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Press Conference

Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield press conferences - 8/14

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On how he wants his name pronounced:

"That is a big deal, huh (laughter)? 'TIE-rod' is definitely what I have heard the most in my life. However, my mom calls me 'tuh-ROD,' but she also does not call me by my first name."

On what his mom calls him:

"She calls me by my middle name, Di'allo. She is only allowed to call me that so you can't start calling me that (laughter)."

On if the first couple drives against the New York Giants were as successful as possible:

"It was a good start, but there are definitely some things that we can clean up. We watched the film with a critical eye, myself included. Strive to get better. That was a start and something to build off of, but it was the first preseason game. Can't win the Super Bowl there, but it is a gradual ladder we have to climb week to week."

On his three years with the Bills:

"It was a learning curve for me. Of course, when I walked into Buffalo, a lot of different people really did not know my name. I was able to win the starting job. As I left, I was able to break a 17-year playoff drought. There was a lot that was accomplished in those years. I am thankful for those opportunities and more so glad for the opportunity that I have here."

On if he would rather the upcoming game vs. the Bills to be a regular season game:

"Anytime I get a chance to compete, I am going to go out there and do my best to show what I can do, as well as help the team win. Preseason or regular season games, it is the same."

On if there is any 'revenge factor' since he was traded from the Bills:

"No, this game is not about them nor just me or our relationship. It is about us taking another step and getting better. It is Week 2 of the preseason. You want to see growth at every position in all phases from the first week. That is more so what this game is about."

On if he enjoys running the hurry-up offense:

"Yes, I enjoy it. I think it keeps the defense honest, and it allows us as players, especially myself, to see things on the run and get the offense into the best situations."

On if he calls plays during the hurry-up offense or if offensive coordinator Todd Haley calls the plays:

"We have different packages where he calls it, and we also have different ones where I call it, as well, too."

On if there is an advantage to knowing the Bills defensive personnel:

"Yes, there is some turnover over there as far as different players, but being able to practice against those guys and those coaches for a year and going against that defense last year and training camp throughout the year definitely helps with insight. This game is not about them. It is about us executing. We have to do that in all three phases."

On if getting traded by Buffalo was a painful experience, given his earlier comment about wanting to beat them in the playoffs:

"I would not say it was painful. I have nothing to hold my head about in my time in Buffalo. It was progression from a player's standpoint each and every year, but of course, why wouldn't I want to beat that team in the playoffs if it comes down to that. I am always excited to compete, but I know those guys and played against those guys, a majority of those guys for the past three years – some new players – but I would love to play against those guys in a game."

On if the way things ended in Buffalo is motivation this season:

"Yes, I think each year has its own way of motivating itself, but definitely with how things ended there, it is defiantly motivation for this year, not necessarily this game but this year."

On how a QB can develop pocket presence and if it is gained by feel for the game or by watching film:

"I think it goes hand in hand. Of course, being out there on the field, the field aspect comes from just confidence in the guys up front and with the guys making plays on the outside of being able to stand into the pocket, being able to move and being able to find a guy down feel. It definitely goes hand in hand. However as far as being able to find rush lanes on film and different ways to step up into the pocket, there are definitely ways to do both."

On if developing pocket presence was similar to other adjustments going from college to pro where it is a faster pace:

"For sure. You are going against faster guys in the NFL so definitely you have to make decisions a lot quicker."

On if WR Antonio Callaway lost trust with him last week and if it was regained through his following actions, including his play in last week's game:

"He did not lose trust with me by any means. I know what type of player he is. I was excited to see him go out and make those plays. We have seen him make them in practice, but for him to go out there in a game atmosphere and actually go out and compete to make those plays were definitely encouraging. He set a standard so we have to continue to keep pushing his game each and every week."

On referring specifically to Callaway's off-field incident last week:

"Things happen. I do not know the details and everything, but on the football side of things, I just want to continue to see him keep growing as a player."

On his mentality to becoming a NFL starter during his first year with Buffalo:

"Taking it day by day, making sure I took advantage to every opportunity. It was a three-way quarterback competition at the time so each rep definitely mattered as it does now, but you did not know when those reps were coming. I just tried to make the best out of every opportunity, and when you had a chance to showcase what you could do, take it to the playing field."

On if he felt he was at a crossroads in his life during his first year with Buffalo:

"No, I sat for four years in Baltimore (Ravens). I always just wanted an opportunity to prove myself. I was finally given that opportunity throughout that preseason and throughout the year. I was more so excited for the opportunity."

On choosing Buffalo as a free agent:

"Yes, I was a free agent. Buffalo and Denver were the two teams that I decided between. I looked for open competition in Buffalo and decided to go out there. I wanted an opportunity to show what I could do."

On how motivating it is to be playing with Mayfield as a No. 1 overall pick and Heisman Trophy winner:

"I am not sure what that question means (laughter)."

On if media or fans saying QB Baker Mayfield should be starting motivates him:

"I really do not know. I really do not hear those comments. I have always focused on myself. Like I said from Day 1, I am in competition with myself and how I can make myself better each and every day. I want to continue to keep having that mindset and pushing myself to be the best I can be."

On if he can address a previous comment he made in the beginning of camp on being cut by the Bills:

"I am looking forward to Week 2 of preseason. I am not going to make this about me or Buffalo. It is an opportunity for us to get better as a team and an opportunity for me to get better as a player. I am looking forward to this week."

