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Press Conference

Tyrod Taylor postgame press conference - Browns vs. Steelers

On if this is his first tie game:
"Yes, it is."

On if it his first tie on any level of football:
"Yes, it is."

On if the result feels like a loss:
"I do not know what it feels like. Of course, you do not rewarded with the win. It is a sour feeling. Really not sure what it feels like."

On the Browns' offensive possessions in OT:
"Obviously, on the first one, you get the ball and you want to go down and score. We ended up stalling. Get the ball back for the second time, of course, a field goal wins the game, but you still want to go down and score. Was not able to get the job done there either. The last one, we were already in a field goal position on the field. Figured we would run a play, try to get some more yardage and clock it with zero timeouts left and finish off with a field goal."

On the Browns' fight to take the game into OT:
"I would say that is something positive to take away from this game. Just to see the fight in everyone in all phases. Things were not going pretty by any means. The defense played a strong first half. The offense did not do so well the first half. We were able to bounce back and get things on the right page in the second half. Like you said, to fight as hard as we did and not get rewarded with a W, that is how the ball rolls sometimes. We just have to find out how we can get better. It is still Game 1. That is behind us. Get better and get ready for the rest of the season."

On if it is frustrating for the defense to force six turnovers but not produce as many points as desired:

On what caused offensive struggles in the first half:
"Just a missed assignment here or there or a miscommunication. That starts with me. I can be better in that area. I think the better I am, the better it is for the rest of the offense."

On how weather conditions impacted the passing game:
"That is something that you have to battle with. I understand that the weather can be a little bit of everything here in Cleveland. You have to be able to be weather-proof. At times, we were. At times, we were not. Did a good job of protecting the ball other than the one time – the interception down the sideline. Ultimately, we put ourselves into a position to win. It was not pretty by any means, but we put ourselves into a position to win and did not finish. It is something that we have to be better at as a team. On offense, that starts with me."

On his interception:
"Me and (WR) Josh (Gordon) were on two different pages, but I take the blame for that. I could have put it down the field a little bit more. I was trying to give him something that he could go up and jump for. Just have to get better at that."

On if being on different pages is due to a lack of practice time together:
"I would not say that. We just have to continue to keep growing because he made a great play on the ball for a touchdown. I do not want to point out one play and say that was for lack of not being together for the past couple of weeks. Whatever the case is, we have to find out how to be better at it moving forward for us to be successful on offense."

On Gordon only having three targets:
"They did a good job of taking him away on certain things. We also knew that we had a chance to take the ball deep with him, and we were able to come up with a big touchdown. We tried another shot towards the end zone on the post route that did not end in our favor but have to continue to keep finding ways to get him the ball. Of course, he is a special playmaker, but sometimes the ball rolls like that."

On how the Browns will move forward from this game:
"Watch film, get better and put it behind us. It is a long season, for sure. We can't hang our heads on one game. We have to continue to keep getting better and fine tune the execution each and every week."

On if tying the Steelers today made a statement to the rest of the NFL:
"Of course, the ultimate statement would have been to come out of this game with a win. I think guys played hard. Like I said, we definitely fought hard throughout four quarters and even in overtime. Like I said, a tie is just a sour taste. Whatever we have to do to get this team a win and multiple wins after that, we have to find what that is. As far as the offense goes, that starts with me, and I look forward to that."

On if he was battling injury following hits in the first quarter:
"Oh no, I am OK."

On evaluating his play, specifically in reference to his completion percentage:
"It was not pretty in the statistics category, for sure. At the end of the game, we still had a chance to win the game and that is what really what it boils down to. I have never been a stats guy. Yes, it would be ideal to come out and light up the stat chart, but wins and losses are ultimately what a quarterback is judged on, and today was a tie. Like I said, you do not really know how to feel on that. Moving forward, I never pay attention to the stat category. The only stat that matters to me is wins and losses."

On his completions to WR Josh Gordon and WR Rashard Higgins in the fourth quarter:
"A matchup. They went down a guy in the back end, and we tried to get a chance to go down the field. Both of those guys made great plays."

On getting a sense of how good the Browns can be this season and excitement from fans in the stadium:
"Absolutely. [The fans] were fired up as they should be. This is the ultimate city to play for. They deserve winning football, and we have to do whatever it takes in our power to get it to them."

On four false start penalties in the first half:
"It is something that we can't do moving forward. We talk about minus plays, and pre-snap penalties are something that we can't do if we want to be the team that we want to be."

On if OL Desmond Harrison's improved throughout the game:
"Yes, I think he gained confidence as the game went on and continued to keep battling his butt off. Hats off to all our guys. We did not come away with the win, but to see different guys fight and never lose their edge on the field, regardless of the score, was a positive thing."

On if he takes into consideration that it was his first time playing with the offense in tact:
"Yes, it was the first time, but that is how it goes sometimes. You can't always have guys present or however you want to look at it for training camp or have a great sequence of players being together. You have to be able to fight through that, communicate through that and still do whatever it takes to win."

On placing an emphasis to taking fewer sacks:
"Definitely. It is definitely an emphasis. That falls into the minus play category, and that is something that we need to clean up."

On if the Browns could not solve Steelers' blitzes and stunts:
"They did a good job. This is a talent defense, a hard-nose defense. They did a good job of trying to counter our protections."

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