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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Giants

On having to play catch-up during the game:
"It's never ideal. We have to look at what put us there. We didn't start fast enough so you're in that position. It's not a position you want to be in. They got ahold of the game. We still had a chance down the stretch. We just weren't consistent enough today. Really, as I think about it right now, it's just too many ups and downs."

On connecting on a 54-yard pass to WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. and then the offense stalling:
"We moved it down there. That's on me. What we were doing is just, you have a big play like that or get something positive going and then take a step back. I always like to look at the tape and see and just look at myself and what I can do better. I just felt like I was inconsistent and didn't play at the level I expect to play."

On settling for two FGs inside the 10-yard line:
"That's what I mean by the slow start. We have to get 14 points out of those two possessions. That hurt us early. Especially playing an opponent like this, we know that they've been in a lot of close games. To get touchdowns early is obviously going to give you an edge. Not getting into the end zone hurt."

On if he could feel pressure from Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul behind him to cause the fumble:
"No, I went to throw. I had (WR) Corey (Coleman) on a go route. We had been talking about some adjustments we were making after they had given a certain look. We both talked about it and we kind of got the look that we were hoping for. I was cutting it loose to Corey down the sideline, and it was just unfortunate."

On facing adversity having not won a game and if that impacts the team:
"Obviously, when you're fighting through what we're fighting through, I think it's disingenuous to say it's not. We understand it. At the same time, we have to fight through those things and find a way to make those plays that are going to get us over the hump. We haven't done that yet. It is frustrating. I'm going to speak from my end of it – the things that get you over the hump is playing more consistent football – I don't feel like I did that today."

On the Browns' sacks allowed and if that can improve during the bye week:
"Yeah, I hope so. We can step back and study what we're doing. Hopefully, everybody as we figure out what's going on in these plays where we're getting sacked, we can get better and improve in those areas. Like I said last week and I haven't seen the tape today, usually it's a little bit of everything. Maybe just take a step back and figure out the things that we can do to tighten up. Hopefully, we can make that better moving forward for all of us."

On if he got the look he wanted when the team came out in a three tight end package near the goal line:
"Yeah, we thought we did. They did a good job of passing it off. I thought I had a matchup with Corey. They did a good job of passing it off and kind of playing the play. It's just unfortunate because it looked like we had what we wanted."

On if this is the toughest it has been during his career:
"Because it is right now, it probably feels that way. It is tough. I went through a year a couple of years ago when we lost our offensive coordinator at the start of the year in Tampa, and that was tough week in week out trying to put things together. It is hard. It is hard on everybody. It is really frustrating because you see the effort put in every week and the way that everybody [is working] and the way that (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson is leading the team and the energy that he brings no matter what our record says. Those things certainly catch the dark spot in this time. It makes it tough, but you have to keep fighting. I said it early on and I will keep saying it, it is the only way that I know how to do it. Hopefully, the rest of the locker room feels the same way. We will just keep fighting and look forward to brighter days and what is going to come out of this. There is a toughness that comes out of going through stuff like this and it carries value not only in the locker room and on the field but in life. Certainly, it is not where we wanted to be and it is disappointing, but relative to everything else going on and other things in the world, especially this week with Thanksgiving, you have to take it in perspective. As football goes, this is pretty low."

On OL John Greco's value to the Browns OL and the significance of him missing time:
"Anytime you lose a starter, it is a big blow. His veteran presence and the type of guy that John is and the leader that he is, it is hard to replace him. (OL) Alvin (Bailey) steps in, got in there and fought. I don't know what the prognosis is for John – hopefully, it is not serious – but it is the mentality of the next man up and the next guy has to go in and play. Our prayers are with John. Hopefully, he will feel better and heal quickly. He is certainly a guy that you love having out there with you because of what he brings to the table."

On the fumble on the final offensive play:
"They played coverage, I stepped up and was hoping to get Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) on the check-down. As I stepped up, he wasn't there and he was on the ground. He got grabbed or close lined or something on the way out. I was just trying to flip it in his direction to avoid the sack and give him the ball, but I obviously got hit as it was happening."

On what makes Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul so tough to play against:
"First of all, his physicality. He is a big dude and a heck of an athlete, and he plays hard. You have those type of things where he has a very rare skillset for that size and speed. That is what gives him an edge."

On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.'s performance and providing big plays late in the game:
"We say it every week that TP is getting better and better. You try to find positives in moments like this, and he is certainly one of those. He is just going to keep continuing to improve from being out there with him. He has an impressive skillset, and we see that getting honed every week. We talk about the situation now and how disappointing the season is, but at the same time, that is what I mean by you have to look at where you are gaining ground in areas. Certainly, Terrelle's progress is one of those and has been a bright spot. I fully expect him to continue to do that the rest of the season and build some momentum for himself moving forward."

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