On if he prefers the hurry-up offense to huddling:

"I think there is an area for both in games. Certain games you are definitely going to have to huddle up and control the clock. Some games you are going to have to keep defenses on the field, keep different personnel on the field and continue to keep moving the ball in a no-huddle fashion. You definitely have to blend it in when necessary."

On if it is unsettling that players are rotating on the OL:

"I think we had a couple of guys that were out of practice yesterday so I do not think that was too big of a deal. Guys are competing. (OL) Joel (Bitonio) has looked great at that [LT] position, so we have to continue to keep grinding and chipping away each and every week."

On if he felt the 'weight come off the Bills' after reaching the playoffs:

"Absolutely, the goal is of course to win a Super Bowl, but for a team that has not been to the playoffs for 17 years to come home after we beat Miami (Dolphins) on New Year's and to see the fans standing out in snow as the plane approached Buffalo was definitely special to see. You definitely see the excitement, and I look forward to creating that here."

On if standing in the pocket and taking hits shows his teammates helps displays his full ability:

"Yes, you definitely have to do that to be successful in this league. Of course, as an athletic quarterback, some people say you are quick to pull the ball down and run. I think the more you stand in the pocket, of course, your offensive linemen appreciate it as well as the receivers. (WR) Jarvis (Landry) made more yards with that catch than I probably could with my legs in that situation. You just have to be smart on when you choose to do so."

On if his mission was accomplished after leading the Bills to the playoffs:

"No, when I got there, a goal of each player each year is to win the Super Bowl. It was a goal that was accomplished. It was not just me single handedly. It was a team effort, and coaches were involved, too. It was definitely a goal that was accomplished, but it was not the ultimate goal."

On if he has talked to free agent WR Dez Bryant:

"No, I have not."

On if he knows Bryant well:

"No, I do not."

On if he has always been a 'first in, last out' type of QB:

"I have always been an early riser. As far as what time, that has changed over the years. I have found a routine that works best for me. I will continue to stick with it. It helps me go about my day better."

QB Baker Mayfield:

On if playing Buffalo on Friday night means anything special to QB Tyrod Taylor:

"Now that you say that – I had not really thought about that until now – for him, he is a guy that I would not know [if it means anything special to him] regardless. He is the same guy every day. That is what you want. For him, it is just another business day."

On Taylor's biggest influence on him:

"Just the work ethic and everything that he brings to the table every day. It is the same every day. You hear (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley talking about not being a yo-yo guy and you want to be consistent. Ty really is the example of that. He is the same guy every day. You know exactly what you are going to get out of him. That is important for our guys to see that so that they see the standard. They see the expectations. He lives up to it every day."

On pronouncing Taylor's first name:

"It's 'tuh-ROD,' but I call him 'Ty.' I guess that I am doing it wrong."

On his pocket presence development and if it comes from meetings and watching film:

"I do not know about in meetings and film. I think that it comes with experience and getting a feel for a pocket. If you talk about the meetings and film, that aspect of it is just trusting where your receivers are going to be, knowing exactly what your answer is to a different look so that you do not have to run around. When you see younger quarterbacks playing, sometimes they are under a little bit too much because they do not see the first read and they kind of panic and more around; whereas, you see veteran go through their reads. They sit there and they go from one read to the next and they just comfortably sit back there. Yeah, you have to move every once in a while, but the guys that know their gameplan and the offense with the looks that they are getting, they can just comfortably do it."

On if pocket presence in this offensive system will be significantly different than college with the number of snaps under center:

"No, I think you still have to have pocket presence in the shotgun. Being in the shotgun just meant I was back there throwing the ball more. You have to be able to go through your reads and sit there comfortably."

On his mindset for the next three preseason games, given it could be his most significant playing time all season:

"I have always had a one day at a time mindset. For me, I do have that sense of urgency to get better. Every opportunity I can get, I need to seize that day. For me, it is about taking it one day at a time, making sure that I am getting better every day."

On his performance against the NY Giants:

"There are a lot of things that I can work on. There is some stuff communication-wise in the beginning of the game. Within the huddle and within getting people in and out off of the sideline, we have to be way better at it. I have to get the motions quicker so that we are not cutting it close on time, making sure that our guys are all lined up. That is the kind of stuff that you want to see in the first game, making sure that you get it out of the way. You handle it so that you do not have to deal with it again. There were certain reads where I could have let it go a little bit. I was able to luckily find some lanes to run through and convert some first downs. Other than that, I would like to see the ball get out a little bit more."

On the exchange yesterday between offensive coordinator Todd Haley and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams:

"It is just a fiery competition. You want practice to be like that. You want to challenge each other. That is the type of competition that you need every day if you want to see your team get better. You get two sides of the ball that care about it that much, it is important to you. That is the way that it should be, but there are certain measures that you need to take to protect your quarterbacks. That is the emphasis of it."

On footage from last week's game showing him saying, 'this is fun, I'm not going to lie':

"It is a dream job. Yeah, I am working hard, but it is a dream job for me. It is something that I have dreamt of for a long time. When you go out there and have a chance to do it, why not make the most of it? Why not put everything you have into it? When you have some success – football is hard – you better enjoy it. It does not come easy. It is a lot of work. You have to be able to enjoy it with the guys."

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