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Play Like A Brown: Joe Haden


Over the next few weeks, as the season winds down, will take a deeper look at each member of the 2014 team, how they contributed and what others are saying about their impact.


-- Among the NFL's leaders in passes defensed (17) and boasts the most of any player since 2010 (84).

-- With 69 tackles, he's already hit a career high and is fifth on the team.

-- Intercepted passes in three consecutive November games, two of which coming in the opponent's territory and the other coming on a pass to the end zone.

-- Limited No. 1 receivers Julio Jones, Sammy Watkins, Andre Johnson and A.J. Green to well below their respective season averages.

-- One of the main leaders in a secondary that is No. 1 by a long shot in's pass coverage rankings.

Best play of the season

If football statisticians tracked assists, Haden would have been credited with the dime of the season during the first quarter of Cleveland's win over Tampa Bay. One play after he surrendered an 11-yard catch to Vincent Jackson, Haden chased down a streaking Jackson and tipped an underthrown Mike Glennon pass into the hands of safety Donte Whitner. Whitner ran it back 54 yards and the Browns added to their lead a few plays later with a field goal.

Best play of the season part II

What Haden's saying

"I feel like I'm doing what I need to do. I'm trying to become the best cornerback in the game and I work every day to do that. My leadership comes by action and making plays on the field and the way I play the game. I'm just glad coaches know and my teammates know that just the work I put in, how hard I work and how much it means to me to play well and help us win."

What others are saying about Haden

Browns coach Mike Pettine: "No challenge is too big. He looks forward to it. He's not a guy that kind of shies away from that. I think there are times when it's certain coverages or situations where we're not putting him on maybe their No. 1. He wants it, but he's as good a team guy as I've been around. He'll say, 'Coach, wherever you need to use me.' To me, it's been kind of a hallmark of our style of defense, our system, to have that type of corner that you can lock down one receiver or one side of the field and be able to kind of allocate resources coverage wise elsewhere."

Browns defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil: "He's definitely found his groove. I think he's the best corner in football. If you look at his last month, he's gone against Vincent Jackson, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Sammy Watkins, Andre Johnson. He's played pretty damn well against those receivers, so he's a guy who obviously we're counting on."

Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis: "Joe has got just great transition, great feet, great length. He plays fearless. I really thought those were the qualities he had coming out of Florida. I'm one of his biggest supporters here. I see him week in and week out, so I know he's a very good player. I really think he's an excellent corner and one of the best in the NFL."

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