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Welcome to the Puppy Pound

For over 100 years, Sugardale has been committed to providing the highest quality meats for you, your family, and your friends. Whether it's crispy bacon for family brunch, pepperoni on pizza night, a delicious hot dog at a barbecue, or a holiday ham centerpiece, we're grateful for the opportunity to have earned a place at your family's table. This football season, fire up the grill with NEW Sugardale Tailgate Dogs - the official hot dog of the Cleveland Browns.


Puppy Pound Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to adopt a puppy?

Adoption fees are $125 for spayed/neutered puppies. If the puppy you adopt is NOT spayed/neutered the adoption fee will be $125 plus a $100 spay/neuter deposit which you'll receive back once you get your puppy sterilized at the vet clinic of your choice.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The SPCA accepts all major credits and cash. Checks are not accepted for adoptions.

Are all the puppies spayed/neutered?

The short answer is unfortunately no. While it is a primary goal of ours to ensure all animals we adopt are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, there is a massive veterinarian shortage going on in America right now and, unfortunately, Northeast Ohio SPCA has been affected by this shortage. While some of our puppies have been altered, some have not yet been spayed or neutered. To continue to find loving homes for ALL our homeless pups, Northeast Ohio SPCA has implemented a Spay/Neuter Waiver and Deposit protocol. This means adopters of unaltered puppies will have an additional form to complete and will be required to make a deposit of $100 at the time of adoption (in addition to the $125 adoption fee). This $100 will be returned to you upon providing proof to the Northeast Ohio SPCA that your pet has been spayed/neutered by another pet clinic of your choosing.

You can learn more about the Veterinarian Crisis here.