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Press Conference

Jarvis Landry: 'We still have a lot of our best football ahead of us'

WR Jarvis Landry:
On what it means to come away with the win today:
"It means a lot. First time on the road in a couple of weeks. I think the thing that we take from this is obviously not only just winning the game but we still have a lot of our best football ahead of us. I am excited to get back to work and put this one behind us. This one is already behind me."

On if QB Baker Mayfield said he would target him a lot for his birthday:
"No, he didn't, but every Sunday is my birthday from now on (laughter). We are going to see coming forward. Like I said, we still have our best football to play, and that is ahead of us."

On his TD:
"We had a play that we had been working on since OTAs. We were able to get it called. (Head) Coach Kevin (Stefanski) called it. I actually got bumped off of my route. I had a slant route, and I actually got bumped off of my route and then (QB) Baker (Mayfield) just made a play. He just trusted and threw me the ball still. Really, he made a play because any other quarterback probably would have just come off of me at that point, but he still stuck with me and threw it to me. I made the catch and touchdown."

On having a few long catches for first downs and if he knew that Mayfield would be targeting him there:
"By play design, I was the second read on one of those plays and the first one on the other one. I knew I had the potential to be one of the primary receivers catching the ball on those plays. I just wanted to run a great route and make a play for the team."

On his performance today and if he was ever frustrated earlier in the season that his numbers were not as high:
"It has definitely been a challenge for me. That is something that I'm frequently talking to (wide receivers) Coach (Chad) O'Shea about and Coach Kevin about. It is always, I guess in a sense, to have that tough conversation when you are winning and you still feel like you may not be getting the ball. I just trusted this team, kept my head up and kept working hard for the guys around me, knowing that it will come. It came today, and I just made every play that I possibly could get my hands on."

On what he did during the bye week to reset:
"Continuing to talk to my support system and all the people that are in my life that have direct contact to me and being as open about the things that I have felt or have been feeling. Also, I think the time of the rest throughout the bye week gave me the opportunity also to just get my body right. Like I said on the call, I am still on that road. I think the bye week more for me was just a mental relief from rehab, learning a new system and how the season was going."

On whether today was a birthday celebration for him:
"Yes, absolutely. It is my golden year. I turned 28 on the 28th. I think I brought it in the right way."

On if he knew he would be as involved in the gameplan prior to today's game:
"Yeah, we knew. We talked about it all week. Me knowing football and just understanding how the gameplan was unfolding throughout the week, even though we had a different type of week with everything going on – COVID situations, the building and things like that – just going into practice on the days that we did and understanding the gameplan as it was unfolding, I knew that I potentially could have a big day."

On potentially having more TDs if better passes:
"Again, like I said, we have some of our best football ahead of us. I am excited to look at this film, not just for what I did but for how as a team we grinded this one out. We took care of each other. The offense picked us up. The defense picked us up. Special teams did a hell of a job today. Like I said, there is still a lot of football left to be played for us. We are just taking it one week at a time, knowing that we have our best football ahead of us."

On confidence that the Browns' best football is ahead:
"Just the way that we have been putting this run together. Just the guys that are in this room, the coaching staff in this building and the belief system that we have in each other. There are things that we did on that field that obviously we can't get plays back after they are gone, but at the same time, there is always room to grow. There is always room to learn, and we can learn a lot from the things we did today, whether it was successful or not successful. I think we took a step in another direction toward where we want to be ultimately."

On if it is a different feeling or more exciting to make key plays when the team is in a playoff race:
"I try to stay even keel, but it is always fun obviously to make plays. For me, it is so fun to see other guys making plays, as well. It is so fun to see Hig (WR Rashard Higgins) and the way he steps up, the way that (WR) KhaDarel Hodge steps up and the way that (RB) Nick Chubb and (RB) Kareem (Hunt) have been running the football through these past weeks. Winning these tough grind-them-out games that haven't really been pretty, but if you really think about it, a win is a win in this football league and you will take it any way that it comes. There is definitely a lot of passion and excitement about making plays, but as a team, I think that is what we have. We have a lot of guys excited to see each other and their hard work pay off."

