Press Conference

Jarvis Landry postgame press conference vs. Panthers

On if he wants to attempt a field goal on his next scoring opportunity, building off of his rushing, receiving and passing performance today:
"Yeah, I would love to (laughter). I would love to. Obviously, we have extreme confidence in (K) Greg (Joseph). I know that he can get the job done as he did today."

On being called upon to produce for the offense today:
"I guess waking up feeling dangerous is contagious (laughter). We pulled together as a team. We had a couple of turnovers obviously in the first half and mine, which was a big one, on the first play of the second half, but the defense went out there and got a stop. We found ways to play as a team. I think that is the biggest thing that everybody should take from this game. We found ways to make more plays than they did. Regardless of the situation, turnovers or not, we had each other's back."

On if it was energizing to get involved running the ball:
"Yeah, of course. Just to have the ball in my hands, period. We have been working on that play for a while now. It has been in the plan. This is one of those weeks that (offensive coordinator) Freddie (Kitchens) really felt good about it. It was two big plays for us."

On saying 'his time would come' after not getting as many targets earlier in the year and that occurring today in a team win:
"It means a lot. It means a lot. I have continued to work hard. I know that this season has not exactly been the way that we have wanted it to be, but I know that the men that I train with and that I go to work with every day work as hard as they can to go out there and compete for a W every week. Obviously, victories are what I want. I am just happy that we got it today."

On if QB Baker Mayfield is putting the ball in tight spots:
"You were at the game today (laughter). You saw. Absolutely."

On Mayfield's accuracy:
"Just trust. If I am not mistaken, I think that we were second-and-12 backed up, we ran the play-action boot, he rolls out to the right side and finds (WR) Breshad (Perriman) on the sideline. Hell of a catch, as well. We get a first down there and we set ourselves up for another first down to be able to win the game right there. Everybody stepped up today."

On his touchdown catch:
"Third-and-16. They ran Cover 2. The whole plan of that play was honest, just simple and just get the first down. The middle opened up. Baker got out of the pocket. I just kind of kept running, and he made a hell of a throw."

On if he believed he was open when the ball was released:
"I am always open (laughter). It was a hell of a throw, a hell of a throw."

On if it could have been any better of a throw:
"No, it was where it needed to be. The guy's back was turned. The corner that was coming from the outside was trying to squeeze it, and the ball literally went between both of them. It was a hell of a throw."

On how bright the Browns' future looks with Mayfield at QB:
"Very. Very. Obviously, we have to continue to keep growing. We have a test this week going on the road, leaving early. We are going to find out some more about ourselves. We will go from there."

On Perriman producing after a slower start to his career:
"I am happy that we have him. Since he has gotten here, he has been making plays for us – the first play of the game, the big second down that we just talked about. He is making those plays, and he has consistently done it. We are going to need guys like him to build this thing to get it to where we want to go."

On if he thinks about playoff possibilities at all:
"I focus on Denver. I am focused on Denver. One game at a time because we understand that we can't get there unless we do what we have to do. We just try to control what we can control and see how everything else plays out."

On DB Damarious Randall saying a team would be unlucky to draw the Browns if the team did reach the playoffs:
"Yeah absolutely. Absolutely. You are looking at a hungry team, you are looking at a hungry town that loves their team and honestly who does not want to play in a playoff game? With the opportunity to go and play in February, it is something that, golly, you can't miss."

On if the Browns are learning how to close games:
"Yeah, and we continue to grow and we are finding out about ourselves each and every day because (Head Coach) Gregg (Williams) and the whole staff put us through all of this simulated things that we may face in a game or that we faced in previous games and let those things come back up in practice. We are preparing for those moments. Whether it is penalties or whatever it is, we are just over looking it, trusting each other and going back at it the next play and making plays."

On if he almost threw it to QB Baker Mayfield on trick play:
"I peeked at him a little bit, but I wanted the touchdown (laughter)."

On Randall saying the inside run plays were not working as well in practice and what gave the offense confidence it would work well:
"Well, that is because they have our scripts at practice, and they know all our plays before we run them so it did not look good, but it worked today and that is all that matters."

On the tempo of the game changing, particularly in the third quarter:
"I feel like for a moment there in the third quarter we were kind of fluttering a little bit, but we were still finding ways to make plays. The defense was doing a great job. (P Britton) Colquitt was doing amazing with his punts when he had the opportunity to punt. At the end of the day, we found ways to make more plays. The big second down, that was one of the big plays in the game not having to punt from our own end zone and then they would get a short field. That big first down was something that helped us."

On if he had any input in Kitchens giving him more opportunities with the ball, given Kitchens said he looks for players' recommendations:
"Honestly, the play was the staff's design. They brought it to us. That is one thing that I love about him. He is really transparent. He gives us the opportunity to let him know what we are seeing and then adjust. He is all about winning. When you are about winning, you will try anything."

On Mayfield telling Randall that the first play might go for a touchdown and if he knew it be a success:
"Every play you run, I want it to be a success. I knew we had potential. The first thing that Freddie said when he stepped into the meeting on Wednesday was, 'The first play of the game is going to be this play.' It worked just how he said it would."

On the double pass:
"We have been practicing that play, too, the double pass. It was in the playbook. It just had not been called. We saw opportunity there. The Giants did it to them. Then another team did the same thing. We thought we had an opportunity there, which we potentially had a shot at it, but ya know."

On the TD celebration came from and if it was his idea:
"It was cold outside (laughter).Of course (laughter)."

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