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Wyatt Teller focused on improving 'consistency of technique and fundamentals' to earn Browns starting RG spot

Wyatt Teller was acquired by the Browns right before the start of the 2019 season and worked his way into the team's starting lineup by midseason.  He would go on to start the final nine games of the year and hopes to solidify his spot as a starter again this year on the Browns' new-look offensive line. 

He knows that the key to success for him will be improving in all areas, but improving the consistency of his technique and fundamentals will be his ultimate focus. 

"The biggest thing with me is the technique and fundamentals," Teller said. "Having seven to eight times out of 10, that's 70 to 80 percent. That's really good, but that will get you cut. For an offensive linemen that will get you cut. You need to be at 90 percent or 10 times out of 10, 90 to 100 percent. That's why when you see people like Jack (Conklin) or Joel (Bitonio ... they do it every time and they do it consistently and that's why they're an All-Pro. That's the biggest thing to me."

Teller knows that this offense will need great attention to detail to execute properly. As he noted, "a 6-inch versus a 4-inch step, one's going to get you in the backfield and one's going to get you movement, so that's the importance of it."

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Teller was also thrilled that the Browns brought in veteran offensive line coach Bill Callahan, whom Teller describes as "the best in the world," because the two developed a bond during the 2018 Draft process. 

"We started talking during the whole draft process and I want up to the Redskins camp and got to work out with him … he really opened up to me and we started talking more. It's an absolute blessing, the lord works in mysterious ways and I'm grateful for the opportunity (to play for Coach Callahan)."

Teller joined Cleveland Browns Daily on Tuesday to talk about being traded, the camaraderie in the offensive line room, what he misses the most during the quarantine, his hopes for the 2020 season, whom he hopes to emulate on the field and more. 

Here are some of the top quotes from our 15-minute interview:

On coming to the Browns:

"The room opened their arms to me, which was an absolute blessing, because it would have been 10 times harder if I had to learn it all by myself. I had great guys around me in JC (Tretter) and Joel and not only that, they're great competitors."

On missing the locker room during the quarantine:

"That's the best part of football. Ask any of the greats or even watching "The Last Dance" … what do the guys miss the most, they always miss each other, miss the camaraderie, miss the boys, miss the team."

On his famous karate roll pancake block against the Patriots

"That play, my eyes were out then in. By the time they got back out, I got tripped and there was only one thing to do and that was tuck my chin and go. Luckily he was just sitting there and I got to hit him. That was one of those plays where you're like, 'how did I even do that?'" 

On expectations:

"Someone else can have them. We're ready to play some ball."

On one of his goals this year:

"Trying to be the smartest player out there, but that's hard with JC next to me, so the second-smartest player out there as well as tough-minded guy, too."