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Ricardo Louis Conference Call - 4/30

On his game winning touchdown catch against Georgia:
"Oh man, that game was just a blessing for me. Being able to be a part of a magical season like that and making the plays to help propel us to the National Championship, SEC Championship and everything that came after that kind of helped me become the person I am today. I learned a lot of lessons just from that one play."

On his interactions with the Browns during the pre-draft process and his reaction to joining the team:
"I was little shocked because I had no previous contact with them. It was kind of surprising, but I'm excited and blessed to be able to say that I'm a Cleveland Browns now."

On if he has followed QB Robert Griffin III previously and if he's excited to work with him now:
"Definitely. I watched him in college and I watched a couple of games when he played for the Redskins. You know he can really throw the ball well. I think once he's healthy and he's ready to go, I think we'll have a good offense."

On what he knows about the Browns:
"I know a couple of things. I didn't really keep up with the Browns much, but I know for a fact they did have RGIII and they did draft two players that I know personally. Just from watching them during the season, they had some issues with some players, but I feel like they have some players now that we just drafted that will bring a different attitude and a different mindset to the whole organization and help us win games and be a lot better than what people are projecting with RGIII at quarterback. If he's healthy, then we'll be a whole different team."

On how his Combine performance helped his draft stock, considering his stats at Auburn:
"I would say that the Browns saw things from me that other teams didn't see. They understand that I was in a scheme at Auburn that didn't require me to run very many routes, very diverse or complex routes and the fact that I was not developed as receiver at the time. Going into the Combine, I wanted to prove to everybody that I was versatile and I was able to run routes and catch balls smooth and well. Doing that, looking ahead, they got to see that they can develop me and mold me into the receiver they want me to be."

On if any teams discussed switching him from WR to CB:
"The only team that talked to me about that was the Atlanta Falcons. They asked me if I had ever played corner before, and I told them no, but I did play defense in high school. I actually played safety. On my pro day, they asked me to play in the DB drills, and I was more than willing to show them how versatile and athletic I was."

On his relationship with OL Shon Coleman:
"Me and Shon have a good relationship. During the season, we became a lot closer. There were a couple things that we dealt with on the field and off the field. As far as playing, Auburn has always won and we just became closer throughout the season because of everything that was going on. Even after the season, when we were training for the Combine, he came down to Pensacola. We talked a lot and built an even better bond than we had before. Now that we are on the same team, it is going to be even better. We are going to have the same mindset we came in with. I think it is good that we are on the same team now."

On if it creates a chip on his shoulder when one team suggestion it might want him to switch to defense:
"Definitely. I think that is why they're doing it. If they don't see me as a receiver, then that's fine, but I know what I can do and I know that I am probably one of the better receivers in this draft. My goal was to prove it. For them to tell me to be like 'We'll have you play defense,' I think that is them telling me that they don't think I'm very good at receiver or whatever the case may be. My mindset was that if you don't want me to play receiver that's fine, but I am going to play receiver and I am going to show you why I am the best receiver in this draft.

The Browns selected Auburn wide receiver Ricardo Louis with their second of four picks in Saturday's fourth round.

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