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QB Baker Mayfield press conference - 10/17

On his preparation process this week after a lower completion percentage last week:

"I think it is a lot of getting back to the fundamentals, making sure that I do great on my progression reads and then on the shots that we are taking, if they are not there, getting off of them quick and getting the ball out. It goes back to getting it into the playmakers' hands. I talked about that. Now, it is time to actually do it, getting it into their hands and letting them work."

On how much detail he places on evaluating each throw after a game on film:

"I am very hard on myself. There are spots that I have to hit. On throws that I can't miss – can't leave it inside. Mistakes like the one to (WR) Jarvis (Landry) moving to my left, there is one spot for that ball and it is either out of bounds or in his hands. There is stuff that I will be a lot harder on myself. I am always my biggest critic. Have to make those throws."

On adapting if a defense attempts to keep him in the pocket:

"If the ball is out of my hands, it does not matter if I am in the pocket or out. Get it in [playmakers'] hands and let them do the work. I have to do a better job of that."

On responding to changes in the Browns WRs room:

"Let them know that we have to have guys making those plays and doing their job, and I have to do mine. It is the next man up mentality. We have guys in here that we have had all of training camp, and then we also have new guys that have played before. We have to trust in that they are going to be able to play and do their job and just go to work."

On the status of his ankle:


On not going to the medical tent when he first appeared to tweak his ankle but entering it later in the game, and if the second happening was more significant than the first:

"That is probably just stubbornness to not go to the tent first."

On if he the second situation with his ankle was worse than the first:

"It was not worse than the first time."

On if the ankle limited his ability to get outside of the pocket:

"No, I do not think so. I think that they did a good job of when they were pushing me up in the pocket, they closed up the lanes to run through. Kudos to them for doing their job. They did it well. At the same time, if I get the ball out of my hands, then none of that really matters."

On not being able to release the ball faster last week:

"It just comes down to me not doing my job to the best of my ability, plain and simple. There is no way around it. I have to be better for this team and be that for our offense." 

On if he can be just as effective throwing from the pocket as outside of the pocket, if opposing defenses aim to contain him within it:

"Yes, that is what I did in college. When a play breaks down, yeah, I have been blessed with the ability to make plays. When it comes down to it, I was not drafted here to run around and do things with my feet. I am not fast so I have to be able to throw from the pocket."

On if the Browns are searching for it identity after last week's game:

"I would not exactly say that we were soul searching. I just think that we need to do our job. All of that will reveal itself. Yeah, any loss like that hurts. That is the worst loss that I have ever had. You have to push forward and just have to do your job, and you will find out what this team is made of. It is never about the week before or if you win or lose – it is how you react from it. Coming off of a loss, we will really see what this team is made of."

On if QB Tyrod Taylor is the same as when the two joined the Browns and having Taylor to support the QB room:

"Absolutely, he is the same guy every day. That is exactly why this franchise brought him here. They have known what they were getting out of him, and he has never failed that. It is awesome to have him there, but he was the same guy when he was starting, as well."

On if it is difficult to evaluate all the small details for improvement after a game like last week's:

"No, you can always learn from your mistakes. I do know that. There are a lot of little details. There were a lot of obvious things in that game – get the ball out of your hands and do not turn it over – but there are things that you can learn from with timing, getting off of certain reads and why. That is the stuff that veterans like Ty and (QB) Drew (Stanton) can help me learn and speed up that process."

On creating more chemistry with Landry:

"I will just be better for him, plain and simple. I was not the accurate quarterback that they drafted me to be so I will fix that. On Jarvis' end, he is doing his job so I have to do mine."

On the Buccaneers defense:

"Have talent. Teams have thrown the ball. We will see what we can do. We will need to still be able to run the ball and establish that, but it is never about what they are doing. They have a change at coordinators so we have to be able to adjust. We do not know what is going to happen. If stick with what they have been doing or if they change it up, we just have to be able to do our job and adjust on the fly."

On adjusting when receivers are in tight coverage as it seemed last week:

"I have always said that you can never defend a perfect ball. Even if the guy is covered, if you can put it where only he can reach it, kudos to the quarterback for that. Do a good job of that and then finding my checkdowns. If they are covering people down the field, have to get to the check-down. If not, throw the ball away or make a play."

On his comment that last week was his worst loss and if he was referring to it mathematically or emotionally:

"Mathematically, which I think goes hand in hand with emotionally. Just did not play well, plain and simple. No way around it. It was not fun."

On how much the Buccaneers' change in defensive coordinator impacts the week's preparations:

"I think it does not matter because coming off of a loss like that, we have to do our job better. It does not matter who we were playing. If we were playing a Hall of Fame team or a Pop Warner team, we need to do our job better. That is the point of emphasis this week."

On explaining the lack of production last week:

"Just lack of execution. I think that we have been trying to answer those questions of why it happened. I think that we practiced well. I think that I was more than enough prepared. The coaches had me ready. It was just on my part. It was up to me, nobody else."

On multiple NFL QBs playing high school football in Texas and if playing in the state impacts QBs:

"I think it is the competitive nature of how big of a deal football on Friday nights is in Texas. The coaching that you get down there. Just the atmosphere. At a home game, we had at least 10,000 people every Friday. That is not even mentioning the neutral site games that we had. It is just the competitive beast that Texas high school football is. After that, you go through the recruiting. People just take it seriously down there."

On if there is a comparison between NFL systems and Texas high school football systems:

"Every system is different. I think that the most comparable thing is the culture – competitive."

On needing to find more checkdowns and if it is partially a result of liking to throw the ball downfield more:

"We have shots in the gameplan, but we have those shots for when they are available. You call them to try to free up those guys downfield and take advantage of a defensive call or a mismatch, but if it is not there, you have to get it down. That is the nature of me trying to make a big play. I have to learn form that and take the easy way out."

On if it is difficult to find a checkdown when under pressure and not being able to see the target:

"If you can't see them, yeah, it is tough (laughter)."

On clarifying that he didn't take checkdowns because he couldn't see the target:

"No, I just have to find a way to get it to them."

On if his comment Sunday about in-game adjustments was in reference to the offense or specifically himself:

"Myself because I think that if I just do my job and I get the ball out of my hands and I do the things that I have been preaching about, then that takes care of itself. Getting the ball into the playmakers' hands and letting them make plays, it frees up a lot of things. That gives confidence in (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley to call different plays. That gives our offensive line a break on having to hold up protection for a long time. That also opens up the run game. What it boils down to is me doing my job."

On if he has worked much with WR Breshad Perriman:

"Today will be the first day. I have seen a little bit of tape. He stood up today and introduced himself to our offense. It will be a fun first day. We will see what he can do."

On what Perriman offers the Browns:

"Speed. Unfortunately, we lost (WR) Rod Streater. He was a guy that we had for blowing the top off of coverage and being able to stretch the field. We are hoping we can have that type of a receiver and make some plays with it."

On keys to winning on the road:

"Coming together as a team. No matter the circumstances, it is you in somebody else's house. You have to scrap and claw and do anything that you can. It does not have to be a blowout. It just has to be by one point. Do whatever it takes to win on the road."

On how the offense can start faster:

"Me doing my job. Start fast, do my job and get the ball out. Offense gets on a roll, and we build momentum from that."

On who he talks to when rebounding from a difficult game, which he hasn't experienced much in his football career:

"I am hard on myself, but it is not 'the world is ending' mentality. I revert back to life lessons for me. It does not have to be just about football. I can rely on these players that I have in this locker room. I do not have to do it by myself. It is not about that. I can rely on them, push them and let them know that I am going to do my job better and that we are going to make strides forward."

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