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Myles Garrett hosts back to school event at Cleveland Browns Stadium

Garrett helped give away school items and get students excited for the start of a new school year


Browns Pro Bowl DE Myles Garrett hosted a back-to-school event Friday at Cleveland Browns Stadium with local youth of the United Way Greater Cleveland Area, who gathered to meet Garrett, Mayor Justin Bibb and Chomps, the Browns mascot.

At the two-hour event, students received shirts, Gatorade bottles, toothbrushes, deodorant, body wash and school supplies.

Jackie Cerar, a resident of Cleveland Heights, brought her two daughters (aged seven and ten) to Garrett's back-to-school event and thoroughly enjoyed it.

"School is next week and we wanted to get the kids excited," Cerar said. "We had a ton of fun and were initially nervous to see Myles and the Mayor."

Cerar daughters favorite moment of the event was meeting and playing with Chomps.

"He came over and tried to eat some of our lunch," Cerar's youngest daughter said. "We had so much fun with Chomps."

Everyone that attended the event also received a $10 gift card from Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar that they can use at any time.

Various organizations such as Municipal, Waiakea Water, Gatorade, the Cleveland Cavaliers, JM Smuckers, Pulp Smoothie, Layr, Gentleman's Cave Luxury Barber Shop, Sarchione Auto Gallery, and University Hospitals generously provided students with back-to-school necessities. These included school supplies, free haircuts, and other helpful items.