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2020 NFL Draft

Numbers to Know: What to know about taking a defensive player early in draft

All sorts of pre-draft conversation has centered on the Browns and a quarterback with the No. 2 pick, and that's understood.

But what if Cleveland goes with a player such as Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey or Ohio State's Joey Bosa or Oregon's DeForest Buckner? If any of the three are atop the Browns' draft board as the best player available, it's certainly in the cards.

We took a look back at the recent history of top-flight defensive players in the draft in this week's Numbers to Know.

1 - Draft classes in the last 10 years that did not include a defensive player in the top five. That was the 2012 class, which featured two quarterbacks (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III), a running back (Trent Richardson), an offensive lineman (Matt Kalil) and a wide receiver (Justin Blackmon). Three of the five have made the Pro Bowl.

3 - Most defensive players that have gone in the top five in a single class since 2006. It happened in back-to-back years, as Ndamukong Suh (second), Gerald McCoy (third) and Eric Berry (fifth) were all top-five picks in 2010 while Von Miller (second), Marcell Dareus (third) and Patrick Peterson (fifth) were selected in 2011. All six players have made at least one Pro Bowl.

18 - Defensive players taken in the top five since 2006, good for an average of 1.8 per year.

11 - Top-5 defensive picks since 2006 who have made at least one Pro Bowl.

2 - Defensive players selected with the No. 1 pick since 2006 (Jadeveon Clowney and Mario Williams).

3 - Defensive players selected with the No. 2 pick since 2006 (Chris Long, Suh, Miller).

2 - Defensive backs taken in the top five since 2006 (Berry and Peterson)

5 - Defensive players selected by the Browns with their first pick in the last six drafts. Richardson (2012) is the lone exception.

6 - Times the Browns have selected a defensive player with a top-five pick since 1975. They are: Gerard Warren (2001), Courtney Brown (2000), Eric Turner (1992), Mike Junkin (1987), Chip Banks (1982), Mack Mitchell (1975)

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