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Press Conference

Robert Griffin III press conference: Browns vs. Bears


On if he's as confident as Head Coach Hue Jackson heading into the regular season:**

"I think we are all confident because we know what we have done. Even in the preseason, we have been a big play offense. We have hit those. We just have to be more consistent and sustain drives. It was good for us to capitalize on our special teams unit getting us a turnover there and getting a touchdown to finish off the preseason for us as the ones. I think all the guys know when the real bullets are flying in the regular season and that is when it counts. We have taken this approach in the preseason to try and work out some of the kinks and do some different things. Now, we will be able to focus on all we do best."

On Jackson stating the preseason is about evaluating while the regular season will be about gameplans:

"Right, I'm with Coach 100 percent. Preseason is a time for the coaches to evaluate and sometimes put players in uncomfortable positions and try to see what they can and can't do and what they respond well to do and what they don't do. That is not my job or any of the players' job to assess. What Coach says, we all agree with. Now, we are focusing on being the best and that is the gameplan because the majority of the preseason, you are not game planning at all."    

On WR Corey Coleman's performance and if he is simply experiencing the ups and downs of being a rookie:

"It is just not Corey. You just can't press. I've talked to him about it. It is let your talent show. I know at Baylor every ball got thrown to him and he had many opportunities, and he's going to get that in the league, as well, but teams are going to cloud him. Teams are going to roll coverage to him to try to take the ball out of his hands, along with some of our other receivers. He just has to continue to work and put his head down and just keep grinding, keep working. He had a nice catch. On that one, I know the drop that you are talking about, a tough catch for him to make but he can make it, and he knows that. It is just about continuing to work with Corey. He is a phenomenal talent, and I can't wait for everyone to see it on gameday like we have seen it in practice consistently.

On if he has 'flipped the switch' and gotten into the regular season mode:

"It is tough to say that because every time you step out there on the field and put a helmet on, it is time. Coach has echoed that to us. Now, the ones are going to play and we are not going to stop. That is just the bottom line. If a switch did need to be flipped, I think the guys understand that now, especially after our break in the huddle with what Coach told us. It is real. It is about wins and losses, and we are here to win. He is here to win, and we have to go out there and make Coach look good."

On what he is most proud of from his preseason and if it is his limited turnovers:

"Turnovers is the name of the game. I think we were able to put together a couple eight-play, seven/eight-play drives today that we were lucky to do. Everyone wants to score in one or two plays, but you have to be able to put together long drives, as well. Protecting the ball is the name of the game. As long as we are not giving it to the other team, we have a chance to win. I don't sit up here or sit in the film room and try to assess my play based on what anyone is going to say. I just try to make sure we go out and win each play, whatever that is – throwing the ball away, dirting the ball on a screen – whatever it might be. Those pare the things we focus on."

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