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Press Conference

Robert Griffin III press conference: Browns vs. Buccaneers

(On what to focus on next game)

"Naw, that's not the case, my big guys up front, they're straining the Bucs off to protect us and we just have to get the ball out faster and make sure all 11 guys are on the same page on each play. We can't hurt ourselves early in drives. We can't have penalties that put us behind the eight ball. We'll clean that up and that'll be our focus for the next couple of weeks."

(On mindset coming into tonight's game)

"I mean anytime you come into a game, you don't expect to lose. So we definitely wanted to come out here tonight and win this ball game, but that didn't happen. It was all because of what we did. Not because of anything else. They played really well, so hats off to Tampa Bay [Buccaneers]. They played really well, they came out and executed their game  plan and did it the way they were supposed to and we didn't do that on our side."

(On starting next game against the Chicago Bears)

"That's [Head Coach Hue Jackson's] decision. I don't make those decisions on whether to play or not. I know we'll be ready to play against Philly. I know we'll be ready to play next week no matter what Coach decides."

(On not getting the win tonight)

"I don't think it's discouraging. I think we did get better in some areas in what we were doing. We'll get back and watch the tape and fix what we didn't do well. But it's not discouraging at all. We know [what] we can do we just have to make sure we go out on game day and do it. And like I said that will be our focus. I'll lead that charge. I'll make sure I play better, so we can play better as an offense."

(On throwing to wide receiver Josh Gordon)

"Yeah, I mean it's fun throwing to any of those guys when they make plays like that for us so like I said, we know the kind of play makers that we have on offense  and what we can do we just have to make sure we do it consistently. Like I said, that starts with me, I have to be more consistent for our offense to go."

(On any positive takeaways)  

"The grittiness they showed. I feel like the guys didn't flinch, no matter what the scoreboard said or how things went, or [how] the momentum of the game might have been going. I feel like the guys didn't flinch and they allowed us to make blocks, solidify the protection, the throw and the catch down the road to get us within striking distance going into halftime. So I think the grit we showed and the character we showed, and the fight through some of the bad things that were happening, I think that was a positive."

(On playing with Gordon)

"Yeah, I played with Josh before and it's just good to see him out there making plays [and] getting an opportunity to play back in the league. We look forward to him making the most of that. I'm really excited for him."

(On struggling to find other playmakers)

"I just have to do a better job of getting the ball to them and just getting the ball out my hands and allowing them to make plays. That all starts with me; I have to go out there and be consistent for my team to be consistent."

(On hitting more intermediate passes)

"I just have to go back and watch the tape. Like I said before, it starts with me. I just have to make sure when the intermediate throws are there, I make them. When the long-ball throws are there, I make them and when the quick-game throws are there, I make them. It all starts with me and I'll make sure that gets cleaned up."

(On sacks this game)

"My big guys up front, I trust them, they've done a great job for me all training camp and in the preseason games. I know they're working their hardest to protect me, so I trust those guys up front." 




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