Press Conference

Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Ravens

(on coming into the game in relief) "Nobody had said anything to me about playing in this game, but things change. You just have to roll with it. You go into the game and do the best you can."

(on his performance) "It was a tough game. When I got into the game, we had some really bad breaks… early. On the first interception, my arm got hit as I threw and they intercepted it. On the second interception, the Ravens did a good job disguising the coverage. They made a good play on that."

(on Coach Hue Jackson, saying he put him in a bad spot) "I don't know about that. You've just got to be ready and do the job when you get into the game. I wanted to help the offense get a spark, but we had some bad breaks."

(on his reaction to Cody Kessler being pulled) "That's part of being in the NFL. I went right over to him and told him to keep his head up. This is a good opportunity for him to grow. He is so early in his career and I know that he will be able to bounce back from this."

(on the Browns 0-10 record) "It's tough, there's no way around it. Nobody expected it, but this group fights and works hard every day. These are very adverse times, but we have so many opportunities to get better. We need to keep going and improve. The mental toughness we are developing will help us down the road."

(on how surprised he is about the team's record) "You never think you are going to be 0-10. I know it may be hard for you people to see what's going on from where you are, but this is all about the bigger picture. We will continue to fight and work hard and we will be successful."

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