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Press Conference

Jarvis Landry postgame press conference - Browns vs. Ravens

WR Jarvis Landry:

On emotions on the field with another close game:

"Another rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs. We did things well. We did some things poorly. I think all phases stuck together, and that was the biggest part and the best moment."

On if he considered going out of bounds on his catch at the end of regulation:

"I didn't. I knew we had a time out. I think there were sixteen seconds left on the clock and I knew we had a timeout so I was trying to get as many yards as I possibly could. I thought about cutting back across field but just tried to get as much as I could."

On the potential pass interference call:

"Not so much was it pass interference, but I think it was definitely illegal contact, which is definitely something they should have recognized, regardless if the ball was over-thrown or whatever. No defender can impede the progress of a receiver beyond five yards, I know that. It's something we are going to have to play through because I don't think it's going to stop. It's going to make our team better. We are going to have to be damn close to perfect. "

On QB Baker Mayfield's performance

"Calm, collected and unfazed. He stepped up big and obviously made plays with his arm, feet, getting out of some sacks and extending drives. For a rookie, he's doing it."

On WR Derrek Willies' performance:

"He has some more playing time coming. That is for sure. He stayed the course since the moment he got here, undrafted guy. When Hig (WR Rashad Higgins) went down, and it was the next man up mentality. He came in and made plays, did his job and he had a couple catches. Especially the big one on third down to get four towards the sideline, which extended our drive a little bit."

On the team's mood in the huddle after the reverse went for a loss:

"Mentally, you are like 'Damn this again,' but we have been in bigger holes and we found a way to dig out. The resilience of the whole offense and this team to find ways to make plays and Willies stepping up on third down which really put us in position to win the game."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson going for it on fourth down and that as a sign of trust to the defense:

"The defense played well all day, especially in the red area and doing their jobs. We had a chance on that fourth down. We just didn't quite hook up, but at the same time, like you said, we trusted the defense to get stop, get the ball back we could put it away."

On this game being different than previous overtimes:

"As the clock is ticking down – I am having all of these talks with myself – I'm hoping it's not another tie. I saw the clock get under two minutes, but we found a way to make more plays and we needed it today in all phases, the kicking game, defense and offense and when you usually do that, you have a good opportunity to win it."

On Mayfield being under pressure and finding a way to make plays:

"I'm sure I'll see it and it was as beautiful as you say. Guys have to make plays and step up, especially in those moments. Two rookies – undrafted and a guy that is 'undraftable.' They made it work."

On saying the team needs to play perfectly but still finding a way to win today:

"I'm not saying we are immune to penalties, but I am saying some of them are a lot closer for us than other teams. We did put ourselves in holes in situations that we had to dig out of. Some we didn't and we ended up punting the ball, and some we did. I think the ones we did were crucial for the momentum and team, and they put us in a position to win. We were able to control the clock. I think we had four drives over 10 plays so that is huge, keeps our defense rested. They did really well today against a good offense."

QB Mayfield's presence and if that helps give the team confidence it are always in games:

"It's his attitude and charisma. Like I said, he didn't budge. He didn't flinch. He continued to find ways to get the ball in people's hands and let them make plays, and that's the biggest thing. It shows the amount of trust he has in everybody. (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) did a hell of a job. (RB) Carlos (Hyde) ran the ball extremely well and hard. Hig (WR Rashad Higgins) made plays, two crucial third downs on corner routes. Things like that you don't see every day in a rookie quarterback and making decisions like that." 

On getting an AFC North win and division games 'counting as two':

"It's huge. It really is huge. It is a step in the right direction. We have a lot of things to work on, a lot of things to get better at. As long as we keep playing as a team and continue to get better and trusting each other, we will be right there when it comes time to it."

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