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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Jets

On describing the Browns' performance in the second half:
"I wish I could. I just look at myself. Played two different halves. One half, we played the way we always talk about playing, the way coach talks about playing and the way we played this week. That is how we played in the first half. In the second half, we didn't. I say we, but I didn't. It starts with me. I take this one squarely on me. I don't feel like I played to the level that I'm capable of playing at, and that I played to in the first half. I feel like it cost us the ball game."

On if not playing to his own expectations in the second half has to do with coming off of an injury:
"Three is no excuse for me. No excuse. I should have been better. It is a tough feeling because we put so much into the week and the whole organization put so much into the week, getting ready for the games. When you have opportunities, you have to take advantage of them. We had a couple there in the second half where we could have distanced ourselves. I just feel like I didn't take advantage of it."

On if missing WR Terrelle Pryor on a long pass was a missed opportunity:
"Absolutely. I felt like, 'Hey, that is a touchdown.' Just missed him. I didn't feel like I put that much on the ball, but I missed him. That is not however many people were here or however many people were on both sides, all of those people, only one person had control of that and that is me. That is my fault. You have to correct those things. Like I said, there is so much that goes into it during the week. When you have an opportunity like that, you have to take advantage of it. That is a great play call, play structure, all of those things. When you don't get it done as a player, it eats at you, for sure."

On if that pass was just overthrown:
"Yeah. Just put a little bit too much on it."

On if Pryor ran the route correctly:
"Oh yeah, he was great. That is what I mean. It was clearly on me. I missed it. There was still a lot of ball game left, but you think there, you get a touchdown there, you steal some momentum, you answer their score, and you feel better about where we are going. Just didn't make that throw."

On his interceptions:
"The one, we had an option down the middle. The safety kind of doubled it. In my mind, Terrelle was out there one on one. I was trying to put a ball up there up to him that he could go get. I have to look at it to see exactly what happened on the play. Then the second one, similar to early in the second half, I think (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) had a long catch and run, a similar type play, where he breaks in the middle and catches it. Kind of felt like at the time their safety made a really good play and kind of went off script to what you normally do and made a heck of a play on the ball. It popped up in the air and the D-lineman turned around and caught it. It was critical because it was backed up and the time of the game. Obviously, it ended up leading to the three points that won them the game, gave them enough to win."

On if the Jets made significant defensive changes going into the second half:
"No, not a whole lot. That is what I mean. We did our thing. I just didn't play the same way as I played in the first half. That is how I feel. Because of that, we didn't roll the way we were. I think there are encouraging things to take from this as far us getting up on the ball and going fast, and Coach Jackson's vision for our offense. I think you see how we can move the ball when we are doing that, and I really enjoy playing that way. Nothing in the second half that was a lot different. It was just a matter of execution."

On the Browns being 0-8 for the first time since 1975 and how much that pains him:
"It is hard to explain the feelings that you have after a loss, especially one in this context as a quarterback and with the way I feel like I played in the second half. It is 0-8, you know? It stinks. Then to know that you have a hand in not being able to get some of those wins, it crushes you. You know what? The thing about this group that has been so impressive –I know we will and (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson will lead the charges – we will bounce back. We will be at work Monday ready to go. They will put together a plan for Dallas, and we will move forward. It is a credit to those guys in our locker room. When you keep bouncing back and you keep doing that and working the way we are despite the record, that is why these hurt so bad."

On how tough it is to be 0-8 team in Cleveland, given the recent success of the Cavaliers and Indians:
"On one hand, it is encouraging just to see how organizations fight through things and turn things around. It is awesome and you are happy for those guys, but at the same time, when you feel like the city has momentum like that, you want to be a part of that, for sure, and capture some of that yourself. I believe we will. I have no doubt in my mind. I believe we will one day, and it is just about the next day and coming in and working hard. The vision that Coach Jackson has for this team and where we can go, I think we can be there one day. It will be special for this city when it happens."

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