Videos - September 2021

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2021-09-01 Nick Chubb: "Everybody's doing their part"
2021-09-01 Denzel Ward: "I try to better my game every chance I get" 
2021-09-01 Kevin Stefanski: "We want to have a bunch of good, young players."
2021-09-02 Kevin Stefanski: "We're where we need to be, with a bunch of work left to do."
2021-09-06 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "I'm definitely ready, we put in the work" 
2021-09-06 Donovan Peoples-Jones on Odell Beckham Jr.: "He's worked hard, he's a big part of this team"
2021-09-08 Baker Mayfield: "You try and improve each week" 
2021-09-08 Nick Chubb: "Play as a team and play together"
2021-09-08 Anthony Walker: "We want to play great defense the whole time"
2021-09-08 Greg Newsome II: "We're finally getting to the real action"
2021-09-08 Kevin Stefanski: "We gotta pour everything we have into game one"
2021-09-09 Jarvis Landry: "We know who we are" 
2021-09-09  Joel Bitonio: "I think everybody's excited to get out there and see where we're at"
2021-09-09 John Johnson III: "You always want a challenge"
2021-09-09 Mike Priefer: "It's going to be a great test for us"
2021-09-09 Alex Van Pelt: "I'm excited about the future of this team"
2021-09-09 Joe Woods: "I think we're ready to go"
2021-09-09 Browns Live: Week 1 vs. Kansas City Chiefs
2021-09-10 Browns at Chiefs Game Day Hype Video
2021-09-10 Player Spotlight: Kareem Hunt
2021-09-10 Game Preview: Week 1 at Kansas City Chiefs
2021-09-10 Myles Garrett: "We have to get ourselves sharp"
2021-09-10 2 Minute Drill: The Browns head to Arrowhead
2021-09-10 Kareem Hunt on facing the Chiefs: "It will show us where we're at early. I can't wait"
2021-09-10 Ben Bloom on facing the Chiefs: The challenge is you have to defend an excellent run and pass game
2021-09-10 Kevin Stefanski: "Looking forward to a great challenge"
2021-09-10 Bill Callahan: "It's been good work"
2021-09-10 Play Breakdown: Browns vs. Falcons
2021-09-10 Building The Browns 2021: Training Camp | Part 3 (Ep. 8)
2021-09-12 Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s 2020 win percentage (.688) was the best since who? | Browns Trivia
2021-09-12 Mayfield fires cross-field pass to Schwartz to convert on third down
2021-09-12 Kareem Hunt leaps over goal-line pileup to convert two-point play
2021-09-12 Nick Chubb caps Browns' 13-play opening drive with strong TD
2021-09-12 Can't-Miss Play: Baker Mayfield unloads 44-yard bomb to Anthony Schwartz
2021-09-12 Clowney completely foils Chiefs' jet sweep to Tyreek Hill
2021-09-12 Kareem Hunt hurdles up and over Sorensen on 15-yard run
2021-09-12 Landry's lateral to Mayfield almost leads to wacky score to close first half
2021-09-12 Kareem Hunt plows into the end zone for physical TD
2021-09-13 Browns at Chiefs Postgame Analysis | Cleveland Browns
2021-09-13 Myles Garrett, Jadeveon Clowney step up with third-down sack
2021-09-13 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference at Chiefs | Cleveland Browns
2021-09-13 Kevin Stefanski: "We got to learn from it and get better"
2021-09-13 Denzel Ward: "It's about doing your job and finding a way to win"
2021-09-13 JC Tretter: "We need to be more effective throughout the entire game"
2021-09-15 Browns NEXT
2021-09-15 Malik Jackson: "I know what we're capable of" 
2021-09-15 Baker Mayfield: "It comes down to us doing our job"
2021-09-15 Nick Chubb: "We got to move on, keep moving forward" 
2021-09-15 Anthony Walker: "I think we started off as a team very well"
2021-09-15 Kevin Stefanski: "Quite a challenge this week, verse a well coached team."
2021-09-16 Mobile Ticketing Instructions
2021-09-16 Jarvis Landry: "We are out here working"
2021-09-16 John Johnson: "We definitely do want to build that continuity"
2021-09-16 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah: "First time getting to play with the teammates, so it's a good feeling" 
2021-09-16 Joel Bitonio: "Things happen. I know we're prepared and we'll have five guys ready to roll."
2021-09-16 Mike Priefer: "Tough loss on Sunday, but I think our QB summed it up best, We played good against a great team."
