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Press Conference

Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield postgame press conferences – Browns vs. Bills

On the Browns passing game in the first few drives of the game:
"Still made some plays in the passing game. Of course, we had an emphasis on running the ball today. It was something that we talked about getting going early, and we were able to do so. A couple of the passes were third down situations. Some miscommunication on one of the third downs. Some stuff that we can be better, but I still think that we are able to do some of the things that we wanted to do. The last drive that I was in, penalties kind of hurt us. We were in the scoring zone. That is two weeks in a row that we have had penalties that have taken us out of the scoring zone. That is something that we have to clean up."

On the Browns running game improving:
"We really did not run as much or have an emphasis in the first game. We wanted to come out and show that we can run the ball this game. We have done a lot of things throughout the week working on different running schemes to get ready for this week. It is more of an attitude. I think guys have done a great job of clearing holes and allowing running backs to go out there and do their thing."

On if the night can be considered successful despite a loss:
"Of course, anytime that they keep a score you want to win. I was disappointed in that. I think that we were able to grow in some areas and got better in areas. It is good to see progress in that. Also, you want to win anytime that you go against an opponent."

On if it felt different going against his former team:
"No, it really did not feel any different than it would for any other game. Some faces that I had not seen in a while. It was new for me being on the other side of the ball going against that team. It was good competition across the board out there."

On where the Browns progressed offensively:
"For sure in the run game. We did not run as much last week. We threw the ball and made that an emphasis. Throughout the week, we talked about getting the run game going and getting (RB) Carlos (Hyde), (RB) Duke (Johnson JR.) and Chubb going. Just all of the backs, they have done a great job. Offensive line did a great job up front. We made a lot of progress in that area."

On if OL Joel Bitonio took a step forward at LT:
"Yes, I feel like the offensive line as a whole took another step forward. It was good to see that progress from Week 1. We have been saying it this whole week leading up to this game. Ultimately, I think that everyone up front and all of the groups that played tonight took a step forward."

On Hyde's productive night:
"It is always good to see him go out there and make plays. He got in the end zone, which was awesome. We do not have any many live periods so some of the stuff that the defensive guys see are tackles, you actually got to see him break through some tackles today. He has done a great job. All of the backs have done a great job. It was good to see him get rolling early."

On the starting defense forcing consecutive three-and-outs against the Bills offense:
"It was great. Those guys pose a challenge for us on the offensive side every day at practice. To see those guys go out and create problems for the other team is definitely encouraging. Look forward to them getting better each and every week."

On if he can sense how good the Browns defense can be by competing in practice each day:
"Of course, there is talent across the board. We have great defensive schemes that the guys are getting comfortable with and going out and playing fast. You can see those guys coming into their own on that side of the ball. It is encouraging watching those guys go out and play as well as they did tonight."

On the Browns offense not going for it on fourth-and-1 on the second drive of the first quarter:
"Personally, of course, you want to go out there and convert that, but you also trust in the coach. It is preseason. You want to work on all phases, being able to cover different situations. Maybe in the regular season it is different. I understand the decision. I am all for it. You try not to put yourself into those positions. Maybe we convert on third. I thought that I got it, but that is how the ball goes sometimes."

On if the Browns considered challenging the ruling of short on third down:
"I do not think so. The way that the marked it, it seemed like it was shorter than what it was. I do not think there was room to challenge it."

On if he spent time with WR Dez Bryant during his visit:
"No, I did not. By the time that we finished up for the day, we had a break and I believe that he was meeting with the coaches and (General Manager) Mr. (John) Dorsey during our break time. By the time that we got to the hotel, I believe that they were somewhere else. I did not spend any time [with him]."

On if he has talked with Bryant:
"I have texted him, but I have not physically talked to him. I would love to and see where his mind is. Right now, it is about getting the Browns better. Like I said, I think that we made progress."

On if Bryant is 'vague' in his texts:
"No comment (laughter)."

On if he can come away with a good feeling from the game despite some lulls:
"Yes, those would probably be the highlights for us when I was in, but that is when we were most consistent on all fronts. That is when everybody was doing their job. We were settled in and knew we needed points. The whole theme of the game – offense, defense and special teams – is that you can't shoot yourself in the foot. We put ourselves in a great position to win that game. We got down there pretty close, and then had an offensive pass interference, even when (QB) Tyrod (Taylor) was in too. Just a couple penalties here and there that we have to eliminate, but when we were playing consistent and penalty-free, it showed."

On RB Nick Chubb:
"Yes, physical run. He had some great cuts tonight, some quickness. We were not able to see – he did not have a lot of one-on-ones last week, but tonight he did, and he took advantage of those. He played well, and it starts up front. We ran the ball better – first team and second team – and we just ran the ball better so that helps our backs. When you have guys like that and you put them in a one-on-one situation with a DB, it is good for us."

On game day operations and getting calls into the huddle:
"It is kind of second nature. We do enough in practice to where I am used to it. The only difference would be the noise level compared to practice with no fans out there during the game. You have to make sure you have everyone attention and make sure you are commanding the huddle."

On if the team has to figure out the pass interference problem:
"We have to look back on tape and find out exactly why. Yes, we have to eliminate those penalties because they hurt us big time."

On playing in FirstEnergy Stadium for the first time and if it was different from the New York Giants game:
"It was great to get in front of your own crowd for the first time. That is just how it is always is. We did some things well and showed our potential a little bit, but it was good to get out there in front of them, even if the weather was not that great. It was good."

On how difficult it was not having a clean pocket at times:
"Football is not perfect. That is why you joke about the stuff in 7-on-7 in practice. You have to simulate having to move in the pocket, having to throwing awkward angles and move around people. It is just very rare that you have a perfect pocket. It is just the way it is. You just have to play ball at that point, and that is something I will be working on and keeping my eyes down field. When it came down to it, two of those longer drives that I had, we had great pockets."

On if he spoke with free agent WR Dez Bryant during his visit yesterday:
"I did not."

On if there was individually a major gain from last week to this week:
"I think command of the huddle. We did not have the personnel adjustment problems that we did last week. I think in and out of the huddle, we were more efficient with our time. We were able to get some different cadence calls worked in there. Those are the kind of things that I kind of said during a week of practice that I wanted to eliminate, and you handle that stuff and then we will talk about the penalties and you get over that. Then you start playing consistent football, and you give yourself an opportunity to make big plays."

On his thought process after having the TD pass overturned and Head Coach Hue Jackson saying he winked at Jackson:
"I do not recall that (laughter). I will look back on it, but I think Chubb might have gotten in before that touchdown pass to (WR Derrick) Willies. Then we tried to run a little bit up-tempo and squeeze it in there being that close to the goal line. It did not exactly work in our favor, and they were able to review. We will see, but we threw another touchdown, and at the same time, Chubb finished it off. Either way we scored and that is the good part about it."

On if he has any kinship with Bills QB Josh Allen since they are both rookies QBs in the same class:
"Yes, I do. I would not say it is just because of the same class. I think that goes back to that we played together at Senior Bowl on the same team. We practiced together every day. When you go through stuff like that and you go through practice, you kind of see the real version of somebody instead of portraying or saying about him. You actually get to see it up close and personal, and I really like Josh, a great guy and obviously very talented."

On the pace and flow of the game:
"I thought it was pretty smooth. I think for us, we established the run game pretty early so we were able to control the clock. Obviously, that slipped away a little bit, but I think early on it was good for us."

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