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Josh McCown press conference: Browns vs. Steelers

On difficulty entering a game as a backup QB:
"Obviously, it's not ideal, but it's part of the job. You just go in and try to do the best you can to go in and execute as if you had taken all of the reps all week. I feel like the first drive went well. We did some good things the rest of the game, just didn't maintain the momentum of the first drive."

On the Steelers' ability to pressure Browns QBs:
"They did a good job with their packages. In the first drive, we did a good job of picking them up. As the game went on, they did a good job of mixing things up and getting to us. We'll learn a lot as we see the tape. Credit to them the way that they prepared and executed."

On Steelers LBs Ryan Shazier and Lawrence Timmons and if they brought too much speed to contain:
"They're good players, no doubt. When you have guys that can run like that, it changes the lanes underneath throwing the balls and our receivers outside of the pocket and stuff like that. I thought I had some more space to get a good throwaway, but Shazier made the play, thye got the sack and the fumble. Those guys have done a good job. What we see over there in Pittsburgh with their personnel, it's those two guys on their defense that kind of make it go."

On mental preparation entering a game when the opponents are hitting hard:
"You know when you go against Pittsburgh that it is going to be a physical battle. You have to prepare on how they're going to pressure you and the different kind of pressures that they have. You have to be prepared for them. Once you are ready to go and prepared, you have to execute. Watching the game, and seeing Cody (Kessler) play from the shotgun, I kind of had an idea of what they were going to do there and that you have your hands full, but you have to go in there and try to lead the team."

On how tough it is to hear QB Cody Kessler sustained another concussion:
"Yeah, it is never good for anybody in this game. For it to be someone who is in your position group and is close to you to have another concussion is tough. Obviously, the league is doing such a good job now a days protecting guys to heal. He will go through the protocol, I am sure, and do all that. Hopefully, he comes out fine and he gets back healthy. You just never want that for anybody."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson's comment that some players may be pressing because of the situation:
"Yeah, certainly there is a degree of that because you want to kill this freaking hump. My goodness, you are sitting there now [winless] and it is hard not to because you feel like maybe the next play is going to make a difference. That is what we have to be careful. There is a fine line and tuning what you are doing and trying to get a different result, but at the same time, trusting your process is always You have to be careful as players not to go overboard. That is where we are right now and we just keep fighting."

On how a player can keep from getting rattled after taking many hits, specifically QB Cody Kessler who has sustained two concussions:
"I think just trusting protocols and the doctors and just letting yourself get back healthy. Once you're healthy and you're cleared, then you have to go back at it. It's unfortunate for something like that to happen this early, but I have no doubt with Cody's resolve and that he'll follow the protocol, he'll trust the steps and follow the doctors and he'll be ready to go whenever it's time when they tell him he's good, but you never want to see that for any young guy."

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