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#BrownsCamp Daily: Browns 'without a doubt' look forward to being back in front of fans in Berea 

Here's what you might've missed from Sunday, the last day in West Virginia


Sunday is the last day at The Greenbrier for the Browns following a week of chemistry-building and a slow-ramp up of intensity in training camp.

Now, it's time to head back to Cleveland, where the days will have a bit more of a normal feel.

"We're excited to get back home," head coach Kevin Stefanski said. "We'll be up home, and we get to see our fans on August 1st in Berea, which we're very excited about, and then it's all part of the process. Still coming along, still work to do, and then excited about next week. We get to play in the Hall of Fame Game, and we get to honor Joe Thomas' contributions to this organization. So a lot going on, and we're excited about it."

The business won't stop for the Browns, however, as they're already just four days away from playing their first preseason game. Just one practice, which will take place Tuesday, separates the Browns from their first matchup of the season against the Jets at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, and Stefanski knows it'll come with a lot of anticipation.

After a week of no fans in the stands in West Virginia, the Browns are expecting a packed house in the bleachers of their own building at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus.

"Without a doubt," Stefanski said. "Oh, man. These guys have been playing this sport for a long time, but the second you have a crowd there and they're cheering you on, you feel that it's our home fans. It's special when they come out there to Berea like they do in droves. So we'll absolutely get a kick from that."

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