in a disadvantage when he came onto the field. That is something that you have to love about him. That is why he was the first pick. That is why he was the Heisman Trophy winner. You saw it tonight first hand." 

On Mayfield's throws in practice and if that is why there was no doubt:
"He is special. He is really special. Last week, I had a chance to sit down with him after the compliment form (Saints QB) Drew Brees. He did not get a big head or anything. He took advantage of the moment and the opportunity. We always have seen him make these plays. As far back as when the Baker Mayfield story had started, he has always made these types of plays. It is awesome to be a part of it."

On his mindset when the 2-point conversion was called:
"We ran the before. We were on the sideline. He comes to me and says, 'Your ass better throw me that ball(laughter). No matter what.' I said, 'I got you.' It is something that we have been working on for a couple of weeks. He was ready for the opportunity. There is something about the professionalism that he has brought. To not even have had repped that play before but still do it the way that he did it and be effective and tie the game up for us."

On how bright Mayfield's future can be:
"As bright as these lights. As bright as these lights. Anything else would be an understatement."

On feeling love from Browns fans tonight:
"It was something that I know as an organization and as players and coaches to be proud of and to take this step. I believe, too, for the fans that this is an opportunity for them, as well. They should enjoy it. They deserve more of it. We are going to do our best to make sure that is happening, using the momentum from games like to night, using the momentum from this stadium and the energy that we get from those guys -- the fans, and letting it go on to the rest of the season."

On if the Browns could be a 3-0 team and if that passes his mind:
"Do not do that either (laughter)."

On if there is a future ahead for the Browns, especially after getting the first win:
"What has happened in the past – I will say it again – has nothing to do with us. This is a new team. We are building in the right direction. Obviously, we fell short the first two weeks. At the same time, this is one of those games that can create momentum. (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson) came in and he said, 'Chase the breakthrough. Do not chase the break.' We have had every reason to go into the tank – we had a lot of football left. At the same time, we have needed to win a game like this. They have all been close. For us to win this one, I think that it is going to create some momentum and energy for us."

On if he saw NY Jets RB Isaiah Crowell's TD celebration:
"I did not. You can check the scoreboard for all I care."

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