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Press Conference

Kevin Stefanski: "Our guys understand they are just going to control the things they can control"

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:
Opening statement:
"Nothing of note injury wise, which is obviously good.

"A great team win. Very interesting conditions throughout. Those are the variables that you have to be aware of as a team – us as coaches, the players and all of that. For our defense to play and hold them the way we did, and I know they had a big play there at the end, but that is an explosive group.

"Offensively, to be able to run it, it was not always pretty but late in the game to be able to run it like that… The play by (RB) Nick (Chubb) there at the end is indicative of the type of person and player he is. We told him, 'Hey, get the first and game is over. Go down.' We have a code word for that, and he said, 'Yes sir,' ripped down the sideline there and just did his job. We are looking for smart, tough dudes, and Nick Chubb is that."

On how satisfying it was to run effectively and consistently late in the game to seal the win:
"We had to run the ball throughout that game. We were kind of in that mode from kickoff, just how those conditions were. We knew what the conditions were so then when you get those moments when a first down ends the game, that is when you really lean on your guys to come through, and they did. Credit to the runners obviously, but anytime we are running with success, it takes the receivers, it takes the tight ends and it takes the fullback, as well."

On how bad the weather conditions were today, particularly in the passing game:
"They were legit. A couple times, my call sheet almost flew out of my hands. I have never been a part of that type of wind."

On if the weather conditions, particularly the wind, were worse than the Raiders game:
"I thought so, yeah."

On the tandem of Chubb and RB Kareem Hunt and how they feed off one another:
"I think they do inspire each other. I think they push each other. Kareem got dinged there for a second so Nick went in, and then Kareem was ready so Kareem went back in and Nick just came out. Those two guys do their job. They do it obviously at a high level, but they are all about the team, and I appreciate that."

On the Browns sticking with Chubb in the run game during his first game back from injury despite a low rushing average early in the game:
"We just were in constant communication with him throughout the game. We had a number in mind to get to with him, but we were only going to get there if he was comfortable. Really throughout, he was feeling good. We talk about it. I think (run game coordinator/running backs coach) Stump Mitchell does an outstanding job in that regard and understanding those guys and where they are, and Nick was feeling good."

On what allowed Chubb and Hunt to get going late in the game and if the ability to wear down the Texans defense was a factor:
"I think a physical game like that, typically you do find some yards late in the game when you are cutting them and when you are moving them. I think that played into it."

On when he found out the weather forecast was going to be this bad and how it affected the team's gameplan:
"We look at it early, but really not until Thursday afternoon and Friday do you really put any stock into the weather report, no disrespect to WeatherBug. Really, once we saw on Friday what was coming, we made sure that that we talked about it as coaches, the coordinators and myself, and then really get on the same page for what this game was going to entail."

On what the Browns learned about themselves after playing in bad weather against the Raiders and how the team applied that today:
"I think it is a totally different game. It really was. In that game a couple of weeks ago, we did not have many possessions. I thought our defense did a really nice job today and forcing some punts. They battled. That offensive scheme coached by (Texans Head) Coach (Romeo) Crennel, I have a ton of respect for them. That QB (Texans QB Deshaun Watson) in particular, the way he spun that a couple of times, we have all seen that before. It was not going to be easy regardless of the conditions, but I thought our defense really, really strained today."

On how important it is for the Browns to learn how to win close games like today:
"We always talk about how do we win this game. We are not worried about the game before or the game coming after this. What is this game? You often times have variables that are evolving, and the weather was a variable today and it might be a variable next week. Your matchups for sure versus the opponent and who is available to you on offense. We take all of that into account and just try to put together a gameplan to win this game."

On if he was surprised Chubb ran out of bounds instead of scoring on the final run:
"I would not have been mad at him if he scored, but we told him – our code word for that is 'no mas.' We told him that before the third down. You are thinking gain the first and go down. Well, he gained the first and more. I would not have been mad at him, but knowing Nick, when you tell him to do something, he is going to do it."

On his response to gamblers and fantasy players who may have wanted Chubb to score:
"No comment."

On the Browns defense making key stops today to win a game without creating a takeaway:
"We are always going to be looking to take the ball away, and then there are moments where they do not present themselves or the offense does a great job. Credit to them in that we were not able to get one, but the ability to get off the field on third and fourth down is just so big. I should say that what you do on first and second down really matters in terms of where the third down distance is. I felt like they had some third-and-longer today, which make it more advantageous to your defense."

On how significant the turning point was when DE Myles Garrett stopped Watson on fourth-and-goal:
"Huge. Points right there. They called the number of their guy, which I understand, and then our guy made the play."

On the Browns going through a week of adversity and getting a close win:
"They did not blink. They were unfazed. I told them in the locker room, this is 2020, but you should not expect anything less. I am sure something else is coming – weather-related or whatever is may be – but our guys understand they are just going to control the things they can control ultimately and really just focus on playing good football."

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