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3 things we learned from Episode 5 of Building the Browns

One day before the latest episode of Building the Browns premiered, the in-house docu-series took home some more hardware.

"Building the Browns" picked up its third Emmy on Saturday, winning "Best Sports Program - Post-Produced or Edited" from The National Academy of Television Arts & Science — Lower Great Lakes Chapter. Sunday's episode proved why it'll be in the running for even more of these honors in the future.

Here are the three things we learned from Sunday's episode.

1. How Browns are helping players train, stay in shape away from the facility

Every player's situation during the virtual offseason is different, and the Browns' Performance staff has worked with each one to help them maximize this vital point in the calendar and ensure they're physically ready to go when training camp starts.

"Initially, it was about making sure they were safe, them and their families, and educating them on what they needed to do to stay safe," said Shaun Huls, the Browns' Director of High Performance. "Then the strength and conditioning staff provided support on giving them workouts and training tips."

The staff reached out to each player to gauge their at-home setup to determine what they needed to complete these workouts. A number of them received a shipment of various free weights and other pieces of equipment.

In exchange, the players were asked to send back videos of their workouts.

"You see what they're actually doing and a technique they're using while accomplishing these lifts," Huls said. "To provide feedback is important to the training process."

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2. Why the Browns were off June 9

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski gave the team off June 9 to pay their proper respects to George Floyd, whose tragic death was memorialized at a funeral service in Houston on that day.

BTB's cameras captured Stefanski revealing the news to the team.

"I think we need to pay our respects. Whether or not we can go there, we still have to pay our respects regardless of where we are," Stefanski told the team. "Whether it's making a donation, educating yourself, reading something, listening to a podcast, maybe having a dialogue, maybe talking to one of your kids, maybe making a phone call to somebody, let's use that day to be active in the social justice arena."

Stefanski and a number of coaches and executives paid their respects by visiting the memorial for Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old, African-American boy who was shot and killed by two Cleveland police officers in Nov. 2014.

"That was an event in this community that I wasn't here for, but I know how impactful it was," Stefanski said.

"NFL teams, in general, have such an influence on their communities," said EVP of Football Operations and GM Andrew Berry. "If we can't be at the front of the pack on some of these issues that impact all of us, then shame on us."

3. Spotlight on the women in Berea

The show spends some quality time with two women who play vitally important roles in the Browns' football operations.

Callie Brownson, the team's Chief of Staff, and Katy Meassick, the team's performance dietician, provide a peak into their day-to-day and explain how driven they were to land in the NFL despite those around them who may have doubted their aspirations.

"Every woman in the NFL has that story," Meassick said. "We always dreamed about working with football … When I was an undergrad, they asked me what my goals were as an athletic trainer. I said I wanted to work in the NFL and that got shot down at the time. It made me grow into the person that I'm going to continue my dream and continue to push forward as a woman working in the NFL."