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Burning Questions

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15 questions for Braxton Miller, who is looking to flash Thursday in final opportunity to impress

Braxton Miller hadn't even been a Brown for a couple of hours before he felt the love.

Signed less than two weeks ago, Miller heard loud cheers every time he touched the ball during his first training camp practice with his new team. He became a household name in these parts while quarterbacking the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now, he's trying to snag one of the last spots in Cleveland's talented wide receivers room. caught up with Miller after Wednesday's walk-through. Walk me through the craziness that's been your last couple of weeks with the Browns.

Miller: It's been great coming in here knowing some of the guys already when I got here. When they plugged me in, it was fast learning but that's what you've got to do in this business right now. I just took my time to actually know what I'm doing and figure out what position I'm actually going to be playing. Then it was off to the races. Just thankful to be here. Who'd you already know here?

Miller: The QBs and receivers coach. I knew Jarvis (Landry), I knew Odell (Beckham Jr.). I knew Jaelen (Strong). Denzel (Ward), of course. I knew some of the other guys that were already here.

Check out the best photos from Browns Camp by team photographer Matt Starkey You've bounced around a little bit in your career. What's the key to picking up an offense and knowing what you're doing right away?

Miller: Just knowing the position and going to play. Just study that position and repetition. Write everything down. That's probably the best way you can learn it. What was the key to getting here on a Monday and playing in a game by Friday?

Miller: It felt good. At the end of the day, when you go out there on the field, that's all you do. You're playing football and that's all you have to think about. You don't have to think about the politics of things. You've just got to go out there when you get the chance and perform. That's what we do. As receivers, we catch and run with the ball. Catch it and get YAC. How important is your special teams work when it comes to making the team?

Miller: Just showing your versatility with what you can do on the offensive side and the special teams side, too. Whatever they want me to do, I'm up for it. You grew up in Ohio and knew about the Browns, but what's it like to join the team at this point of the offseason when the expectations are so high?

Miller: I'm just happy to be here. I'm glad the organization brought me in. They believed in me to actually play last week and have nice production. Now it's time to play tomorrow. I know it's been a short amount of time, but have you already noticed the crossover in Browns and Buckeyes fans?

Miller: When I first got here, the practice I went out to, there were a lot of fans. It was the last day of camp practice-wise. There was a lot of Ohio State fans that was calling my name. It's a wonderful feeling being back in Ohio, back in my home state. I actually get to play for the one team your dad loves. It's a good feeling. You're a few years removed from being a quarterback. What's the process been like in becoming an NFL wide receiver?

Miller: I don't even look back at it. I'm just a receiver and I felt like a receiver when I switched my last year at Ohio State. It's just progression and getting better each and every day when you come out on the field. How much better do you feel you are since you came into the league?

Miller: I feel good. I feel comfortable, loose, relaxed. It's all about knowing your assignments now. Where specifically in the offense are you playing and how does it fit your skill set?

Miller: They've got me on the inside and outside. I can do both. Mainly on the inside for this game. What does that do to bring the best out of you?

Miller: Getting the ball in your hands fast and making plays. That's what the quarterback loves and that's what the offense is about. Getting the ball out of the quarterback's hands and into playmakers'. Playing at that position, I think it's a great opportunity for myself and my skill set to get the ball quick and make some splashes. You won't be catching any passes from Baker Mayfield on Thursday, but what has it been like playing with him so far?

Miller: When I first got here, he was slinging. Everything they were talking about, he's legit. He's elite. Being around the guys before the game last week, he helped me out with the plays the night before, him and Garrett (Gilbert). They got me right. It was a great night before the game getting the plays down pat and knowing his perspective on the offense. That helped me out a lot. What was last year like? Did spending the year on Philadelphia's practice squad tap into your hunger to make a roster?

Miller: Absolutely. You just want to be on a team you can bring your talents to and contribute to. The practice squad makes you stay humble at all times. You've got to remain the same throughout the storm. Sometimes, that's how it's going to be. It's always about ups and downs. You've got to remain the same. You've been in a wide receivers room with DeAndre Hopkins and now you're in one with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. What can you absorb from them?

Miller: You just learn from guys that have been playing this position for a long time. You just understand their perspective of that position and the hard work and dedication they bring to that receivers room. I think that's what I think of myself and that's a plus, too. What are you expecting to do against the Lions?

Miller: Just being myself. Play the game like I know how to play. Give fans what they want. When I get the ball in my hands, make something happen.

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