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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Beckham Jr., Garrett, Chubb

WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On if he expected the Browns offense to start a bit slower before reaching its potential:

"I do not really want to answer that. I know we are not where we want to be, but the good thing is we have more games, more opportunities and more practices to come together and prove ourselves. Just like anything else, it is really not where you start; it is where you finish. We did not get off to the best start. We managed the game and got out of there with a win. We just need to improve this week facing a very, very, very good team coming in Sunday night."

On what a win Sunday could tell the Browns about their potential:

"It is not even just them. Yes, they are a very good team, but when you beat a team, you prove more to yourself not from the validation of that team but what we all did together collectively as a group. Yes, going against a team like this and seeing where you measure up, we are going to be tested in each and every category and each and every position this week. We are up for the matchup and excited about this game."

On if facing a talented Rams team raises a sense of urgency for the Browns, especially given upcoming opponents' records:

"We have to have a sense of urgency anyways. I do not know if one team is going to make you feel anymore need to be better than what we need to, if that makes sense. I know that we just need to be better each and every phase – special teams, offense, defense everything. We just have to play better and play with more intensity and make more plays just all around."

On the Rams secondary:

"This is just a star-studded team. (Rams CB Marcus) Peters, (Rams CB) (Aqib) Talib, (Rams S) Eric Weddle, they have some guys over there. (Rams DT) Aaron Donald, Rams (LB) Clay Matthews, (Rams LB Dante) Flowers, (Rams DE Michael) Brockers. They are a great team, a great defense. There is a reason that they were in the Super Bowl last year. We have to go out and do what we do. We have to go out and play our game, find the matchups where we can and just find a way to win.

G Joel Bitonio:

On how difficult it is to block Rams DT Aaron Donald:

"He is the best player in the league. He is strong against the run. He is strong against the pass. He does everything well. People say coming out he was undersized slightly and things like that, but he has all of the power you need to play that position and all of the leverage you need. He has speed. When you think you are going to try to shut off the speed move, he can counter with his power move. That first step has people panic, and when people panic, you overset him or move too quick and he moves inside. He kind of plays everywhere. He is on the left, he is on the right, he lines up outside sometimes and they move him around. You can kind of tell with their defense he is definitely a focal point for a lot of teams so sometimes he does not have the stats. I think he only has two tackles this year maybe, but if you watch the film, he is making plays."

On if he marvels and respects Donald for playing at such a high level while being undersized for his position:

"I think that is an old-school thought possibly because some of the best guys I have to block are at these six-foot guys. (Bengals DT) Geno Atkins, same guy that I have to block twice a year, can be just as dominant as Aaron Donald. I played with him at the Senior Bowl and I have played him a couple times in my career, and he has always been good. I feel like those guys have built-in leverage. They are not the biggest human beings, but they are not asked to take on double-teams all of the time. They are asked to penetrate and be disruptive, and that is something he is really good at."

On if teams can guess where Donald will go certain plays:

"He plays the 3-technique a lot in their base defense. Even in some formations to put him on, he decides. In base defense, he will play on both and then I think he kind of just picks and chooses. I would say he rushes a little bit more on the left side in third down situations – probably 60 percent – but it kind of changes game to game."

On how to avoid the panic from Donald's first step:

"You have to trust in your technique, and hopefully, watch enough film and understand the situation. He is good enough where if you take one bad step… If you are perfect in your technique, you have a chance, and you take that bad step and lean or do something wrong, that is when he takes advantage of it."

RB Nick Chubb:

On if he stays in touch with Georgia teammate and Rams RB Todd Gurley II:

"Yeah we always talk. We stay in touch."

On if he has watched tape on Rams DT Aaron Donald and challenges he Donald :

"Yeah, I have watched a little bit. He is a monster. He is a beast. Every play he is going full speed, 100 miles per hour. He is hard to stop. We have to do our best every play to make sure we have someone on him and someone to try and slow him down."

On the emphasis on Donald when game planning:

"Oh yeah, as a running back and as everyone on the field, we have to know where he is on every play because he is such a big time player. We have to know where he is, what he is doing and get some hands on him."

On if he watched the Rams' playoff run last season and what makes them such a good team:

"Yeah, that is a great team. They have a lot of playmakers on the field. They are very fast, and they run a lot of unique plays. They are a very hard team to keep up with if only or at least stop. They are going to have a challenge for us. We are all looking forward to it."

DE Myles Garrett:

On balancing aggressiveness with avoiding penalties:

"It is hurting right now because you want to play aggressive, you want to play passionate and you just want to finish the play. I am going to keep on playing with the same aggression. I just have to be smarter, better with my strike zone and try to pull off so I do not land with all my weight. That was the main point of emphasis when the refs talked to me so I just have to be better at that. I am not going to pull off on a one-step and hit on the quarterback like that. If I know I have to be two steps or more, I am going to pull off. I am not trying to do anything dirty. I am not trying to injure anybody."

On how he felt when he received news of Jets QB Trevor Siemian's injury, given his postgame comments he hoped Siemian would be OK:

"You do not want to put anybody out for the season. That is their job. That is something that you do not do unless you love it, and you do not want to take that away from anybody. I hope he comes back faster and stronger than he ever has. I wish the best for him."

On if his hit that caused Siemian's injury was too high or too much weight on the QB:

"Both. They said I hit too high. I looked at it, I did not think so, but I was just going off of what they are calling. They said I kind of scooped him and put my weight into him so I have to just remember to be able to turn to the side and get my body weight off of him."

On if he is worried officials will pay more attention to him during plays as a result of recent penalties and if it could work in his favor:

"I hope so – I will get some holding calls, too. I am pretty sure it could. I am just going to try and finish violently but also within the rules. Make sure I get the guy down, try and strip the ball from him but nothing late or anything illegal."

P Jamie Gillan:

On Rams P Johnny Hekker running fake plays and when he practices fake punts:
"Just go and practice it at home. We have a lot of time in practice to do that sort of stuff so I will throw a bit with coach and then (K) Austin (Seibert) will throw the ball a little bit. Hekker has a really good arm on him. He has completed a lot of fake punts and stuff so kind of looking at all of it. Just whatever (special teams coordinator Mike) Priefer wants me to go and do, I will go and have a crack at it."

On his throwing ability:

"We will find out (laughter)"

On going from nervously awaiting a call to learn if he made the roster to being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week:

"It is an honor to get that accolade. It was not just me. We are a punting unit. (LS) Charley (Hughlett) had a fantastic day snapping. I did not have to turn the laces once on field goals. That was awesome. Austin kicked great, as well. Our gunners went down the field and caused some fair catches, as well, so they are getting open and doing their job and then the protection is great because they are not coming through and blocking the punts. It was all a team effort, and it was really awesome to go out there."

On if the NY Jets got close to blocking a punt on Monday night:

"There were a couple times, but you just have to have good operations. We work on that a lot with Coach Priefer, and we are going to keep nailing it."

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