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On-field observations from Browns' 1st joint practice with Buccaneers

Tuesday was the team's first joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

TAMPA -- As hot as it's been throughout August in Berea, there was no simulating what the Browns experienced Tuesday in Florida.

And that's just how Hue Jackson wanted it.




"It is a little hot, it is a little humid and I'm glad that it is," Jackson said. "The hotter the better because that's the way it is going to be as we start during the season against Miami."

The Browns have a month and a few days before they have to worry about the Dolphins. For now, it's about getting better every time they step on the field, and that certainly happened today under a completely different set of circumstances than any of the previous practices this preseason.

"We'll go back and watch the tape. I know there's some things we have to clean up and do better," Jackson said. "But at the same time, I thought the work overall between both teams was really good."

Here's what we saw on a balmy morning in Tampa…

-- The Browns offense was whole again Tuesday, and the result was a productive day against a defense with Pro Bowl players in each phase.

Rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman and veteran Andrew Hawkins were both back and active in team drills. Josh Gordon continued to receive extended work with the first-team offense, and Terrelle Pryor stacked another good day on top of what's been a heck of a training camp.

After practice, Jackson was asked a strategic question about which receiver would go in which place along the line of scrimmage when Gordon, Pryor and Coleman were on the field at the same time. The coach smiled and laughed.

"They could be all over the place," Jackson said. "I think you guys know me. I come up with all these crazy dreams. I'll put these guys all over the place. They might be playing tackle someday you never know, but no those guys afford us an opportunity to do a lot of different things.

"We're just scratching the surface because again, we have to keep them all out there. Sometimes you have to make amends if one's not out there, two of them's not out there so will just keep working through it. But they're a talented trio."

-- Gordon was particularly impressive during team drills, making catches in a variety of ways no matter who was guarding him. It marked the first time since late December 2014 that Gordon was able to match his skills against someone in a different jersey.

"It was very good. I really liked it, I think it was great for me," Gordon said. "I felt great, I felt fine. A lot of sweat, so I know the sun was working."

-- Tuesday was another good day for Jamar Taylor, who worked his second consecutive practice at outside cornerback on the opposite side of the field from Joe Haden. This gave the 5-foot-11 Taylor a chance to line up against the likes of Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, one of the tallest receiving duos in the league.

Near the end of practice, Taylor was in the right place at the right time, intercepting a deflected Mike Glennon pass in the end zone during a red zone drill.

"He makes plays," said Jackson, who clarified he wasn't able to see that play because he was on the other field with the offense. "I can't wait to go back and watch our defense, but that's what we expect from our corners. They have to get their hands on the ball. It's unfortunate, sometimes their defense got their hands on too many of our balls. We need to keep getting better on both sides of the ball. Defense, we have to get turnovers. On offense, we have to prevent them."

-- There were two other big defensive plays of note. One was a welcome and familiar sight while the other represented yet another highlight for a rookie who just keeps making plays.

Seeing extensive team work for the first time since last season, cornerback Joe Haden nabbed an interception that was aided by a Demario Davis deflection. Earlier in the practice, undrafted free agent linebacker Dominique Alexander snagged a pass out of the air as a member of the second-team defense.

"He has done well. He can run. I think we all know that," Jackson said. "He has shown that he will tackle. He has been a valuable asset on special teams. He has ability. We are glad he's here."

-- It was certainly a productive day for the Browns defense. On the other side of the field was Tampa Bay coach Dirk Koetter, who was frustrated by what he saw from the Buccaneers offense.

"No juice, no juice," he said. "No one wanted to practice today."

-- The Browns and Buccaneers will regroup Wednesday morning. They'll be in shells but the practice promises to have the same competitive spirit.

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