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Press Conference

Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, Demarious Randall press conference - 3/15


On if Landry excepted a potential trade to Cleveland:**

Landry:"I knew it was in the air. I knew it was a potential possibility. It came to life."

On the opportunity for Taylor:

Taylor:"It is a great opportunity. Like you said, having weapons around, if you look at the moves that have been made between John Dorsey and (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson), you can definitely tell they are trying to win now. I'm looking forward to doing everything in my power to get this community and team back on the right foot and going out and winning games and playing meaningful football in January."

On what Taylor knew about Jackson before he was traded:

Taylor:"Of course, a great offensive mind. He is hands on with the quarterbacks, and I'm definitely looking forward to working with him. Just talking with guys around the league and people who have worked with him, he is definitely a great coach and knows a lot about the game. I'm looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as possible and taking my game to the next level with the talent I have around me."

On joining a team that finished 0-16 last season:

Randall: "That's OK."

Taylor: "I can't really focus on that. Have to keep your eyes moving forward. Like I said, I know the talent we have on the team, and I'm pretty sure things aren't done. Our mindset moving forward has to be taking it one day at a time of individually getting better and collectively, as well. Can't really focus on past years. Learn from it, but can't dwell on it."

On why Randall said it is OK:

Landry:"Everybody is 0-0 right now.

Randall:"New year, new team."

On Randall's thoughts on moving to safety:

Randall:"Great, great move. I love it. That is where I wanted to play since I came into the league and I'm just really looking forward to it."

On why Green Bay kept Randall at CB:

Randall:"I just did whatever I had to do to help the team win games. Just wherever the coaches needed me, that is just where I played."

On if Randall thinks he can be more productive at safety:

Randall:"I'm going to take it day by day. Each day I'm going to come in here and try to learn defenses as fast as possible and just do what I can to help the team win games."

On what Taylor can do to end Cleveland's need to find its QB:

Taylor:"Of course, it's a work in progress. Just looking at the roster, like I said, there's a tremendous group of talent on this team. I'm just looking forward to, better myself individually as well, but ultimately doing whatever it takes. Whether that is in the air or with my feet. Game by game, just whatever I have to do to go out there and win games. This community deserves a winning team, and I'm looking forward to being the guy that is leading the group."

On the message from Jackson and Dorsey to Taylor about the possibility of the Browns drafting a quarterback high when being told he would start:

Taylor:"We haven't had that's conversation, but that has never been something that I have worried about. I have been in this league, going on my eighth year now, I have kind of conditioned myself to focus on what I can control. Everything else is really guys playing. Continuing to better myself, like I said, individually and do whatever it takes to go out and help the team win football games so that has been my focus. Whether a quarterback gets drafted or not, that is really out of my hands. I'm going to continue to be the person I am day in and day out. And continue to keep betting myself and the team."

On Taylor having one year left on his contract and if he would like to sign a long-term deal with Cleveland:

Taylor:"I'm fine with however it works. An opportunity to play is a great opportunity in itself. This year, I'm excited about the talent we have around and doing whatever it takes to turn this organization that has a bunch of history and doing whatever it takes to turn it around."

On if Taylor was surprised he was traded and how he rebounds from last year;

Taylor:"As far as the writing being on the wall, you never can predict anything in this league. I worked my butt off day in and day out there, and I'm going to continue to do the same thing here. As far as Buffalo seeing a different vision and moving forward, I respect that. I'm here, happy. Like I said, looking forward to working with a great group of guys."

On how Taylor approaches this situation differently than when he went to Buffalo:

Taylor:"Every year is a learning process. Personally, I learned from last year. Of course, it was a new system, new players, learning guys as quick as possible but also picking up a new system as quickly as possible and ultimately, coming out and competing, putting your best foot forward, walking in confident, letting guys know you are the guy, and that is what I plan on doing. It just starts as soon as we get back April 16."

On how they have spent the morning:

Taylor: "In the morning, we were taking physicals."

On when they arrived to Cleveland:

Randall: "Late last night."

Landry: "Late last night."

On Taylor meeting Landry:

Taylor: "Actually, I met Jarvis right before his senior year in college. His coordinator, actually, Cam Cameron, was my first coordinator in Baltimore the year I got drafted. I went down there and spent some time. I was fortunate enough to meet Jarvis. Kept in contact throughout the years. I actually threw him a touchdown in Hawaii a couple years ago."

