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Kevin Hogan press conference: Browns vs. Jets

On playing the second half of today's game:
"I just wanted to make sure I was ready, make sure I was prepared this whole week leading up. As I do each week, making sure I stay loose on the sidelines. Sometimes that is difficult. Just wanted to come out and execute, get the ball out of my hands and into the playmakers hands. Get first down after first down. I felt comfortable out there. Guys were making plays for me. (TE) David (Njoku) made a bunch of tough catches. The O line blocked tremendously. I was just trying to be efficient."

On Hogan being 'surprised' by playing in the second half:
"Being the backup, you have to learn to not be surprised because you can go in at any point. Injuries can happen. A bunch of different things can happen. You have just got to be ready to go in. I kind of am staying ready at all times and not letting a surprise happen. When they said that I was going in, I was making sure that I knew what was going on defensively for the Jets and what they are doing, staying up to date with it. Just making sure that I was ready to go in."

On his mindset during his opening drive:
"I always talk about getting that first first down. It is a lot easier for a defense when they can get a three-and-out. When we get that first first down, then we kind of control the momentum. We had a positive play that first play. Then we got them to jump offside and got a free play. Almost had a huge play down the sideline, but little things like that keep the defense on their heels. Just taking what the defense gives me. I felt like I saw what they were doing. Not to try to force things but if it is there, take it. If not, check the ball down or take off and run. I learned when I went in in Baltimore, outside of the pocket, I have got to be smart with it. I kept that in mind when I was out there today. A few times, I just wanted to take off and run and get what I can or I threw the ball away."

On if he expects to be the starter against Houston:
"Right now, I am just doing what I can to get better and help this team get a win. I am not worrying about that. This whole season, I have only focused on what I can control. I think that I would do the team a disservice if I were worrying about outside things. My goal leading up to this week is just going to be the same routine, making sure I get my preparation in and do what I am supposed to do to do my job for these guys."

On if he felt for Kizer when relieving him:
"Absolutely, there were a lot of tough breaks there in the first half. I definitely feel for him. He is a heck of a player and a heck of a talent. I know that he was fully prepared this week because I am in there and I am watching him. (QB) Cody (Kessler) and I are right there with him. When he got out, he was an amazing teammate. He was in my ear saying, 'Hey, look out for this. Look out for this corner. He kind of sits a little bit. Watch out for the backside safety looking up the No. 3.' I cannot speak highly enough of him in that situation. He wants nothing else more than this team to win, as we all do. Moving forward, we are going to put in more and more preparation into making sure that we are doing our part to put this team on the right track."

On the interception:
"I kind of saw the look of where I wanted to throw the ball, and then I did not really see the outcome at all. I still really have not seen it. It is something that I am going to look at and see what I could have done better. For me, I have got to put that ball where it is easy to get. I think from what I saw, it was a bad ball. I have got to correct that, and I know how to. I am going to learn a lot from this film and try to get better moving forward."

On his confidence level:
"I am very confident. I am a very confident person. If you do your job in preparation and leading up to the game, then you do not let things surprise you. I am big with visualization. I play the game before the game starts. That is something that I have been doing since back in college. Last year, I got to play a little bit, but I did not really understand the system. I was still kind of learning. Then having gone through the offseason and camp, I really feel like I am learning the system the way that coach wants it to be run. Those guys made plays for me. I was just going through my reads and making sure that I was throwing catchable balls, and guys went out and made plays."

On 'ow much the game has slowed down since last season:
"Even when I played last year, I feel that the game had slowed down just from the preseason of last season. Then this year, it slowed down so much. Just those reps in camp and in the preseason, the more reps you get, the more you kind of see everything. When I was out there, I felt like I was seeing everything. I felt confident. It is just football at the end of the day. You have to be efficient, get the ball to your guys, get the ball out of your hands and make it easy on the offensive line. That is what I was trying to do."

On if he can change the plays at the line of scrimmage in this offensive system:
"There are certain plays where if we get a blitz coming or an overload to a side where we want to check out of it, then we can. I do not ever want to run a bad play. We have our checks that we can get to for all of the various overloads and blitzes and bad looks, which is what I think is great because I never want to run a play to something that we know is not a good look."

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