On Chief of Staff Callie Brownson being the Browns tight ends coach today and if that was a cool historic moment for him to also experience:
"Yes. Listen, she is on it. She has always been on point since the day that she has walked in this building. She is a true testament for all the women that are making a name for themselves in this league. She stepped up to the challenge today and this whole entire week. Coaching the tight ends, meeting with them, being able to get the personnel together today, she was just ahead of schedule and on point as ever. She is Callie. She is one of the people that make this building go. We are blessed to have her. The more you can do, right?"

QB Baker Mayfield:
On WR Jarvis Landry's performance:
"Critical. We are not always going to try and find throws to all of our guys. We have so many weapons. Just letting the ball and the coverage dictate where it needs to go. Jarvis had an incredible day. Not only that, but there were a lot of tight windows and contested catches that he made. The guys is unbelievable. I have said that. He is a great player, a great teammate, and he just continues to always put the team first no matter what. We have seen that week in and week out. For him to have a day like this, we are very happy for him."

On if he expected a crazy gam after a challenging week:
"No, I really feel like we left a lot of points up on the board. I truly do. There were a ton of missed opportunities just from my perspective, a lot of missed throws. There are only two things I hate more than missing throws, and that is lying and skim milk, and skim milk is just water lying about being milk. I have to make those throws."

On his overall performance and missed throws in the end zone:
"I went on the Higgy (WR Rashard Higgins) one from high to low instead of high to low. I should be putting that ball on Higgins early instead of going from (TE) Harrison (Bryant) to him. Just late in the progression. I just need to put it on him earlier. The one to the left, the rollout there to Jarvis, just get it down. Plain and simple. I have made that throw 1,000 times. There are a lot of throws today that I make consistently so it is about making them. We found a way to win and that is the most important thing, but I am always going to be critical of myself."

On the TV broadcast airing him saying 'that was f-ing cute guys' after the Jaguars defense shifted pre-snap on a play:
"I do not know what you are talking about."

On RB Nick Chubb's performance today and Chubb converting on the third-and-12 screen play:
"The guy consistently makes plays when we need him to. He runs extremely hard. We lean on him, especially late in these games where we need these critical yards and these tough yards, to earn them. We have two great backs, but having those guys in our backfield is a blessing for us."

On how tough the week was with the changes to the practice schedule and if that had an impact on how he played today:
"We still got in as an offense and got our work in so there is no excuse for me on that one. Yeah, it was a different week, but we have said that we adjust and adapt and the best teams this season will have to. I just have to be better. I feel like I left a lot of points on the board."

On how important it was to get Landry going heading into the final stretch of the season:
"Getting him the ball early just gets him in a different frame of mind. Once that balls in the air, it is his and his only. He is about to turn it on, and we know he can do that. He has done it consistently always so we are going to lean on him, but we have a lot of great weapons. He is just the cherry on top."

On how he feels about the Browns offense going into the final stretch of the season:
"We are continuing to do whatever it takes to win. I know I overheard somebody asked (G) Joel (Bitonio) about it. We still have not played our best ball yet, and I truly believe that, but I feel like we are improving at the right time. For us to continue to improve and find ways to win at this point in the year I think is the most important thing from a big picture mindset, but we just have to be better next week."

On if it was in his mind that the Browns offense would need to take the pressure off of the defense today:
"We knew everything going on – we were the only half of the team going into practice – that it was going to be a little bit different. I would not say it is any added pressure by any means, but we knew that this is a game that we were expecting to have a lot of success. That is why I am being critical in the fact that we left points on the board. No added pressure. We just expected to be a lot better today."

On how he has seen the team grow during his three seasons in Cleveland, given the team's ability to win close games and adverse circumstances:
"I would start by saying it is just a completely different team personnel wise and obviously staff wise. We talked about building a culture and a foundation of winning early on in the spring and having to do that over Zoom meetings. I think that foundation is coming in clutch when these close games happen. The things we talk about and the important situational football moments, we were able to capitalize on those and so I would account that to those moments."

On the series where the Browns were ultimately stopped short on fourth-and-inches:
"We just have to convert on those critical downs. I have to make that throw. We have to keep the chains moving and put the game way. The defense getting back out there and having a penalty called that was a little iffy, but they did everything they could and stopped the two-point conversion so we were able to get back out there. Always the most important play is the next one, and that continues to be true as the season goes on."

