Press Conference

Kevin Stefanski: 'We are constantly trying to get a little bit better each day'

Opening statement:

"Good to get some guys back out there on the grass, moving around. We will update you as the week goes on in terms of their availability but good to see some guys in uniform and get some work in and just making sure that we are constantly trying to get a little bit better each day. So, that was the mindset today. Got a crisp workout in, and then they will be off tomorrow and then we start our preparations for Washington really on Wednesday."

On LB Mack Wilson returning to practice:

"That is right. You hate when your guys go down with any type of injury and then when you think it might be long term and then we got good news on Mack. So, to see him back out there was really outstanding. And, you know, he brings energy, he brings some skills as an athlete running around hitting people. So, excited to have him back out there."

On if a player returning from injury must practice a certain number of days before returning to play:

"We try to treat it case by case. And so many of those injuries are different when they are coming back. It could be a muscle injury; it could be a bone injury. I mean so you have to really work with medical staff and figure out what the guy needs to get ready. And then like always have to protect players from themselves because if you ask a player if he is ready, most of the time they are going say yes, so you have to really rely on the medical professionals there."

On DE Porter Gustin:

"With Porter you know you are going to get an honest day's work. Effort is there from whistle the whistle, snap to whistle, I should say. He is a very diligent worker. He is going to be where he is supposed to be. And really throughout training camp he just kept making plays, and it is as simple as that. He just kept making plays every chance he was out there, and I think it is starting to show up a little bit in these games."

On RBs Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb explosiveness in the run game, especially after contact:

"In our run game we are trying to block them all up, and we are trying to be perfect in our scheme and this double team is going to that guy and this guy is pulling for that guy or this combination of the zone game is working up to that guy. But they had a pretty good defense over there on [Thursday]. With our runners, we ask them to make some dirty runs. If there is a guy on blocked or there is an arm hanging out there they got to run through, and it is not always going to be perfect. When it is perfect these guys can make some big-time plays and even when it is not perfect I feel confident in their abilities to gain some yards on some dirty runs."

On if the team is taking extra precautions with CB Kevin Johnson's return to practice:

"I do not know about extra precaution. I know we listen to the docs every step along the way. And he was cleared to practice today so we will just continue to do that and take it truly day by day."

On how valuable Johnson's experience is, especially in the nickel spot:

"Yeah, I think we all saw it prior to his injury. He is a savvy player, and he is not very old but he has some reps, you know he has some pelts on the wall. So, I think he was able to make some plays and we will be excited when we do get him back out there."

On the competition for the starting cornerback spot with CB Greedy Williams returning:

"You know, I know on a depth chart you have to list two starting corners, but it is a good problem for us to have guys that we feel very confident in to play. So, we will work through that as Greedy's health becomes apparent to us."

On the value of the depth at the cornerback position:

"Yeah, I mean the NFL, it is a tough league and you have injuries and it is always who is that next guy up. So, to be able to build depth at all of these positions, guys are going to be counted on whether it is last week, this week, next week. You are always going to be looking for guys to step up."

On the importance of WRs blocking and if WR KhaDarel Hodge has earned his snap because of his blocking ability:

"I will answer the second part first. No, I would not say that KhaDarel's snaps based on blocking. As for the first part, I think (pass game coordinator/WRs) coach (Chad) O'Shea does an outstanding job coaching that room about run blocking. And a big part of it is mentality and the want to and the will to. And good runs occur when the receivers are doing an OK job and great runs occur when they are really working. That is when you see some big runs rip off when guys are bodying them up. I thought there were others some great examples the other night of guys not like letting their guy make the play. As simple as that. I thought the guys were really grinding on the outside."

On how pre-snap motion fits into the offensive scheme:

"I think shifts and motions they want to have a purpose. You are not just doing it for the sake of doing it. So, there are certain run schemes or certain pass schemes where moving the strength of the formation and moving a tight end moment or a wide receiver may cause some conflict to the defense but it should be simple for the offense. What you do not want to do ever in those shifts and motions is make things hard on yourself. So, we have tried very hard as an offensive staff to put a plan together that makes life hard on the defense, and sometimes shifts emotions are a big part of that."

On having two RBs who want the best for each other:

"Yeah, that is pretty rare to have selfless players like that at that position. And I would just tell you that attitude permeates throughout the building. These guys want to win and will put the team first. The really good teams I have been on have that attitude, as well."

On the benefit having two RBs who can leave it all on the field during a play knowing the other is at the ready:

"I think that is important offensively that your starters understand that there is a guy at the ready should you need a blow. And we have a ton of confidence in those guys."

On what he did during the long weekend:

"I was a dad, but I did some TV scouting yesterday watching the Washington Football Team versus Arizona. I did some scouting from my back porch."

On QB Baker Mayfield's record being better when he throws under 30 passes:

"I think that, often times, speaks to a team that is behind and trying to get back into a game. We go into it with the mindset of whatever it takes to move the ball down the field, honestly. So, sometimes it is going to be heavy run, sometimes it's going to be heavy passing if we feel like that is the matchup that week."

On the pressure Chubb and Hunt put on a defense:

"I look at it, it is good to have two of everything. A lot of teams have one corner, so you go attack the other guy. Or they have one linebacker. Like anything, I think depth at any of these positions helps you sustain for 60 minutes. You mentioned the two runners, we are real comfortable having either one of those guys or both on the field at any given moment."

On the injuries around the league on Sunday:

"I think we spend a lot of time throughout the year thinking about the health of our players and how we can best take care of them. And that speaks to the medical staff, that speaks to the strength staff, how we structure our schedule for recovery. But it is a physical game and injuries are a part of this game that we all hate, and I hated to see some of the guys that went down yesterday for what looks like the year. That is not good for them, that is not good for our game, but it is the sad part of this, it is part of the game. So much of it is we try like crazy to make sure we are taking care of our guys and then when they do happen you hurt for those players but you also understand that it is the next man up mentality, as tough as that is sometimes."

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