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Press Conference

Nick Chubb postgame press conference - Browns vs. Falcons

On if today was special playing against the Falcons, given his Georgia roots:
"That is the same game we always play no matter who the opponent is. I know that is my hometown and all, but I just prepared like any other game."

On the 92-yard TD run:
"Just a great job up front. Those guys blocked hard the whole game, and it was wide open. I remember running through and seeing the safety left, and then after that, I see (WR Antonio) Callaway blocking the corner, which he did a tremendous job of that. He always does. After that, I am just wide open to the house."

On breaking the Browns record for the longest rush in franchise history:
"It definitely is very special just being in this place with so much history and so many great running backs and to be a part of it breaking records it is a great feeling."

On how he and QB Baker Mayfield complementing each other, given Mayfield's 13 consecutive completions:
"I did not know that, and that is what you expect from Baker. He does a tremendous job for us coming in here and being a leader stepping up big anytime we need him, and it starts in practice every week. He leads us and does everything right."

On if he saw Callaway waving him to a side on the 92-yard TD rush:
"Yeah, I did. I almost did not take it (laughter). I am glad I trusted him and took it because after that it was wide open to the house."

On contributing to the win after a slower start to his rookie season:
"It is always great to win no matter what it takes. I am willing to do anything they ask me to do and I was. Not getting many carries, I still took advantage of the ones I got just to help this team anyway I could. That is still [the same]. Now, I am getting more carries, and I am going to make the most out of all of them."

On how important it was to win after the four-game losing streak:
"It is great. It definitely helps the team's spirit and gets the momentum going into the bye week and just build on it and keep going. Like you said, it has been a rough past four weeks with consecutive losses. It is great to get this win to keep moving forward."

On Mayfield's personality and why teammates would follow him anywhere:
"He is just a great leader, and you know no matter what is going on around us or outside noise just the bad stuff that has not gone well for us, he is going to give us all 100 percent and he is not going to let it affect him. Guys, we like that we like that in our quarterback and our leader, and he is fiercely competitive. He gives 100 percent every play. Just being on the team with him, everyone just likes it and loves him and loves who he is."

On if having to be patient at Georgia helped him remain patient in the NFL:
"It is funny you say that because this is the same pattern my freshman year at Georgia was waiting behind (Rams RB) Todd Gurley and then getting my chance taking advantage of it. I think that is kind of repeating now. I just learned a lot from that situation, and I learned when you do get that chance you have to take advantage of it."

On offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens implementing the wishbone package:
"It worked well. We were moving them, and we had a bad play call and also a bad throw I guess (laughter). You can tell that Coach Freddie loves his running backs because he had us all involved in that package."

On if he was ready for RB Duke Johnson Jr. to pitch the ball on the option play in the wishbone:
"Yeah, that is tough. It is very hesitant because I am not sure what is he going to do. He can pitch it or keep it, and then he kept it and almost pitched it then. Then he finally pitched it the second time so I have to be ready at all times."

On if there is a name for the wishbone package:
"No, I do not know the name of it. It is a personnel [package]."

On his 13-yard TD reception:
"It was wide open. It was a screen pass, and I was very patient. I hid behind my blockers, and I caught the ball and it was to the end zone wide open."

On the 13-yard TD reception taking time to develop:
"That is how it is supposed to be. Just kind of get their eyes and make a diversion and just pop up open."

On if the key to the play was misdirection:
"Yeah, pretty much. Just get their eyes somewhere else and not notice me. It worked (laughter)."

On if he feels everything makes more sense compared to the beginning of the season:
"I feel more comfortable. My eyes are getting better. I am seeing everything up front at first, but the game is still fast in every one we play. Just a great defense and great players on the other side of the ball and it is always tough, but I am always up for the challenge."

On if he has seen growth from the Browns OL during the past couple weeks:
"I definitely have. Those guys are doing a great job for us. I think they have been great the whole year. It is just little complications here and there, a little missed assignments that as a whole we had to get better at. I think the past two weeks of practice has just kind of settled down and playing for each other. Having good practice just kind of simplified things for us."

On if the most challenging part of his NFL transition is behind him:
"Yeah, exactly. It is like everything that happened at Georgia is happening here. I had a coach get fired, but he got fired at the end of the season. It is tough because you come in with a certain guy as your head coach and you become fond of him and learn his ways of coaching, and then you have to just go a different way. At first, it is tough. You have to get used to it. It happens to all of the guys to kind of switch their mindsets and bond to the new coach, but it takes a while. When everyone finally buys in and resells, great things start to happen."

On if he could feel the energy of the stadium on his long TD run:
"It was a blur. I did not know what was happening (laughter)."

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