On making pinpoint throws on some plays and missing wide open players on others:
"I would say if you asked any quarterback, the hardest throws are when guys are just standing there by themselves. Sometimes you overthink it in split seconds. Those are just routine throws when you throw on air that you always make so there is no reason to overthink it. You just have to make it the next time."

On S Andrew Sendejo making multiple big plays today, given others externally have been critical of Sendejo's season:
"Dejo is a veteran. He is a guy that blocks out whatever heat is on the outside because it truly does not matter. What matters is in this in this building, even though we are not at our facility, but within this franchise. He comes and he leads. He is leading a young group of guys and continuing to show up for us. Whatever added pressure on the outside, he blocks that out and does a good job with that."

G Joel Bitonio:
On if this week felt like a 'survival test' for the team:
"I do not know if I would call it a survival test. It is definitely one where you see the grit of a team. You do not get to practice all week really. The defense was really decimated with guys missing. We had one true practice on Friday. You are traveling one of our farther travel games of the year. All of those things kind of added up, and we knew we had to perform and we knew we had the guys to win this game. It just went down to the wire a little closer than we liked at the end, but we found a way to pull it out. I think that is what good teams in this league do is find ways to win."

On RB Nick Chubb's performance, including converting third-and-12 on a screen play:
"Chubb is a stud. Some of those cuts he made today were… You really do not just see it live, but you are getting to the linebacker and you are thinking the play is going front side and then you see Chubb running for 20 yards on the backside, which is some of the most impressive things. We just called a screen to the left. I was the first guy out, and I noticed they have him in man-to-man coverage. The guy that I went after, I just tried to get some hands on him, and Chubb made a nice cut, got the first down and sealed the win."

On WR Jarvis Landry's performance and Landry getting his first TD of the season:
"It is always good when Jarvis gets his too because he is always a guy that is blocking and making plays behind the scenes for this team. We have not been able to throw the ball as much the last few weeks, but we kind of opened it up a little bit and he was making plays. He got the touchdown, but he had big catches on third down and made guys miss and just all the little things. I am sure his blocking was great, too. It is just one of those things where he is a gamer. When his number is called, he is ready to make those plays for us. It was pretty impressive."

On if he believes that the team's best football is in front of them, given Landry's postgame comments:
"Yeah, I think as a team, we have not played a full-complete game yet. We won some games and we have been in some battles and a lot of one-score games the last few weeks, but I think if we put it all together – we had a turnover down there; fourth down, we did not get it on one of the drives and then the defense has played some great games – I think it is going to be something special."

On what is different about the Browns this season, given the team's ability to overcome adversity and win close games:
"We all have a mindset that it is the next play. Bad things happen in this league. There are times you get beat, but we come out there the next drive and we are like, 'Hey, we have to answer right now,' and guys makes plays in big situations. Our defense stepped up on those two-point conversions and saved us from having to go down and score. It is just when you see someone need a little help, you help them up and then you go on to play the next play. I think it is just a mindset starting with (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski and working its way down."

RB Nick Chubb:
On the team's resilience with all of the distractions during the week and still earning the win:
"It is a mindset thing. We knew that we had to come in here and win, no matter what. I think this team understood that. We knew they were not just going to roll over. They are a one-win team, but they are a very talented team and very good. They were not going to have a wounded-dog mentality so we knew were going to get their best shot. We played a great team, and we are happy to come out with a win."

On picking up first downs on the final drive:
"It was just the offense putting our mind to it. We knew we had to end the game. Whether it was run or pass, we had our minds set on ending the game and ending the game right there. We were able to accomplish that."

On the screen pass:
"I saw it blocked pretty well. When I caught the ball, there was someone in my face, but a blocker (G Joel Bitonio) took care of him and I was able to bounce it out, cut inside to get the first down and end the game."

On the team's mindset over the past few weeks to stay focused:
"We are finding a way to win. I think that is a sign of a good team – find a way to win no matter what. That is what we have been doing the past couple of weeks. We have been down in some games and teams have been close. I know our defense is going to find a way and special teams are going to find a way to win."

