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Browns player press conferences - Greg Robinson, Derrick Willies, Drew Forbes

T Greg Robinson:

On competing against DE Myles Garrett and how it makes him better:

"Honestly, I could not ask for a better situation. I feel like it is only going to prepare me for real game, live situations. I do not feel like I will get that work anywhere else."

On if Garrett is as fast as he appears:

"He is, and I would say more so quick than fast because it is that initial snap off the ball, and then if your technique is bad or you take a false step, it is like basically you lost. You can bank on it."

On how to avoid being demoralized on days where Garrett seems unable to be blocked:

"I never thought about that. I just stick through my technique and practice what I am coached to do. You win some, you lose some, but I try to win more than I lose."

On if has competed against any teammates as talented as Garrett in his career:

"At the defensive end position, I would say not. I feel like this is the best work that I can get. You have to be on your A game every day."

On if OL change their approach when facing players like Garrett and DE Olivier Vernon who are quick off the ball:

"Regardless of who it is, I am just locked in and going through my assignment in my head. Once the ball snaps, it is just game time. Of course, those guys are good and sometimes you are going to struggle, but the importance is sticking to what you know and not really getting out of whack just because it is a high-caliber player."

WR Derrick Willies:

On challenges dealing with his broken collarbone last season:

"It was heartbreaking. It took me to a really low place. Dealt with a lot of things, but learned a lot too from it from being in the classroom."

On improvements from last year:

"A little more smarter. A little more older. A little more valuable."

On if he has a better feel for the offense this year:

"More comfortable, yeah. More comfortable."

On where he feels he is on the depth chart:

"I am just going out and doing what I can, making sure that I know the plays, executing and doing what I am supposed to do. Everything else will take care of itself." 

On importance getting reps with the first team:

"Every day is important. You can't take anything for granted. Every rep matters."

T Drew Forbes:

On if he has primarily worked with the Ts:

"I am doing guard and tackle both. Just have to be a really versatile guy, and I enjoy the challenge of learning both of those positions. I am going to be splitting it 50/50 with it."

On if he enjoys the battles inside the trenches during training camp:

"It is a lot of fun. This camp, this training camp, some guys are like the 'Ugh, the process,' but I am just enjoying it, a lot, going through this, being a part of it, getting to learn so much about the game of football."

On takeaways from veteran OL members:

"You listen to everything they say. They know how to be professionals. They know how to carry themselves. They know what they do day in and day out. You just kind of watch that, watch what they eat and watch just how they carry themselves. It really helps us rookies develop and I think develop quickly."

On the challenges switching positions during a practice:

"There is just a lot going through your head – the type of set you are going to take is different at guard. I am not going lie, it was pretty difficult for me the first day I did it. It is a different mindset. You are like in that phone booth style of play, but I enjoy the challenge and I like that they felt as if they can do with me."

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