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Amari Cooper likes where 'communication' is with Deshaun Watson

Cooper and Watson look to build more chemistry against the Super Bowl runner-ups this week

Amari angle

Browns WR Amari Cooper enjoyed the first day of a two-day challenge against the Super Bowl runner-up Eagles.

Cooper, who was back at practice working on his chemistry with QB Deshaun Watson in Monday's practice in Philadelphia, believes the reps the Browns took Monday and will take again with the Eagles on Tuesday will provide a good test for how the offense has come along so far in camp.

"Feels great to, you know, actually put the work in against a different team to prepare us for the season," Cooper said. "So it was good work, especially a team like this coming off of Super Bowl contention." 

The four-time Pro Bowler potentially won't play another live game until the Browns take on the Chiefs in the final preseason game — or even until Week 1 against the Bengals — which makes the two-day period a crucial one for both Cooper and Watson, whom he feels he's deepend his connection with.

Monday wasn't a perfect practice for Cooper, who admitted that himself, but missed plays against opponents who aren't wearing the same helmet as Cooper provide opportunities to learn even more about where he and Watson's chemistry can grow even more.

"Yeah, I like where our communication is," Cooper said. "Obviously, I dropped a couple of balls today. I like making my quarterback job as easy as possible, and I look forward to growing on today and all the previous practice days, but by the time the season comes, that's why I go so hard. That's why I practice. That's why I grind. I just want to make his job easy."

One major theme of training camp has been how much more comfortable Watson has looked, and that's been evident by him building multiple crisp days with Cooper.

Cooper, however, didn't need to see throws from Watson to know he was at a higher level of comfort heading into this season.

 "I asked him personally," Cooper said. "He's a lot more comfortable, obviously, him not playing for almost two years. When he first came back, he was just trying to get back to where he was. And I think just from talking to him, he feels like he's back to him."

The young receivers on the team have been loving Cooper's leadership. Many expressed how he has taken them under his wing and helped them develop into better professionals.

"As one of the vets, you set the tone," Cooper said. "You set the tone for what the receiver's group is going to be. I always try to lead by example. I'm always pushing the guys to be better every day, but it's more believable when you're actively showing them that you're trying to be better every day. And that's what I try to do."

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