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Nothing Fancy: Browns set to unveil new uniforms in 2020

PHOENIX -- This new, exciting era of the Browns is receiving a makeover.

Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam confirmed Tuesday the team will be donning new uniforms for the 2020 season.

The uniforms will embody a "nothing fancy" mindset, embracing the team's rich tradition and its unique distinction as the only NFL franchise with orange and brown as its two primary colors.

The Browns took a radical turn -- by the team's traditional standards -- in 2015 with their look, shedding a uniform that harkened back to the team's earliest seasons of great success for a modernized look. The results included a more vibrant orange, contrast stitching on the jerseys and pants, a matte finish on the helmet, a brown facemask, the team name down the side of the pant legs, and a jersey that made them the first club in NFL history to wear the city's name on its chest.

Fans buzzed over the new threads, which offered three jerseys and three pairs of pants for a total of 18 possible uniform combinations and were given a grand reveal at the Cleveland Convention Center. The Browns have worn just about all of them since, save for one: the all-orange set.

The uniforms attempted to bring the Browns into a new age, but didn't quite hit their mark. This time around, Dee Haslam thinks they'll be a hit with all fans.

"Yeah, I think they're making great progress on it," she said. "I think we got it right this time."

Haslam didn't reveal any other details about the new sets to be worn by the Browns in 2020 and beyond, citing tweaks that have yet to be made by both Nike and the Browns. One key detail will likely soothe concerns of traditionalists: No new colors will be added into the scheme, Haslam confirmed.

Take a look back at the team's appearance from its inception in 1946 all the way through 2019.

A tradition-rich franchise, the Browns have stuck with a brown and orange scheme since their inception in 1946, first donning a white helmet before making the switch to orange in 1952. At one point, brown numbers graced the helmet along with a single white stripe down the middle. Eventually, the numbers gave way to brown stripes running along each side of the white stripe.

Jerseys largely remained the same, with the team ditching an early drop shadow on the numbers for simple, block-style digits. The team kept the look, eventually switching out a gray facemask for a white one in the mid-1970s and tinkering with stripe spacing throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Orange got its time in the spotlight in the 1970s, when the team switched to orange pants paired with the brown and white jerseys. The team did wear orange numbers during a brief dalliance with a change in design in 1984, but they were so unpopular, the Browns switched back to white numbers (with an orange outline) for that campaign before ultimately returning to their usual look the following season.

Orange didn't return in a dominant role until the early 2000s, when the Browns brought back the orange pants and eventually added a third jersey that was orange with white numbers that included a brown drop shadow (a nod to the 1940s). Then, the team adopted the current orange-heavy look in 2015.

Until their 2020 release, Browns fans can mock up their dream sets in an attempt to envision the future with Baker Mayfield under center. He just won't look exactly like he did in 2018 when it comes to fashion.