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Best quotes from Day 2 at the 2019 NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- We're rounding up the best sound from coaches and analysts after a busy Day 2 at the NFL Combine.

Browns general manager John Dorsey

• On the Browns transformation over the last year: "It's been fun, it's been awesome. It's been everything I dreamt it would be.  Anytime you can see an organization grow right before your very eyes it's exciting."

• On the coaching staff: "Freddie (Kitchens) assembled a heck of a staff, but what's fun is I love going in to work every day and you can feel the energy in the building … you have men of character, men of principle … and on top of that each person rolls their sleeves up and lives by that mantra, they have no ego and they want to get better every day. What I can't wait for is to watch this coaching staff begin to teach and develop these players in the OTA season.

• On the relationship between the personnel and coaching staffs: "I couldn't be happier where we are as an organization with regards to the coaching staff and the working relationship with the personnel staff."

• On Baker Mayfield: "The greatest learning curve that he is going to see is from Year 1 to Year 2. He's going to get better in Year 2. So what you want to ask him to do is challenge him to get better every day and all of those small stepping stones because when he comes in to Year 3 and Year 4 he's still going to be learning … it's exciting."

• On his approach to building the roster: "You came in third place in the AFC North, are you content with that? I'm not. So why not begin to methodically build those pieces that you've identified to be upgraded and we are going to do that. We are going to put as much talent on that field at all of the different positions and we are going to use every avenue and every platform possible to try to acquire those players."

• On the defensive line: "At the end of the day, my long-term goal is to make sure we have four pass rushers on the front there."

•On the ideal number of draft picks every year: "My god if I could have 10 or 11 draft picks every year, I would take them, because it gives you options. That's all you can ask for in today's environment in the NFL … to have some options and a lot of draft picks give you a lot of options."

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio

• On Freddie Kitchens: "We spent some time with Freddie Kitchens yesterday and there's an authenticity to him that I think is important."

• On the Browns: "You look at where the Browns are on both sides of the ball and there aren't a ton of glaring needs and there is that buzz, that excitement."

NBC Sports Analyst Chris Simms

• On Baker Mayfield: "He's changed the culture of the franchise, almost like a head coach would … and that's as impressive as his play."

• On offensive coordinator Todd Monken working with Kitchens: "I think (Monken) is a very good play designer and what he designs, aggressive down the field throws like Freddie Kitchens, where you are going to get great minds together and creative plays and concepts and play-action passes that I think really suit Baker Mayfield and the talent you have around him."

Fox and NFL Network Analyst Charles Davis

• On Mayfield's rookie season: "It was vintage Baker Mayfield with another chain that he has broken, another 47 people added to that hit list he has kept since he was in the sixth grade, because that's who he is. Baker is fueled on doubt…that's what makes him so competitive, that's why people gravitate to him."

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