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2020 NFL Draft

Mid-free agency mock draft roundup: Have analysts projections changed since combine?

The NFL Combine is in the past, Pro Days are roaring forward and the first big wave of free agency is complete.

Offseason workouts? Those are just three short weeks away, and the draft is coming up faster than you'd think.

After the Combine, most in the mock draft business had a chance to recalibrate their thoughts. Though free agency may have impacted a number of predictions, it likely won't affect the top two spots in the draft, which are all that matter for this exercise.

Pick: QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota State)

Of note: Jeremiah hasn't wavered since changing his pick before the NFL Combine. He said Wentz "aced" the Senior Bowl and Combine.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Davis believes Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown want to kick off their era together with a new face at quarterback.

Pick: Jared Goff (Cal)

Of note: Brooks calls Goff the draft's most "pro-ready" quarterback.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Zierlein cites hand size among the advantages Wentz holds over Goff and other top quarterbacks.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Though he's pegging Wentz to the Browns, Kiper Jr. doesn't rule out the team using its 32nd pick to address the position.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: After pegging Goff to the Browns in a previous mock, McShay said he thinks it will come down to a personal preference, and Wentz's size and athleticism are a good match for the AFC North.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Rang believes using the No. 2 pick on a player like Wentz, who played in the FCS, would be rare but not unprecedented. His example? Steve McNair.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Brugler believes Wentz has all the tools in a quarterback Jackson will want to work with.

Pick: Goff

Of note: Prisco believes this will be the pick even if the Browns addressed quarterback in a trade or free agency before the draft.

Pick: DB Jalen Ramsey - Florida State

Of note: Burke believes Ramsey is a "stud" and the Browns would be able to play him at either safety or cornerback

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Miller hasn't wavered in his projection, saying Wentz has a stronger arm and bigger frame than Goff.

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