On if the team's resilience also comes from the coaching staff:
"It comes from everybody. The coaches are definitely doing a great job of instilling it inside of us. We are finding a way to win games. They are leaving it on us, and we are finding a way to win."

On what makes him different from other RBs who celebrate after big plays:
"I don't know. That is just who I am. I not really one to celebrate until the game was over and we win. That is when I will celebrate. Until, then it is all about trying to get the next play down and get a win."

On WR Jarvis Landry's performance:
"It was great. I am happy for Jarvis. He had a great game. It was his birthday yesterday so that is special, too. I am proud of him and happy for him. I look forward to seeing that every week from now on."

On the example Landry set prior to this week's game with lower numbers:
"Definitely. He kept his head straight, never gave up and he stayed focused. I feel like we all have been at a point where things are not going our way, but you have to keep pushing through that. That is what he has done, and it turned out good for him. He had a great game."

On QB Baker Mayfield's reaction to errors throughout the game and if he ever doubts that Mayfield will bounce back from those plays:
"I have no doubt at all. I know Baker is a warrior and he keeps fighting. If he does miss a play here or there, I know we are going to get the next play. At some point, he is going to make a big play for us as he always does. He never gives up. That is part of who he is and thatis who our team is."

On if Mayfield give the team a specific message after those plays:
"No. He doesn't say anything. We can always tell if he is upset with himself when he doesn't make the play. He expresses it, and we see it, but we understand. It is just a next play mentality for us and we are going to go on to the next play."

On what goes through his mind seeing the Browns at the top of the wildcard spot:
"Nothing at all."

On if he pays any attention to the playoff standings:

DT Sheldon Richardson:
On the Browns defense making key stops despite missing DE Myles Garrett and CB Denzel Ward and S Ronnie Harrison sustaining an injury:
"Good job by (S Andrew) Sendejo for doing his job, being there in positions to be able to make the play. I do not know if they even should have been that close to the end zone on that series. I do not understand how you can tackle a quarterback when he ducks and takes away the tackling surface. You can't hit him in the legs, you can't him in the head and they move and get to duck too so I do not understand that rule. Just want the game to be fair."

On the Browns' mentality to keep responding despite unfavorable circumstances:
"Just a resilient squad. We are a resilient bunch. It is not over until it is over, and that is how we move and that is how we keep it pushing."

On Jaguars QB Mike Glennon's performance compared to what he was expecting:
"More so their coaching staff had a descent gameplan that kept it simple for him. Kudos to those boys to even be able to stay in the game with the stops we had. Their running back (Jaguars RB James Robinson) is legit. They have a decent squad honestly. I do not understand how their record is like that, but he did what he was supposed to do. Got quick throws out. Max protect. He put the ball in areas where his guys could get the ball. He really did his job."

On how well the Browns defense played today:
"We got a W so that is all that matters."

On dealing with schedule changes due to COVID-19 and unexpected situations this season and week and producing wins:
"Coach K (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) keeps us that way. Even though we were missing days, there were still meetings going on. Even like tomorrow, we are supposed to have victory Monday, but we have to watch film. He is pretty strict on that stuff. It is what it is as far as us not being able to be in the building like that so we have to get it in how we can. We roll with the punches. That is one thing about this team that we have been doing is that no matter what has been thrown at us, we have just been able to just keep it pushing. Get in the gameplan and executing."

On how good the Browns defense can be:
"What are you asking me? How good this team can be? We are 8-3 right now. That is good. Until we get another win or another loss, that is how good we are going to be."

On if ever experienced not practicing until Friday like the Browns did last week:
"No. Not at all."

On how he personally dealt with not being able to practice until Friday:
"Well, I enjoyed it. You get to be able to be home a little bit extra and got to rest the bones a little bit. Still got a light workout in. Really can't complain."

On Harrison getting hurt on the first play against his former team and how the Browns overcame the injury:
"It was tough. Honestly, it was just real tough just watching him do it. I knew what it meant to him. You can tell he hit him kind of hard on that first play, and it was just a little too hard for his own shoulders. It happens, and I am sorry that it happened to him. I wish him a speedy recovery, but we had the next man up. We did our job to get a W."

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