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2020 NFL Draft

Throwback Thursday: Dick Schafrath found out he was a Brown 4 days after the draft

After their finals season at Ohio State, Dick Schafrath and Dick LeBeau were out and about Wheeling, West Virginia, relaxing and celebrating a national championship victory months before.

Little did the pair know they were about to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns and legendary coach Paul Brown.

"So we're in the car, we're down there for two-and-half days so we had a ball. They had the draft two days before we ever knew about it," Schafrath said.

"I called my mom and said I'm out of gas. We're down here in Wheeling, can you wire me some money. So she did and she says, 'You know, this Paul Brown is calling — who is he?' Paul Brown? He's from Cleveland or something, what does he want? She says you better call him and book it home."

So they did, and Schafrath gave Brown a call.

The rest is history.

Schafrath, one of the best offensive lineman to play in Cleveland, went on to play in seven Pro Bowls for the Browns and eventually became an Ohio state senator.

When he arrived as a rookie, Schafrath immediately had an impact on the Browns, helping guide the team to the NFL Championship in 1964.

Schafrath — who played 13 seasons with the Browns and was voted an All-Pro four times — was something of a fixture at left tackle and was key in paving lanes for legendary running back Jim Brown.

And it all started with an unexpected phone call.

"Four days after Dick and I were drafted by the Browns. When we got home, I called and Paul said you're one us, boy. Give me a call. We'll get together when you can find a few minutes," he said.

"So up to Cleveland I came."

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