On Landry playing with WRs Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman:

Landry:"Excited about it. Definitely excited about being here. Excited about the opportunity to work with (wide receivers coach) Adam Henry again, who I worked so close with at LSU. As Tyrod has been stating the whole time, when you have a group of guys as talented as Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Tyrod, (RB) Carlos Hyde and the numerous other guys, we are bound to make a splash here. It is definitely exciting and we're looking forward to it."

On if Landry and Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase butted heads:

Landry:"No, it is kind of like, again to piggyback off of Tyrod, it felt like a different direction. It is what they wanted to have with the team. I was blessed and fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come play for the Cleveland Browns, and I'm excited about that."

On how Landry would describe himself as a receiver:

Landry:"I'm really versatile. I'm an extremely confident guys, believing I can play in the slot or I can play outside. It really doesn't matter. I think there is also room for improvement, room for growth and I think (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley, Adam Henry, those are guys I'm ready to learn from. Learn from Josh Gordon, learn from Corey Coleman and find ways to better myself to help better the team. I think that's part of the process with me."

On if Landry took note of the Browns hiring Henry:

Landry:"I didn't really know about the hire as it kind of happened. Then hearing about it and obviously knowing that Cleveland was a team up in the air for us and where I could potentially land, it is always exciting when you have a guy that you are really familiar with. Not only that, he is a great coach. He coached me and (NY Giants WR) Odell Beckham, who you guys I'm sure, know well, getting us to where we needed to be to get the opportunity to play on this level. A lot of the things I have accomplished are a credit to him so to back in his hands again, I'm excited about what the future holds. 

On if Landry knows Gordon and what kind of tandem he thinks they can be:

Landry:"Yeah, I do. I do. I know Flash. I know Flash. I had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times, just talking. As far as a duo, I think that's a good term. I think with the weapons we have, everybody is a viable option. You have the tight end (David) Njoku, again, Carlos Hyde, Corey Coleman and myself; Tyrod, whether he is throwing the ball or running, I think it's almost like a pick-your-poison type of offense. That is really one of the things I'm most excited about."

On how Landry would describe his personality on and off the field:

Landry"On the field, it is kind of what you see – high energy and high passion. Off the field, I guess I would go away from a teddy bear, but I'm a lot more, I guess, caring, loving and easy to talk to. It is something with me, I try to display my energy and put my energy into everything I'm doing on the field, off the field and in relationships. I'm a father, as well. I feel like what you see his who I am on and off the field."

On if Landry anticipates playing under the franchise tag from Miami or signing a long-term contract with the Browns:

Landry:"Right now for me, I'm excited to be a Brown. My agent is handling all of that type of stuff behind closed doors. I am excited about the future here, and that is what I can speak about."

On Randall's conversation with WR Josh Gordon:

Randall: "We just had a great, great dinner. We are looking forward to being great teammates and just winning a lot of games."

On last season's Twitter exchange between Randall and Gordon:

Randall: "It was just two athletes competing, and we just got into a heated battle. We are teammates now, and we are in the same locker room. We are here trying to win games."

On if Landry is ready for the Cleveland weather coming from Miami:

Landry:"Yeah, I'm excited. One of the things Tyrod talked about was (college and NFL offensive coordinator) Cam Cameron, and one of the things he brought to LSU was being weatherproof. No matter the circumstances, my job is to catch the ball and make plays, block for my teammates and help contribute to winning games. For me, that is what I am excited about doing, regardless of the weather."

On Taylor's 'careful' style of play and protecting the football:

Taylor: "I wouldn't classify it as careful. I would say just picking different times of the game, and I wouldn't say reckless either, but where you are trying to push the ball down the field. Of course, that comes with the guys you have on the field and being trustworthy of those guys going up and getting the ball. We have some great talent in the wide receiver position as far as going up and making plays. Taking care of the football is No. 1. Show me a team that has a bunch of turnovers, and I'll show you a team that is not playing in January. It is a give and take as far as pushing the ball and trying those 50-50 balls but as well as actually getting to the next down and like I said, taking care of the football."

On if Taylor can educate and develop a young QB at this stage of his career:

Taylor: "I'm always open to educating guys. At the same time, it is a balance between going out there and leading a group, as well. Pouring your energy into bettering yourself and going out there as well, as helping to win games. The learning process happens naturally, but as far as dedicating my time to teaching someone the game, of course, they have to learn it on their own, as well."

