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Best quotes from Day 1 at the 2019 NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- We're rounding up the best sound from coaches and analysts after a busy Day 1 at the NFL Combine.

Browns coach Freddie Kitchens

• On newly re-signed left tackle Greg Robinson: "We haven't seen the best of what Greg Robinson's going to be."

• On the confidence in Berea: "I think it's very confident and we're not scared to talk about it.  I'm not and hopefully nobody else in the organization is either. There's a lot of expectations right now. We want to thrive on those expectations because we are putting those expectations on ourselves."

• On looking forward and not backward: "The rearview mirror is very, very small.  The windshield is big."

Former Browns QB Brady Quinn

• On the Browns finally having a franchise quarterback: "It's awesome! The crazy part is that it's not just Baker (Mayfield) … offensively, you're not really looking at too many positions and saying we need help here or we need someone here. This roster is stacked."

• On Mayfield at last year's combine: "I thought Baker Mayfield really solidified his spot at being that No. 1 quarterback in last year's draft class at this event … the way he looked, the way he performed, the way he handled himself, handled the interviews…the Browns were probably pretty convinced at that point, that he was their guy."

• On the importance of continuity on offense for Baker: "I love the fact that they kept the relationship between Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield.  I thought that was one of the hardest things to go through, going from my second year to my third year in Cleveland, having Rob Chudzinski my first couple of years with an offense I knew like the back of my hand and then all of a sudden you had to scrap it and learn something new with Brian Daboll. For (Baker) it's going to be huge to keep that continuity in the system and a lot of pieces on the roster, too."

• On this year's draft for the Browns: "D-Line would be the spot I would want to go … it's a deep class along the D-Line and edge rushers."

• On what John Dorsey has done with the Browns roster: "He's the mastermind, man. 'In John we trust,' I think if you're a Browns fan."

Greg Cosell, Senior Producer at NFL Films

• On the Browns not needing a quarterback in the draft: "You gotta just stop for a second and just savor the words you just said, 'The Browns don't need a quarterback.'"

• On Baker Mayfield: "I watched every snap of his this year and I thought he played really well. He plays with conviction, he's very compact and he throws the ball extremely well."

• Why was Baker your favorite quarterback a year ago: "I'm watching him and I'm seeing a quarterback that's throwing from the pocket within timing, the ball is coming out and it has some nice juice to it, he's accurate and knew where to go (with the ball). Then I looked at all of his third down throws, where theoretically, especially when it is third-and-six-plus, the defense has the tactical advantage. And still, they were pocket throws and I said, I really like this kid. I said to Colin Cowherd, who didn't like him and I said, 'this kid is going to be a top three pick.' This kid's a player now and that's what sold me … watching him play with precision, with discipline from the pocket."

• On the positions of strength in this year's draft: "I would say it's on the D-Line and the O-Line."

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