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Press Conference

Myles Garrett: 'Have to make sure to put on a big show'

Cleveland's Pro Bowl pass rusher meets with reporters Friday before the Cowboys game

DE Myles Garrett:

On returning to his hometown of Arlington to play at AT&T Stadium and if he will have family and friends at the game:

"Definitely going to have some family there. It would not be home for me if I did not have the family and friends there that I have known and grown up with. Given the opportunity to play in front of them, which is 10-15 minutes down the street, that is a blessing, and I hope to be able to come out of there with a win."

On how many times he has played at AT&T Stadium: 

"I believe four – three times in college and one time in high school." 

On if playing at AT&T Stadium is special: 

"Cowboys' stadium, you can make a name for yourself getting a big win there. They are America's team, and all eyes are on them almost every week. Going to make sure to put on a big showing." 

On if it is special that QB Baker Mayfield and he are both going back to Texas, given their roles as leaders on each side of the ball: 

"Other than it being a Dallas game and me being able to go back home, I do not give it more importance than this – they are a good team and we are a good team, and we have to settle this. That is how it is every week. I will be able to have more family and friends there because of back home and I get to play the Cowboys and have seen them on Thanksgiving growing up for years, but at the end of the day, they are just somebody in the way at this point. We have to get a win. Someone's record has to change." 

On what he expects from himself this weekend after making strip-sacks in key moments of the past two games: 

"Hopefully, just more big plays. I am not (Muhammad) Ali and I do not see the future, and I can't call what round or what quarter. Just hoping that I make the plays that I am supposed to make, and when I get those opportunities, either make them or push them to someone who has gotten freed up because I am getting off and I am doing what I am supposed to providing pressure, making the tackles I am supposed to make, getting in the backfield and hopefully, creating takeaways for my team and giving us a chance to get a win." 

On if he has a feeling before the snap that he is going to make a big play, given his comments about the strip-sack last week and setting up the play throughout the game: 

"There is always a chance that he changes things up. The O linemen, they can be savvy, as well, and change up their sets. He had not changed up his so I had an idea that he had been sitting down a little bit more instead of getting back so I had a higher chance of getting back there and making a big play. That is all I will say." 

On how Cowboys QB Dak Prescott's ability to run affects the way the Browns defend him: 

"We have to make sure we corral him and keep him in the pocket, knowing that he has the ability to get out of the pocket and make some plays with his feet either downfield or getting actual yardage running. He is a talented player. He is worth a lot to that team, and he has proven his worth day in and day out over there. We have to make sure that we do not allow him to make those big plays that he is accustomed to making and make sure that we are on our P's and Q's with our rat holes and where he can escape." 

On Cowboys DE Aldon Smith's comeback story, if he has admired Smith in the past and a potential need to outplay Smith on Sunday, given Smith is ahead of him in sack totals this year: 

"I would not say admired – definitely respected. I respected his game and how he rushes the passer. I think he is one of the best natural pass rushers the game has seen in a long time. As far as football, I am glad to see him back doing those things because has a lot of ability and he has a lot more instincts than most guys who come into the league. It will be good to see what he can do in person and good to watch him. I would like to see how we match up against him and how our O line looks, but there is no competition between him and I. It is between me and that offensive tackle and me and Dak. That is it." 

On his favorite memory of playing at James Martin High School and his relationship with the Arlington community:

"I still give back to my high school, whether it is items, money or clothing, trying to make sure that they have the best I can offer. Greatest memory? The first one that comes to mind really is beating our rival Bowie High School in basketball and football – beating them and being able to take the first seed in the playoffs in basketball and beating the hell out of them in football, as well. That was the cherry on top."

On when he realized his ability to perform his dip move was special and something not many other players could do:

"They started talking about in college that I was able to have this bend that was unique. Actually AC, (DE) Adrian Clayborn, said something on Wednesday when I bending the edge. He was like, 'How the hell did you learn to do that?' I was like, 'I did not learn it. I just could do it.' It was not anything that I really practiced other than doing hoop drills and trying to bend the edge and run the corner. That is just how I was able to do it. I did not really try to pattern it after anybody. I watch pass rushers for their moves. That was basically their bend, and that was just something I was blessed with."

On if there is anything in particular that allows him to perform his dip move:

"I think I have a good core where I can lean into guys but still keep my balance trying to aim myself around to the quarterback. Whether they are trying to push my upper body and my shoulders, I am able to turn my shoulders while they are pushing it and still keep my momentum trending toward the quarterback."

On Cowboys T Tyron Smith being expected to play on Sunday and his desire to play against top opponents:

"I do not know that much about him. I know he is one of the best tackles in football. Him being healthy and being on the field, I do not think he would be out there unless he felt like he could do the job to the best of his ability. Knowing that, you have guys who are willing and hungry to have a shot at the guy who is at the top of the game right now. He has been one of the best for a while, and none of my guys are going to back down from the challenge and neither am I."

On if he is curious to see how the Browns will respond on the road this week as a litmus test for the state of the team, particularly given the Cowboys' high profile and offensive production:

"It is. We have to see where we are and who we are. This will be a real test for us. They are better than their record right now. They are definitely a solid team with the weapons they have on offense and defense, and I feel the same way with us. We have to go out there and prove that we are a solid team, as well, and that we can bang and battle with anybody in the NFL."

On if the Browns' early success in the season is helping build confidence:

"Absolutely, we are in a spot that I have heard 100 times that we have not been in for six years. Guys are kind of hungry to keep the success going. We are definitely going to try to leave out of their place with an L [for the Cowboys], no matter what we have to do within the rules and just play hard and play physical and just attack them and pressure them and make them win it."

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