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Press Conference

John Dorsey press conference - 4/28

General Manager John Dorsey:

Opening statement:

"I thought it would be important for me to come down here and discuss this next player, (WR) Antonio Callaway. I am very excited to get a guy of this caliber and this talent at the round we thought. As we sat and processed the information – we did a lot of all types of levels of processing the information – based on things that have happened in the past and based on his ability, we thought that the fourth round is right where you kind of get a guy like this because you know that you have certain resources in place that can help young men develop. I have been around a lot of teams in the National Football League, and this [team] probably has one of the better player support systems there is in the National Football League. I just want you all to know one thing: he will understand what it means to be a Cleveland Brown. Once he understands 100 percent what it means to be a Cleveland Brown, the Cleveland Browns will be 100 percent committed to making this man a football player. I have always said this very humbly: it is not just our job to have people leave as good players; it is our job to have people leave as good people, as well. That is where it is, and with that I will take your questions."

On character being important to the organization and drafting Callaway:

"Character is important. I think it is a case by case basis. You sit and meet with individuals, and then you begin to understand what they are as people. If you sit there and understand his situations and his life story, you can see a guy who strives – he actually loves the game of football – but he likes structure and he likes routine. You can see that there is a degree of humility with this person. You have to do your risk tolerance and say, 'OK, where are we here?' I thought that this was the appropriate level to make a move like this."

On talking with Callaway during the pre-draft process:

"We talked to him multiple times. We talked to him at the Combine in the 60-player interviews. We also talked to him down at the train station with the position coaches. We brought him into one of the 30 visits. What is really neat is the greatest impact on a player in the game of football is usually that position coach. When you have a strong personality like (WR coach) Adam Henry, who can lead men and change men around, I have seen that year in and year out with really strong coaches that can change young men's lives. I truly believe that with our leadership on our coaching staff between the offensive coordinator, the position coach and then you through (Head Coach) Hue (Jackson) in there, I am OK with it. I am excited for it."

On Callaway not playing last season:

"We talked to him about the situation at the combine, and it killed him. I think that the time away and time to reflect probably helped him to understand how important the game of football is. That is why you have to understand what is meaningful in his life, as well, moving forward."

On bringing Callaway into a WR room that includes other individuals with off-field incidents and if that adds risk:

"You could say that, but again, I think that the position coach will make an impact there. I do believe that. I believe that this guy is driven. This kid will be driven to prove people that 'You know what? I made a mistake, but I am excited to be a Cleveland Brown."

On Callaway having made multiple mistakes:

"I feel very comfortable with where we are as an organization. We have done extensive – I mean extensive – background work here. We actually have had people go down to Gainesville. We have actually had people go down to certain areas just to find out all about the specifics of the situation. We feel very good about where we are, where he is and where those things you were talking about, where those are at. I feel very comfortable with where we are to make a move like this."

On public perception that failing a drug test at the 2018 NFL Combine is an 'intelligence test':

"There are some things that I am not going to talk about. I am not going to talk about that from a policy standpoint. Again, I think with the programs that we have in place here for the Cleveland Browns, I do believe that this guy can develop and be a Cleveland Brown the way we want to see it."

On having a history of drafting successful NFL players who had off-field incidents before entering the league:

"I think it is a case by case basis. I think each one of them are [case by case]. It is like when you meet anybody, you have to understand the depth of the situation and then you also have to understand the person. Once you understand the person and the situation, then I think you can make an educated assumption of which path you want to choose."

On if he has a history with wide receivers coach Adam Henry:

"No, but there are so many people that I know around the league that have great respect for his ability to lead men. He kind of reminds me the way he runs his meetings of a guy that I have been around, (Chiefs offensive coordinator) Eric Bieniemy. I think they have similar mannerisms in how they lead young men. I just like how guys are going to gravitate to him."

On if he was looking to help address punt and kick return in the draft, given Callaway's special teams history:

"I was. Part of this, too, is we all know that if you can get a nice quality punt returner, it changes the field position. This guy is a playmaker who can change the field position in the punt game, as well as the receiving part of it."

On if Callaway is a first-round talent:

"To me, he would have been the first or second receiver in the draft."

On drafting a player with a sexual assault allegation, given the current social climate:

"Again, you just said it. It was an allegation. We have done our research and we feel comfortable with where we are in the situation."

On if he expected Callaway would be available at No. 114 before trading:

"I did not because I had a few birdies call me and say, 'OK, this may happen so be prepared.' I thought it was appropriate. You give up – we had three sixes – so I have no problem giving up a sixth-round pick to get a player of that magnitude."

On how long of a leash the team will have with Callaway:

"Once you get in here committed in place, let's let him get a trust mechanism in the organization. Let him get ingrained in what it means to be a Cleveland Brown and what is the Cleveland Browns way. Once you get him involved in that type of culture, good things can happen." 

On the support system in the Browns building:

"(Manager of Player Engagement) Ron Brewer and his staff and (Vice President, Player Health & Development) Joe Sheehan and the health and development program, they do a great job. They do that leadership mentoring. They take them through educational seminars. He sits down with peer mentoring groups. Basically what this is, they are trying to develop the person. They go every week and they sit there and they begin to work through all these programs. I think it is helpful, and it is refreshing for these guys to get an understanding of those development aspects of the engagement programs. I just think being around Brew and watching him work and do his stuff, the people that he brings and has interact with the players and the community outreach and what they do, it teaches young men not only to be good players but allows them to grow and develop as men as well."

On if Callaway will play outside or slot receiver:

"I think he can play probably X or Z all depending. He can play either position. Plus, he can be your returner, again, as well."

On Callaway's talent:

"He brings hands. He brings vertical explosion. He brings outstanding run after the catch, processes information very well. He is also exciting as a punt returner. When you have a guy that, it is going to take a little bit in terms of learning the receiver position. It is always a hard transition to make from college to the pros because of the amount of information. I think he will do well in that regard."

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