2021-09-16 Joe Woods: "We know we're getting better each and every week"
2021-09-16 Alex Van Pelt: "There's areas of improvement for all the guys"
2021-09-16 Browns Live: Week 2 vs. Texans
2021-09-17 Cleveland Browns Virtual University Hospitals Visit
2021-09-17 2021 Browns Home Opener Scoreboard Intro
2021-09-17 Browns Hot Minute: Browns Return Home to Face Texans
2021-09-17 Game Preview: Week 2 vs. Houston Texans
2021-09-17 Player Spotlight: Anthony Schwartz
2021-09-17 Kevin Stefanski: "Excited for the opportunity this Sunday"
2021-09-17 Myles Garrett: "It was a tough test"
2021-09-17 Jadeveon Clowney: "It's about improving each week"
2021-09-17 Myles Garrett Mic'd Up vs. Chiefs
2021-09-17 Browns vs. Texans Game Day Hype Video
2021-09-17 2 Minute Drill: Browns Home Opener
2021-09-19 Baker Mayfield’s 321 yards was the first 300-yard passing performance by a Brown in a season opener since who? | Browns Trivia
2021-09-19 Bryant goes above the rim for 29-yard snag between defenders
2021-09-19 Andy Janovich hammers through pileup for physical TD
2021-09-19 Baker Mayfield improvises for quick scrambling TD
2021-09-19 Browns vs. Texans Postgame Analysis
2021-09-19 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Texans
2021-09-19 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Texans
2021-09-19 Demetric Felton and Nick Chubb Postgame Press Conference vs. Texans
2021-09-20 Kevin Stefanski: "It's always good to get a win"
2021-09-20 Kareem Hunt: "Whatever it takes to win" 
2021-09-20 Grant Delpit: "Dawg Pound, thank you for supporting me"
2021-09-20 Malcolm Smith Interception vs. Houston
2021-09-20 Jim Donovan calls Demetric Felton's TD vs. Houston
2021-09-21 Grant Delpit's Game Sealing Sack vs. Houston
2021-09-22 Baker Mayfield: "Next man up mentality"
2021-09-22 Kevin Stefanski on facing the Bears: "Looking forward to the challenge."
2021-09-23 Cleveland Muny Rookie Tackle
2021-09-23 Odell Beckham Jr.: "Just taking it day by day"
2021-09-23 Mike Priefer: "I'm excited where we're at"
2021-09-23 Alex Van Pelt: "Any time you get great players back on the field, it only makes you better"
2021-09-23 Joe Woods: "We're working hard to get better"
2021-09-23 Browns Live: Week 3 vs. Chicago Bears
2021-09-24 Browns Hot Minute: Browns Look to Win Second Straight vs. Bears
2021-09-24 Play Breakdown: Browns vs Texans
2021-09-24 Kevin Stefanski on OBJ: "I think he's ready to go"
2021-09-24 Jeff Howard: "We're trying to find our rhythm" 
2021-09-24 Chad O'Shea on OBJ: "We feel good about where he is right now"
2021-09-24 Jedrick Wills Jr.: "This week will be a good matchup" 
2021-09-24 Rashard Higgins: "I'm always ready"
2021-09-24 2 Minute Drill: Week 3 in Cleveland
2021-09-26 Game Preview: Week 3 vs. Chicago Bears
2021-09-26 The Browns seven rushing touchdowns tie a franchise record for most through two games to start a season. Since the 1970 merger, only one team had more rushing TDs through the first two games. Which team is it? | Browns Trivia
2021-09-26 Kareem Hunt rushes for a 29-yard touchdown vs. Chicago Bears
2021-09-26 Kevin Stefanski Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-26 Browns vs. Bears Postgame Analysis
2021-09-26 Odell Beckham Jr. Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-26 Myles Garrett Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-26 Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-26 Kareem Hunt's Best Plays From 155-Yard Day | Week 3
2021-09-26 Kareem Hunt and Chase McLaughlin Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-26 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Postgame Press Conference vs. Bears
2021-09-27 Kevin Stefanski on Myles Garrett: "He's our best player. We know that and the other teams know that"
2021-09-27 Troy Hill on Myles Garrett: "That's dominance at its finest."
2021-09-27 Wyatt Teller: We need to get back into the lab and make corrections
2021-09-29 Nick Chubb on Kareem Hunt: "He's a special player"
2021-09-29 Baker Mayfield: "We know our identity"
2021-09-29 Grant Delpit: "Trying to get better and better"
2021-09-29 Malik Jackson: "Consistency wins games in this league"
2021-09-29 Kevin Stefanski: "It's just a business trip" 
2021-09-30 Odell Beckham Jr.: "I'm just here to play"
2021-09-30 Takk McKinley: "We gotta put the work in"
2021-09-30 JC Tretter: "There's always going to be things to improve on" 
2021-09-30 Mike Priefer: "I got in this business because I love the game"
2021-09-30 Alex Van Pelt on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt: "They complement each other so well"
2021-09-30 Joe Woods on Greedy Williams: "I think he's confident"
2021-09-30 Player Spotlight: Myles Garrett
2021-09-30 Browns Live: Week 4 vs. Vikings