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Press Conference

Baker Mayfield talks leading the team through adversity - Press Conference

On the challenge replacing DE Myles Garrett:

"Obviously, his talent speaks for itself and the plays he has made this year. A great player, has been for this team for a while. We have to have a next man up mentality, and our guys know that. I do not necessarily think that you can replace a guy like that. Those are big shoes to fill, but we have to play as a team."

On if the Garrett and DE Larry Ogunjobi suspensions put extra pressure on the offense:

"No, I think we have to continue to carry our message through with doing our job. No matter who we are playing, no matter what is going on, we have to go out there with a great focus of doing our job every single play. The same thing as to why we have seen a little bit of turnaround, we have to continue to improve."

On making sure the team stays focused despite the adversity of the suspensions:

"We just have to attack each day. That singular focus that I have harped on, it goes throughout the week of practice, making sure we have guys in there knowing what they are doing so we can play fast and not have hesitation. I know the defense is going to get it right."

On if he is using playoff possibilities to motivate him and the team:

"We know we have to take care of each game at a time. That singular focus that I have been talking about, it is no different now. This is the most important game, and we have to take care of business when we line up against the Dolphins on Sunday."

On TE David Njoku looked during practice today:

"I think he looked great today. He did not get every single rep. They are limiting him. We are looking forward to him continuing to improve throughout as the week goes and getting him back."

On his improved performance the last three weeks:

"Obviously, it starts with not turning the ball over – knock on wood with that. Just taking care of the ball. Putting our guys in the best position to win. Getting the ball out quicker. Extending plays when we have to but ultimately just doing my job of being a distributor, getting the ball in their hands and letting them make the plays. We are all doing our job better because we are more focused on doing the little details right. It starts with me. We need to continue to improve each week."

On if the Browns offense is starting to hit its stride:

"I think we have improved a little bit each week, but like I said after the game, we still have a lot of room to improve. I think that is the best part about it is even though we have had success and we have won two in a row, none of that matters. We have to improve. We have to do our job each time we get out there."

On how his feet and eye placement has contributed to improved play in recent few games:

"It has been pretty key that my role distributing the ball, getting the ball out quick and putting it in the right spots. Anytime you can have your feet and your eyes lined up in tune, it is good for me. It is getting the ball out so it is good for our guys, too."

On if he is built for the idea of navigating the team through adversity:

"I would not say that I am made for this moment. I think just think the things that I have gone through a lot in my life of what do you do when adversity hits? It has made me a little bit more knowledgeable of things like this. Nothing specifically that I have done is exactly this moment, but I have had experience facing adversity and a lot of these guys have, as well. Somebody in this locker room has always faced adversity at some point in their life. It is just about being that person every day that this team needs in the position I am in being a captain and showing the way and setting the standard, like the things I have been talking about. I would not necessarily say that I am made for this moment. I think I was made to come here in Cleveland and try and set the standard and culture each and every day."

On if it immediately entered his mind that he needed to step up right away for the team after the incident on Thursday with his postgame comments or if it was just natural leadership:

"No, I do not think I need to overcompensate. I think I need to be consistently that person and the things that I say make a good leader. Not trying to do too much, being myself and trusting that is more than good enough being the guy for our team. We are going to support Myles. We are going to be here for him whatever happens – Larry, as well. We are going to roll with the punches whatever happens."

On if anyone questioned his bluntness in the moments immediately after the game:

"No, we talked about afterwards. It is an emotional moment that is unprecedented for us. The things I said about it being inexcusable, that is not to pile on to Myles and he knows that. It is about saying the standard in our game of football of protecting each other and then from there on, just setting a standard for us."

On if it is surprising that RB Nick Chubb does not release a lot of emotion after big plays:

"No, he is just a workhorse. That is what he does on the good plays and the bad. A lot more good than bad, but he is always that same consistent person. That is why he is a great teammate and a great guy to have on our team."

On if the Browns are just scratching the surface offensively with RB Kareem Hunt:

"Yeah, I think I hit on that little bit. We still have a lot of room to improve. There is not doubt about that. We are starting to hit a little but rhythm and fixing some of the things that we were not doing well early on."

On if he would say anything differently after Thursday's game in retrospect:

"I think that would have been the message if I was given some time. I think the things that I said after the game about we were not good offensively enough, we played great defensively but we were talking about the wrong things because of some unfortunate events. No, I think the emotional part of it after the game is something that just happens. Our guys here know that I am going to have their back no matter what, and we know what we can and can't do."

On if the team is closer together now:

"We will see come Sunday. We have to finish out this week, do our job each and every day and finish practice out."

On if he has sensed a feeling of the team is getting closer:

"I feel like today we had a good day of practice, but we have to finish it out, watch the tape and carry it over."

On if he has anything to say about the offense hitting its stride and him playing well, asked by WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

"Can I have a real question? I am not answering you (laughter)."

On if he feels like he played his best in the pocket this season against the Steelers:

"I still think I rolled right a little premature on one or two. There was improvement, but to me, not good enough yet."

On if he talked to Myles after Thursday:

"Yeah, I did. Just seeing how he is doing. I have been in that moment. It was a smaller scale in college – my Kansas mistake. When everybody else – you feel that weight of everybody crushing you, I wanted him to know that we have support for him and he can lean on us."

On how much the Browns have missed Njoku, especially in the red zone:

"Obviously, David is great for us in the red zone. He had an early touchdown this year before he got hurt. He is a big part of what our offense was so we are excited to get him back."

On if he has spoken with Steelers QB Mason Rudolph since Thursday:

"I have not. Kind of let it die down."

On his initial fine for criticizing officiating in Week 6 being rescinded:

"Yeah, reduced. Yeah, [rescinded. Do with a warning. That is fantastic. Emily (Mayfield) is happy about that. More money in our pocket."

On how the Dolphins have improved this season:

"They are playing well. They have a lot of young guys. They are a young team, but they are playing well. They are getting turnovers and they are taking care of the ball. Much like how the Steelers were before we played them, they were on a roll, they have won the last two out of the three and positive turnover margin so they are doing things well and playing complementary football. It is exactly what we need to do. When it comes down to it, we have to protect our football and be the most physical team."

On WR Jarvis Landry as a teammate:

"Jarvis is an unbelievable teammate but an even better guy to have in your locker room. Just the person he is, who he is a person, what he stands for, his values, the family aspect that he brings. He is a guy that plays with so much passion. I know I talked about it after the Bills game, but that is the great part about him on the field but being a leader and a role model for everybody in this locker room every day are things that go much farther than that."

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