On the chemistry development between QBs and WRs:

Taylor: "Chemistry is definitely a big part of the quarterback-wide receiver relationship. We have to take it upon ourselves to take as much time as possible on the field and off of the field learning each other and learning about each other a lot just so that we are in sync once we are out there and playing and trusting each other. We will get after that as soon as possible."

On Randall knowing some of the front office personnel from Green Bay and if that provides some confidence in their evaluation of his ability:

Randall: "I would think so, this is their first year over here at Cleveland, and I'm at Cleveland with them now. I'm just happy to be a Brown and I'm just happy to be a part of what we are building over here."

On what Randall learned practicing against Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

Randall: "Aaron is a great, great quarterback. Me playing corner, obviously, he was going to throw some great balls over there. At the end of the day, I have just been working on my craft. I do not think practicing versus Aaron would help me better my craft as a cornerback."

On what Landry has done since Friday's trade announcement, given the trade couldn't be official until today, and if that included reading all he could and making phone calls to colleagues:

Landry:"Yeah, a little bit, but at the same time, try to stay out of it, as well. I know you guys have probably seen a couple of my guys on Twitter and stuff like that just messing around with guys, hoping in hopes. At the same time, excited to be a Brown, excited to be here with these guys, looking forward to working with the coaches and winning some games."

On if Landry knew Taylor was coming to Cleveland, given the timeline of the trade news:

Landry:"I did not. I think that I have always made the best out of any situation that I have been in. To have this guy sitting next to me who I have respected for a long time, played against twice a year for a long time and knowing the things that he can do, that was really just more icing on the cake for me."

On OL Joe Thomas retiring and if Taylor was aware of it when Taylor was traded to Cleveland:

Taylor: "I was not aware of it. Of course, I want him out there, but ultimately, you respect his decision. A great player, a great person who means a lot to Cleveland and means a lot to the NFL. If he is not back here, which I doubt, he will definitely be in Canton soon. Hats off to his career."

On what gives Taylor confidence going into next season and his time in Cleveland, given past QBs' experiences:

Taylor: "Like I've said, I can't really control what guys in the past have done. I walked into a similar situation in Buffalo where it was 17 years that we had not been to the playoffs and was able to help lead that group of players and that team to somewhere that city has not seen in a while. Of course, it is a work-in-progress here. Putting my best foot forward, along with these guys here at the podium, as well as the guys in the locker room, to go out to change the culture here, as well."

On if last season was a trying season for Taylor:

Taylor: "It was definitely a trying season. Every team has its ups and downs, every player has their ups and downs, but I think the way you are able to bounce back is how you respond through the tough times through a year. Personally, I think I responded well, but ultimately as a team, we were able to respond well and pick ourselves up and take our team and our city to somewhere they have not been in a while. It did not ultimately end the way we wanted it to, which would have been a Super Bowl, but as far as in Buffalo, got off to a good start."

On the term 'bridge quarterback':

Taylor: "That is a term you guys use. Not necessarily you in this room but other people. I do not view myself as a bridge quarterback. I am a quarterback. As far as a bridge, hopefully, I am helping bridge this team to a Super Bowl. That is the plan."

On the jersey of previous starting QB for the Cleveland Browns:

Taylor: "Yes, I am aware of it. Like I said, all you can do is learn from the past. You can't sit there and dwell on it. My job is to try to change the perspective of this team moving forward. I have a bunch of guys that are on the same page, two for sure that are sitting at this podium, that are looking to change things. That is the focus."

On the Browns adding more veterans through free agency:

Taylor: "With the moves being made, the natural feel is that you are trying to win now. That is our mindset. As players, we are eager to get back and to learn each other, and to start working together and competing towards a common goal."

On what Landry is feeling going into the upcoming season:

Landry:"Excited. I keep saying it. I keep talking about it. I think when I say it, not too many people believe me. Even looking out, I still do not think too many people believe me, but I am very excited about the opportunity that is in front of us, about the guys in this building, about the coaches that are in this building and about the city of Cleveland. I am looking forward to it."

On competing against each other in practice:

Taylor: "I'm not really part of one-on-one's as a quarterback."

Landry:"We are looking forward to it."

Randall: "Iron sharpens iron. We just hope it shows up on Sundays."

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