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2020 NFL Draft

Pre-Combine mock draft roundup: Who's being pegged to Browns before major scouting event?

The NFL world is in the process of converging on Indianapolis for the 2016 NFL Combine.

That includes, which will be there Wednesday-Saturday, as more than 300 college prospects go through the most thorough examination of their respective football careers. The interviews will be seemingly endless, and we'll be there to provide blanket coverage of one of the NFL's tentpole events leading into late April's NFL Draft.

Last month, we scanned the endless array of mock drafts leading into the Senior Bowl. The vast majority of them have been adjusted in recent weeks.

How much have experts modified their predictions for the Browns? A full breakdown follows.

Pick: QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota State)

Of note: Jeremiah predicted Cal's Jared Goff in this spot last month. Now, he has the Browns leaning toward Wentz with the 49ers at No. 7 taking Goff.

Pick: QB Jared Goff (Cal)

Of note: Brooks stands pat with his projection, citing his belief coach Hue Jackson and associate head coach - offense Pep Hamilton could potentially mold him into their quarterback of the future.

Pick: Goff

Of note: Zierlein calls Goff "Palmer-lite," in honor of Arizona's Carson Palmer. Jackson has a history with Palmer, who last quarterbacked under Jackson in 2011 with Oakland.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Like Jeremiah, Kiper also had the Browns taking Goff in his first mock draft but has since had a change of heart. He told reporters Monday he believed it was a "coin flip" between the two.

Pick: Goff

Of note: Though he projects the Browns to pick a quarterback, McShay believes Cleveland has a tough decision if Ohio State DE Joey Bosa is available at No. 2.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Rang says Wentz "stole the show" at the Senior Bowl, prompting him to adjust his projection after pegging Bosa to the Browns in his previous mock.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Brugler calls Wentz "the total package in terms of athletic and personal traits."

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Though he doesn't rule out the Browns addressing the quarterback position in free agency, Schrager thinks Wentz fits the mold of what Cleveland is seeking.

Pick: QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis)

Of note: Though he considers Goff to be the No. 1 QB in this year's draft, Burke believes Lynch provides enough physical upside to intrigue Cleveland.

Pick: Wentz

Of note: Miller expects the Browns to fall in love with Wentz after meeting with him behind closed doors throughout the pre-draft process.

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